Saturday, January 31, 2009

For The Record

I haven't been ignoring you guys.
I haven't forgotten you guys.
Moving has taken the life right out of me.
Woke up at 8 and we've been lifting boxes since then.
So If I haven't commented you, forgive me.

I may not be around much, so this is just a warning for that.
If I'm not around until about Tuesday you'll know why.

But I look forward to reading all of your comments! I love comments, man.
They're like my crack.
Except I don't do crack.
Crack is whack.
Crack is for squares.

...Corners are for squares.

Lately I haven't been sleeping well. It's definitely not going to help much when Tiffany starts sleeping in my room.
We decided that was best, since right now she sleeps in the laundry room, but our new laundry room is too small.
I like/hate our new neighborhood. It's beautiful, but when we drove up with our 3rd truckload of boxes BAM there were 12 kids in the street RIGHT in front of our house.
We moved to a kiddie neighborhood.
Damnit to hell and a half.

Don't get me wrong, I love kids. If they ask me to babysit I'll jump on it and won't complain. But I hate kids in the street. And I hate kids that are in the way.
Frickin' AHH.
Our neighbors seem nice enough though.
I saw some prissy girls my age ride by on fancy little retro bikes.
Pissed me off.
Oooooh look at us we're in short shorts on our retro bikes.

And me in my blue baggy t-shirt with mushrooms on it and torn jeans.
Yeah, cuz I can compare to that.

I was pretty amazed with myself today. Usually I'm really bad at lifting things, but I loaded and unloaded a lot of things. I touched my arm and went "JESUS THAT'S A MUSCLE I'VE NEVER FELT BEFORE."
I used to joke with people because I would flex and my arm would just stay floppy. And then my friends would flex and HUAH have muscle. Jerks. They just wanted to hurt my feelings.

Anyway, it's dinnertime. I'm going to comment some blogs. But only the posts from today. Too tired to comment what I missed.
Enjoy a picture of me sitting in the Uhaul truck faking happy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh, it feels so good.

I did my homework today. All of it. Every single teenie-tiny bit of it.
I even organized my notebooks. I should take pictures for you.
That's how proud of it I am.
Everything is color-coded.

I have 4 classes, 4 folders, 4 notebooks, 4 colors.
And they're all in order. And they're all so pretty.
It feels so good to have everything organized in one place.
I was having to dig around in my bag trying to find things.
Sure, that was okay for three classes. But I was sick of it.

I did my Spanish homework online. I got 80s and 100s on all of them except for one.
I got 30 on one of them. But you know what? It's not my fault. Out of like 20 homework pages, if I miss one of them I'm... happy.
I've realized I can easily read basic spanish.
Estudiante de Espanol
Spanish Student
El Papel

Unless it's la papel. But I'm pretty sure it's el.

But my favorite has been La computadora. I found a joke for it that cracked me up.

A SPANISH Teacher was explaining to her class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine.

'House' for instance, is feminine: 'la casa.'

'Pencil,' however, is masculine: 'el lapiz.'

A student asked, 'What gender is 'computer'?'

Instead of giving the answer, the teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked them to decide for themselves whether computer' should be a masculine or a feminine noun. Each group was asked to give four reasons for its recommendation.

The men's group decided that 'computer' should definitely be of the feminine gender ('la computadora'), because:

1. No one but their creator understands their internal logic;

2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else;

3. Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later retrieval; and

4 As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.

The women's group, however, concluded that computers should be Masculine ('el computador'), because:

1. In order to do anything with them, you have to turn them on;

2. They have a lot of data but still can't think for themselves;

3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem; and

4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.

The women won.

But that joke effed up my comprehension of spanish.
Is it el computador or la computadora?
Frickin' hick on a stick I'll never figure this stuff out.

So right now I'm laying on my mom's bed, chewing on my sweatshirt, avoiding getting up and going to bed.

We're starting the big move tomorrow. Finishing up our packing. Getting the keys to the new house. All that jazz.
I already told my teachers I might be without internet. That'd be like a blessing. FREEEEDOM.
But that's not the case.

Although my homework was pretty easy. I did my history homework. Both assignments.
Then I did my sociology homework. Easy peasy.

Then I sent all my friends pictures of my binder. IT IS SO FREAKING ORGANIZED.
I'm like woah, I did this?
Now I can keep track of everything! Hip hip hip hip hookah!

No hookah.

