Sunday, July 11, 2010

Catching Up

It's been a while since I've posted here.

I just lost the buzz to blog. Lost my motivation. Lost the initiative. It was less about expressing my feelings, and more about popularity.

But I have missed you all. So, I've decided to check in. Let you all know about the huge changes in my life.
I'll start with school. On May 18, 2010, I graduated from college.I now have my Associate's Degree in Journalism, with an emphasis on media studies.

I was accepted into Northern Arizona University, and will be attending for one semester this Fall. I'm currently living up in Flagstaff, but have made the choice to move back to Las Vegas after this Fall to attend UNLV instead.

Flagstaff is beautiful, but I've realized now that I've left Vegas just how precious it was to me.

I've dated a few guys since the last time I blogged. The infamous "Drew" and I broke up back in February, and I never looked back at it. It was the final step in removing myself from that situation.

I then dated a guy named Kyle. It was a short relationship, and it didn't end particularly well.

I also dated a guy named Matt, who I had gone to church camp with a few years prior. That didn't end particularly well, either.

I don't regret those relationships, though. They steered me in my current direction, to the person I feel I was meant to be with. And yes, that sounds cliche. I know.

This is Andrew:I can't explain it. But it's just so simple when I'm with him. We've never fought about anything, we've never gotten on each other's nerves. We talk to each other 24/7. We make each other happy. And it's not just some teeny-bopper romance.

I wish I could explain further, but for now, for the sake of privacy, I won't. But I can tell you it's very serious, and that I'm looking forward to the future.

We met through my friend Cassie.

Andrew and Cassie are in a band together. He's the guitarist and she's the singer. They're both very talented, to the point that it's almost intimidating just singing along with the radio around them.

It's fun, having the two people you care about most playing in a band together. Makes it easy to spend time with both of them.

I've also been spending more time with Shelby lately. I'm glad I'm moving back to Vegas in December, since we've become a lot closer.Oh, and I've also lost a lot of weight. I now weigh 103 pounds.Just adding to the whole appearance thing, I also now have hair as red as FIRE.But this is my life, so far. Things have changed drastically, and my future seems set in a direction that I never would have imagined.

As of today, July 11, I am an 18-year-old. An 18-year-old college graduate, that celebrated at a strip club and Denny's at 3 AM.

I regret nothing.

Everything in my life has been hectic and complicated, but I have someone to count on that makes me happy. I have my education. I have my family. And I am blessed in so many ways.

My skin's even managed to clear up so much more than it used to be.That was this morning, sans actual base makeup. Huzzah.

I've missed all of you, and I hope this at least gives you some insight into what my life has become and is still becoming to this day.

To round this off, I'm going old-school. I'm doing what I used to do after every post. A picture of me, right this second.

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