Seriously, weed is for losers.
Oh man, that reminds me of this Left 4 Dead joke I made.
My friends were like "GET IN THE CORNER LEE."
Get it? Get it?
Well I got it.

I also made a song about boomers. See, boomers barf on the survivors and lure zombies to them.
"Do you believe in magic, in a boomer's barf? How the smell can lure zombies, wherever you are and it's maaaagic how quickly he'll kill ya, he'll make you fall down before bill can heal ya. I'll tell you bout the Boomer, he can spit real far. But he ain't as bad as the tank when he finds a caaaaaaaar. Do you believe in magic?!?!?!"

I think it's pretty awesome.
Tanks hit cars at people and instantly kills them. So yeah. And Bill freaking heals EVERYONE.
I picked him up today, and he healed ME. I was like, DUDE HEAL YOURSELF HOLY CRAP.

So that's my post for the day.



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Contest Winner - Totally didn't see that coming

Hey Jillene, guess what?
You won! You totally won!

Of course you aren't going to be blogging until Monday, so that blows.
But I'm going to email you.

I took proof that you won legitimately.You'll have to click it to fully see it. But I listed everyone, and gave them each a number for each entry. Then I used a random generator, and whichever number came up first was the winner.
Sorry I took so long doing this. It actually completely blanked my mind. I was like "Ahh, I'm going to go rest on the couch... OH MY GOD IT'S 11 AND I DIDN'T DO THE CONTEST."

So there you have it. Jillene won. I have 40 followers. All is well with the world.

Oh, and we're moving this weekend instead of on Monday.
Which is cool.

I have homework, but I'm going to do it later when I'm not all uuuuuugh I hate homewoooooork.
Especially spanish homework. That shnizzle is annoying.
Me and a few friends have started a new tradition between us. Every Wednesday we're going to have lunch with eachother at 12:30.
Which is fun. I'll take pictures next time. We made my friend Cal watch our purses while us two girls went to use the restroom.
I get back and he's going through my wallet looking at my ID cards.
I forgave him because he snuck off and paid for lunch. And it wasn't a cheap lunch. It was Denny's. Had to be about thirty bucks. Which is a lot for college students.
I had 15 dollars. I was complaining that I wanted mozzarella sticks. But I didn't get any.
This was before he paid. I wasn't being ungracious or anything.

Today in spanish we worked with using the spanish alphabet.
I've determined I'm hopeless and should be permanently barred from Spain/Mexico/Latin America.
I was flipping through my book looking for the answers. At one point I just flat out told her I didn't know the answer to something.

I'm hopeless. Someone save me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jesus man.

My life is dull.
I did my spanish homework and then what, I sat here.
I haven't showered since Sunday.

I don't smell or anything. My hair is greasy. I'm just so tired I don't even want to stand up in the shower.
Obviously I'm going to take one before school.
I've been sitting on my ass on the couch all day.
I used to have a slightly exciting life.

Now I'm like baaaaaaah.
I'm like the old guy that yells at kids on his lawn.
Hey Lee, wanna go do something?
Baaaaaaaaaah bring me some bran muffins.

I'm watching The Davinci Code. The frickin' albino just came out of nowhere.
It was like laaaa quiet moment and then BAM CRAZY GUN TOTING ALBINO.

I finished like 3 layouts today. They all look similar. I've lost my mojo.
I figured that this layout hiatus would be good to help me get my mojo back.
That way I'd stop making cookie-cutter layouts.

I just kind of zone out on the screen. I need something to help pep me back up. Like 50 gallons of coffee.
My blog posts are always so short now. I'm doing my contest drawing tomorrow. Will probably do it when I get home from school.
I'll record it and everything so that I can't cheat.

I never win anything. I've stopped entering your blog contests because I never win.
Even when I feel like I positively know I'm going to win, I lose.
Even if it's a contest called "This is a contest for people named Lee" there's always some other Lee that swoops in and takes my thunder.
I don't remember ever winning anything in my life.
During elementary school the good kids each week got entered in a raffle.
And I never won, even though I got the most tickets.
So I stopped caring about tickets.
I hate contests since I never win. It gets to be depressing when you lose over and over again.

So hopefully someone like me wins tomorrow. And I vindicate them.

You guys should give me advice on how to pep up. I need it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

La Agua... El Aguoamundo... Screw it. Water.

Spanish is too complicated.
But I think I'm slowly, slowly, slowly starting to understand it.
Que pasa baby.

I have no idea what I just said.
I've been neglecting bloggyland.
I know, I'm a bad girl.
I'm just so exhausted all the time. I want to just fall asleep on the keyboard.
But I don't want key prints on my face.
Maybe I do. If they spell something humorous.
"lol me"
That'd be great.

I've still been commenting on blogs. I have 4 layouts to do in my inbox.
I'm putting them off until I can actually focus on the computer screen.
I'm I'm tired I just kind of... throw butterflies onto some panels and say it's done.
That's my go-to move. Butterflies or hearts.

If you have butterflies, yeah don't stone me. Sometimes I get tired it's not my fault. Now I have to change it up.
If you get lollipops on your layout, it's cuz I'm tired.

Yeah, that'll work better.

Anyway, so I tried to eat my lunch at Gamestop today like I always do but of course the big general manager walked in and went all glarey-eye on my ass.
That was annoying. It was like 2 degrees outside, and I was hungry and I had class.
So suck my big toe, I'm eating right after you leave.
Which I did.

I listened to this song today that seriously reminded me of how I feel about my ex.
I don't care what you guys think. It's how I feel.


I'm not sure if that video will work. I stole it from youtube because they disabled embed. I hate that. What, you don't want other people to see the damn video? Screw you Capital Records. Edit: The video doesn't work, so just follow the link. Worth it.

My classes were pretty boring, but I learned things. Sort of. I have homework kind of. But it's copy paste easy peasy.
Enjoy the song, give me some love, do my contest. :D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Too Tired

I guess that's how I always am.
I haven't had a good sleep in a long time.
Last night I woke up at whatever time and I was tossing and turning.
I got up and turned off my sound machine.
Well first I turned it onto the birds sound.
So I turned it off completely. And then I turned my ipod on with it's speaker in my love songs playlist and just relaxed.
And then I couldn't sleep. I laid there trying to coax myself into a dreamyland.
Everytime I did, something jolted me awake.
And now I'm so tired that I just want to chill out and zone.
Tomorrow I'll do another school post.
For now I bid you a goodnight.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


So Britney Spears is coming to town in April.
Freaking wicked, right?
Apparently the MGM sucks and my dad might not be able to get tickets for me and Shelby.

That would be a freaking travesty if you ask me. We're obviously her biggest fans.
Refer back to THIS as proof.
We need to see this show. We need to see her three-ring circus and we need to see it soon.
Or we may cause a riot.
The cheapest tickets are 50 bucks. And they're probably in the nose-bleeds.
"IS THAT BRITNEY?!" "No, that's just a back-up dancer." "DAMNIT."
I hope the MGM comes through for me.
I mean us.
Yeah, us.

I play the song Circus a lot. And I make the whip motion whenever she says something about it in the song.
Or that part where it goes PUCHAW cuz someone cracked a whip.
So let's just say I will whip someone a new one if they don't get me tickets to the fabulous Britney Spears. It's a demand, not a request.

Yesterday was boring. We just went to a furniture store, and then walmart, and then home. And then I passed out in bed for a little while. Eventually I signed on the computer to comment on everyone's blog and then I signed off again.
Yeah, you heard me. I make it a priority to comment everyone's blog that I'm subscribed to.
I'm still super tired right now, but I'm going to a show tonight with my dad.
It's Mystere's 15th anniversary. Probably will be a cocktail party involved. There's aaaaalways a cocktail party nowadays. When I was younger there never was. It was "Wanna go to a show?" Then we'd go, come home, done.
Now it's "Wanna go to a show?" Show up, eat whore-derves (shut up that's how I spell it), make small talk, watch the show, go home, pass out.
It should be fun though.

Someone's coming over today to check out my bedroom set and see if they wanna buy it. I hope so. Then I get a new one. : D Yaaaay new bedroom sets.

So anyway, I'm gonna go play left 4 dead or something.
To remind you that I want to see Britney, here's a picture of me in anticipation.Oops, sorry. That's my glare for the MGM. Here's my anticipation:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My First Day Back... and Blah.

First the Blah.
The person that stopped following me says it's because I didn't follow their blog in return. And keep track of posts and such.
I have a good example of me not doing this intentionally.

You see the list of blogs I keep track of over to the side?
Yeah, I used to put those in manually. It wasn't just the blogs I follow.
Well when I switched over to google reader, I forgot about those lists.
So about half of the people that I put in manually and forgot to follow were lost.

So I'm sorry for offending you in that way. It was never intentional. I'm just scatter-brained.
In a really, really bad way.
So to fix this, I'm going through anyone that regularly comments my blog to MAKE SURE I'm following them. I can't subscribe to every follower because I already have a lot of blogs that I'm subscribed to and regularly comment. But if you let me know you'd like me to follow you (really, just say it! I will do it!) I will do it.

I don't expect the lost follower to come back because of this. But I figure it'll help any future misunderstandings.

Oh, and my gamertag is CossieTheGreat to anyone that cares.

Anyway, onto my day at school.
Woke up at 6:30, got gussied up, and hopped in the car on my way to torture.
I mean school.
Got to my math class and sat down. It was nothing special. I had to fight to get the same teacher as last year. You wouldn't believe how popular he is.
We had 7 people walk in hoping to get a spot if someone had dropped.
No droppers. None. 40 seats, 40 students. I'm so happy I got into the class when I did.
Seriously, this guy helped me get a B in algebra. I didn't think it was possible.

Then my next class was US History II. Why II first? Because that just sounded more fun. US History I is like.... early colonial to the 1800s. This is 1800s to the present.
And my teacher wrote the textbook. Literally. His name is right there on the cover.
I think he has a little bit of an Elmer Fudd lisp, but I like it. It gives him character. And he's very, very animated when he speaks.
But onto the important stuff.
There is a cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute guy in that class. Seriously, he's like... man. Like adorable cute. Like I want to squeeze his cheeks. But he's hot too. Like, I could set an ice cube on his forehead, and it would instantly turn to a puddle of water. Woowee.
The upside to that is that he's also in my next class, sociology.
Which I hate that class.
Not the teacher. She's nice. The class just sounds boring to me.
Plus she wouldn't stop talking about Obama. I don't have some super hatred for him. I'm glad he closed Gitmo today. I was like hey, that's cool.
Hell if she'd been sitting there yabbering on about McCain I would've gotten irritated too.
Although she made a comment that kind of irritated me.
Someone had said "You notice that during interviews they only asked black people what they thought? They didn't talk to any white people."
And she goes "True. But the white man talked for 250 years. They don't need to anymore."
So what, now we're not allowed to talk? If that's the case you need to shut up too.
Christ. She's racist against white people and she's white herself. That doesn't even make sense.
But yeah, I didn't care. I just stared at cute guy out of the corner of my eye.
He was right in my line of view when I turned my chair a liiiiiittle to the right. Which was easy since I was on the far left side of the class against the wall, so I actually had to turn to see anyone.

Then I went to lunch. Luuuuuuunch. LUUUUUUNCH. I was so hungry.
I wanted to go to Denny's. But noooo. Zach didn't want to tip the waitress.That's cheapskate Zach.
See that cheapskate look on his face?
Yeaaaah. Cheapskate.

One of my gamestop friends was there. The others were slacking off again. But RJ was there because he loves me enough to come to work.
Or "Likes me a lot". Lol. I remember that argument.After Gamestop and McDonalds (I WANTED DENNYS DAMNIT. DENNYS. SLIDERS.) I had to go back to school for my final class. SPANISH. WOO.
I learned how to uphold a small conversation. "Buenos noches!" "Buenos noches, Como estas?" "Mui bien, gracias. E tu?" "No mui bien." "Lo siento, como se llama?" "Se llama Rachel, e tu?" "Se llama Lee." "Adios!" "Adios!"

"Good Evening!" "Good evening, how are you?" "I'm good, thank you. And you?" "I'm not good." "I'm sorry, what is your name?" "My name is Rachel, and you?" "My name is Lee." "Goodbye!" "Goodbye!"

Rough translation there. I'm not that good at spanish yet. You should've seen me trying to pick up on it in class. I was sitting there slack-jawed and completely confused. I'm so glad she didn't call on me to come up to the front of the class.
Yeah, we do that.
And we play games.
I'm scared. I'm very scared.

So that was my day. Nothing completely amazing.
Oh, I remembered I can roll my tongue. So my spanish isn't with an american accent. I actually sound like I'm meant to speak the dialect. So that's good.
Now I shall go pew pew the zombies on Left 4 Dead.
Don't forget to enter my contest!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

100th Post! Come Win A Prize in my Contest!

The day is finally here, ya’ll.

Oh wow I’m channeling Britney Spears.

Anyway, 100 posts!

I’ve hit a milestone in the bloggy community!

To celebrate this achievement, and as a thank you to everyone that has supported me, I’m doing a giveaway!
Free stuff? That isn’t graphics? You don’t say.

And let me tell you, this free stuff is good. Real good.

Wanna know what it is?

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you.

Oh fine I’ll tell you.

Most of you have busy lives, and everyone deserves a break. And what’s a better break than a relaxing movie?
So if you win my giveaway, you’ll be receiving a 20 dollar gift card to

That way you can pick what movie, when, and where. But why only twenty dollars you may ask?
Because I’m broke, and since most of you have children this is also like a break from parenthood for a couple hours.

And if you don’t have kids, and you’re single, then you get to see two movies. Score!

Or bring a friend.

Now that you know the awesome prize, what are the requirements?
They’re actually pretty simple.

1. For one entry, follow my blog or if you’re already following my blog, let me know in a comment in this post. You must let me know or else it will not qualify. + 1 Entry

2. For another entry, in the same comment, tell me which movie you’d like to see with the gift card and who you would be bringing with you. + 1 Entry

3. For another entry, link back to this contest on your blog using the provided button and mention this contest in your next blog post. (Make sure to let me know by linking me back to it) + 1 Entry

4. You can receive one extra entry everyday by coming back and posting another comment on this post. You may only receive credit for ONE post each day. Feel free to do more, but you won’t get more entries for it. + Up to 7 Entries

In total you can receive 10 entries. This contest will run for one week. Because I will be drawing on Wednesday, your first comment already counts as an extra comment. As long as you follow what I ask, you can receive 4 entries in your first comment, and for each day you leave another comment you get another entry.

You do NOT need to be a follower to enter. It just gives you another entry.
But I love followers.

Trust me guys, it’s worth it! I’ll draw the name from a hat at the end of the week and determine who receives the award!
So since it's Wednesday today, the drawing will be held next Wednesday.

Whoever wins will be notified, as long as you supply me with an email. Then I will collect your information and send you your card through the mail. Cuz that’s more personal. I’m even customizing it. Woo!
I should put my face on it. So you have to stare at my face.

Now for the mushy part.

I want to thank all of you for getting me to this point. If it weren’t for you I would’ve given up.

It’s nice to know that when I turn on the computer there is a community of people waiting for me that care about me and are interested in what I have to say.

Hopefully we make it another 100, and many more after that!

Maybe we’ll make it to the day I get married and the day I start a family, but let’s take it one post at a time!
Thank you everyone, and I sincerely mean that.

Happy Blogging!

To those of you just visiting my blog, thanks and I hope you stick around!

For a side-note: I'm seriously miffed that right after my Obama post, someone stopped following my blog.

I suppose I did say get the hell out of here if you didn't want to hear what I had to say, but I didn't think that someone would take that literally.

But you know what? You win some, you lose some. And you just left a great blog with a lot of potential.

And one day when I'm famous and I'm up on stage thanking my bloggy friends, you'll cry in your ice cream and realize your mistake.

So neener neener.

Lol, I'm mature.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Be Real

Side Note - This is more a vent than anything. I've been chewed out enough times that the time has come for a vent.
Before I explode.

Okay, you know I respect everyone's political views.
I don't shove my views down anyone's throat, I don't insult you for believing something different from what I do.
With that said, I get insulted for my views all of the time.
I made it clear to my friends that if I were able to vote, I would have voted for McCain. Or not at all, actually. I probably wouldn't have wanted to vote in this election.
Or I would've totally voted for myself.
Seriously I would've put my name over someone else's.
Or just wrote it into a new spot. Which would've been cool.
I'd be like "Heeey guys look, 1 in a million shot that I get to be president because of some sort of clerical error!"
Well technically with the voting system in this country, 1 in 1000 shot.
But still.

Anyway, it insults me when people tell me I am racist or that I don't understand the "magnitude" of this day.
Because I don't agree with his views, that makes me racist?
To call me racist is like calling a nun a slut. Just doesn't work.
Unless it's a specific nun that is a slut, then my analogy doesn't work.
But that doesn't make me racist.
And sure, I understand that some people see this day as a big event in history, but I don't.
I'm sorry, my blog my views my honesty.
If you don't like it, you don't have to go home but you gotta get the hell out of here.
Or not. Just don't yell at me. Seriously. This post has me considering comment moderation because I know I'm going to offend someone.

But I'm offended by the fact that I have been chewed out by three people already just because I said I'm not going to watch the inauguration.
And I didn't. In fact I kept away from the tv all afternoon.
I was also chewed out by my friends when I said that I would vote for McCain.
Hell, I didn't like McCain either. If I could vote in this election, I wouldn't have voted at all.
Some people said the only reason they voted was to be a part of history.
Yeah well that crap's not okay with me. You're supposed to vote to share your political view and hopefully elect someone that you believe deserves this seat in office.
You are not supposed to vote just to be a part of the dog and pony show.

And peer pressure just burns me. I had people sit there for 20 minutes telling me why I should vote for Barack. Or should if I could vote.
And I would just say "That's cool." and walk away. I'm sick of having political views shoved down my damn throat.
Everyday that I went to school I had to walk past a stand BLARING Barack Obama's speeches and trying to throw bumper stickers at me. This turned me off more than anything.
I couldn't sit in the courtyard of my own school without hearing his voice on repeat over a loud speaker.
I read the facts. I watched EVERY news channel to get different views. (CNN lost my viewership with their blatant approval of Obama. I want EQUAL coverage.)
The only equal coverage I got was fox news. How sad is that? Bill O'Reilly would sit there and tell me why Obama was good, and why McCain was good.
That shocked me, but also made me realize that sometimes things aren't what they seem.

I'm happy that some of you are excited today. You deserve excitement.
I'm not excited, I won't be swayed towards excitement. I'll await the backlash that's coming, that's fine.
Cuz all I have to say to that is "That's cool."

Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm not sure what to write about.
Sometimes that just happens. Obviously on Wednesday I'll have something to talk about.
Starting back to college. Not looking forward to it.
Well actually I'm looking forward to Wednesday.
The first day of school is always orientation.
Pretty much it's just "Heeeeey guys. See this room? You will waste away in here. Yeeeeeah. See you on Monday. Hehehhehehehehehe."
With the creepy laugh and everything.

I hope my class is on Wednesday.
My schedule says my first class is the 20th.
Which is a Tuesday.
I only have a Monday, Wednesday schedule. So that wouldn't make sense.
So I'll assume it's the 21st for me.

My phone is going to make me punch someone in the uvula in a second.
Third time it's refused to receive a picture Drew sent me.
I want to flippin' see what it is.
What if it's some epic picture of him discovering Elvis?
What if Elvis was actually hiding out as a Walmart greeter and Drew just sent me a picture of it?
Huh? What if that happens?
Then I'll sue Verizon for emotional distress.

Holy CRAP. It's not even letting me program my phone because the freaking service keeps dropping.
Whatever happened to those commercials with the creepy group of Verizon service people following you?
They were a LIE. They ARE a lie. VERIZON IS A GROUP OF LIARS.

Speaking of Verizon commercials, remember TV'S DREW POWELL?

Yep, that's him in the Verizon commercial. Did you see him? I bet you did.
If not watch it again. Watch it over and over again until you see him.

Anyway, I'm having female issues today. It's making me witchy, and weepy, and then I throw things at people and scream "ICE CREAM. NOW. NOW. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW."
Yeah. Ice cream makes the owies go away.
Because I can set the ice cream on my abdomen while I eat it.
Or set my cat there. I did that actually. She was my purring heating pad.
And then she scratched my face. So I called her a hooker.
I call her names. But she's mean to me first. She has it coming.

So I have nothing to do right now. I haven't had a layout to make in a week. Buttons, sure.
Buttons are nothing.
But I've made NO backgrounds. And that's disappointing. That's my favorite part.
I get my tip jar soon. And then ya'll will PAY UP.
No kidding.
But you will.
Or not, I don't know.

I've pretty much rambled about nothing, right?
I promise it'll be more fun on Wednesday. I'll take pictures with my Gamestop friends.
You guys deserve to meet them.

Before I forget, me!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

This I Just Will NOT Tolerate

Seriously, some people have no respect at all.
I was playing Left 4 Dead today, which I usually do to kill time.
When you play online you can use a microphone and talk to your teammates.
Well today I almost wish some people weren't allowed to use their mics.
Like you could press a button and have their mic electrocute them whenever they say something ignorant.

There are four main characters in Left 4 Dead that you can play as.
One of the characters is an old guy, one's a black guy, one's a female, and one is a kind of tough guy with tattoos and everything.
I never care who I play as. They all do the same thing. I pick the girl when I get the chance, but if she's not available I don't throw a hissy fit.
Well I wound up being the old guy (sometimes you get random selection). I'd been playing with this team for 3 rounds already, and I could tell they were younger. Probably 13 or something.
But one of them pissed me off with a very, very, very, very, very rude comment.
I won't say it word for word, but I'll give you a taste and bleep it as well as I can.
The black character is named Louis. He's usually who I pick after Zoey is taken.
Well apparently someone hasn't smacked this thirteen year old in the mouth yet, but they will eventually. One day he'll slip up and say this to the wrong person.
He was assigned Louis to play as.
"DAMNIT, I got the ******. I got the damn ******."
****** = Derogatory slur for a black person.

I told him to shut his damn ignorant mouth and I left them in the middle of the game.
I hope they died.
How dare you be so disrespectful? It was just repulsive to me. Who hadn't taught this kid some manners?
What's worse is that the kid had a whiny high-pitched voice with a subtle southern accent.
Great, you make my family look bad because of your ignorance.
This is why people dislike the south. Because people like him are the epitome of the stereotype.
I'm about equality. I believe everyone has equal rights and no one deserves to be treated with disrespect because of their sexuality, color of their skin, or other choices they make.
Except murderers or rapists or anything similar.

So I guess this post is also kind of me saying that it's just not okay to discriminate against anyone.

If I've offended anyone, I'm sorry. But I was seriously offended by that ignorant kid. I should've taken his username down and spread it through my friends.
It's like virtual pillaging.
And here's a picture of me, since I need to show pictures of me.
Because it's my blog and pictures are fun.To be honest, I'm made fun of for my skin color a lot. Especially when I go to summer camp. They call me white-out. Asked me if I use liquid paper as my foundation.
Yeah, I get it. I'm pale. Cut it the hell out. It's not even slightly funny to make me feel like crap about myself for something that I can't do anything about.
Anyway, I'm going to go make some coffee or something. I'm sleepy.

And Tim says it's better when I smile, so here's another picture:
Yeah yeah yeah. I was pulling the tangles out of my hair. And I rarely wear makeup around the house.

You bloggies are lucky. You get to see me without makeup. Most people don't. Although the glare of the screen hides my pock marks.

Oh oh oh and one other thing I forgot to mention. I've always had acne on my back. But it used to be a few cysts.
Yeah no. I checked this afternoon. 50 LARGE POCK MARKS EVERYWHERE. And a bunch of cysts.
Literally looked like the top half of my back had painted on red marks. It's really bad.
Just thought I'd share that.

At one point it was clear. No idea what brought it back.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yum yum and Superficial things

So I've created the perfect sandwich. People don't seem to believe me, but have you ever tried it?

The bread is a plain bagel from Einstein Bros.
And then ham. Not sandwich ham. Like spiral cut ham.
Then mayo, but no mustard.
Garlic salt.
Diced white onion.
And provolone cheese.

It's the yummiest thing ever. I was sad when I realized I was holding an empty paper towel because the sandwich was gone.

Anyway, onto the superficial things.
I see people with buttons that say "I'm a comment junkie" and stuff like that.
But I take comment junkie to a whole new level.
If I don't pass 10 comments I get 50 different types of pissy.
Which is pretty bad, but it's part of my personality I guess. Always seeking approval.
This is post 96, so 4 more until my epic 100th post. And that one will hopefully get a million comments.
And get people to stick around.
Because I'm so so so so so superficial.
When I passed 30 followers I got all squealy inside.

I feel kind of bad because I'm not subscribed to a lot of these people.
It's not my fault. My google reader is full of other subscriptions, and if you knew me in person you'd know EXACTLY why I keep things small.
My computer is a 300 gb harddrive.
If I go below 250 gb I get really angry. I like to keep things tidy. It's like my way of controlling pieces of my life.
So yeah, I'm a comment junkie. A comment whore. I'm addicted to comments and everytime I get one I feel validated a little bit.
Am I ashamed of this? Sure. Will it stop? No.

While I'm posting, since I'm trying not to do 2 a day until after my 100th post, I thought I would show you all a blog that really inspires me.
The way he types REALLY annoys me, but it's the story that's important.
If you don't read people magazine you probably didn't hear about this. If you DO read People magazine, you probably saw this article.
Back in March of last year Matt and his wife Liz welcomed a baby girl into the world. 24 hours later his wife died of a pulmonary embolism. Since then he's been documenting how he's recovering and how he's raising his daughter.
It's really inspiring. People from everywhere send him gifts and have adopted him into the parent community.
So take a look. It's a good read, even though it's a bit frustrating getting past his posting style.

I'm going to go watch Ghost Town with my mom. Ciao!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I hate this movie, and here's why.

If you haven't seen Burn After Reading and you don't want to be spoiled, don't click the following link.
If you want to know why I hate the movie, click the link.

Yeah, that really pissed me off.
To the point that I stopped watching the movie.
I hate movies where stuff like that happens.
It just burns me.

Although there are quite a few movies that I hated the ending to.
I watched "Be Kind Rewind". The movie itself was mediocre, but the ending to the movie was completely stupid. Ooooh the community sees the movie and suddenly the guy gets a handshake.
What the frick? Did he get to keep his business?

Okay you know what I'm switching subjects because I am MAD right now.
Me and Drew play Warcraft III sometimes. And we were making a map together.
Oh no wait, I came up with the idea and suggested a bunch of things but even thought the map was MY idea he turns down all of my ideas.
Now see, this would be fine if he didn't do it every time.
This map was meant to be like Mario Bros.
The same sort of level format. All that jazz.
Instead now he's made it "Loosely based on mario."
Since what I want is apparently "clunky characters and 'faeries'"

I swear to God I'm going to hit him square in the jaw.
I don't even care if he reads this.
I am sick of him telling me no to my ideas. And calling it "constructive criticism".
No, I'm done. I can take constructive criticism when it's followed with some acceptance of my ideas.
But this map is a shadow of what I wanted it to be. It's all about him now. He is being a dictator about it. And then he's getting completely bitchy about it.
So because I dare to defy the master of the map, I need to be punished and put in my place.
Man when I'm angry I get sarcastic.
"Do you know the word 'compromise'?"
He begrudgingly said fine to what I wanted.
And then I said no because I'm sick of fighting with people.
I already have a headache and I've had 3 fits of vertigo today.

Yep, my vertigo is back. How fun is that? It's worse now, too. It hit me and I actually knocked against the wall because I flew back.
It felt like someone had taken their hand and pushed my face back.
I mean, I've had it pretty bad before, but not that bad.
I had to lay down and just zone out in hopes that the nausea would go away.
Of course then I got hit with vertigo again during this fight with Drew.
That was when I flat out said I'm done. I'm not going to be fought with to the point of vertigo when I got on the computer as a favor.
He's sitting here telling me that he won't look for another two models for mario and luigi because HE likes the ones he picked out.
"I don't want to compromise if it works perfectly already."

It's not just about what HE thinks works perfectly. If I don't like it, we should find a middle ground that we BOTH like.
He's being SELFISH.
He says it's not just about my opinion.
He's telling me his opinion is that it's "perfect" which is why we don't change it.
Uuuuuuh, what makes it all about his opinion?

I think I need to lay down. This fight with him is wearing me out.
If you guys have any advice, lay it on me.

He just deleted the map.
I hate him.
I'm pretty sure he just blocked me.
All because of some models on a map.
Seriously. All because he couldn't change some stupid models.

Okay now that I vented, I love ya Drew and yeah.
Don't hate me if you read this.
Cheese and crackers.

I mean please and crackers.
Whatever, you're a cracker.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why in the Heck?

Why the heck is salycilic acid in Carmex?
It's chapstick. It doesn't need pimple medicine.

I found Drew's tube of Carmex on the floor. He dropped it while he was here.
So I've been using it.
Cuz Carmex makes my lips tingly.
It's like fairies are sprinkling tingly dust on my lips.Other than the magical discovery of the tingle inducer, nothing exciting has happened today.
Like really, nothing.
We sold some of our den furniture. We're gonna buy some new stuff.
We're also selling my bedroom suite for 300 dollars. The bridge and the two towers and the headboard. Then I'm getting a new one.
I'm gonna get a bed with drawers under it, and a new headboard.
The stuff I have right now is really heavy.
And we really don't want to carry it to the new house. We're having to get rid of stuff because the new house is smaller.
But we did manage to get some carpets. We got them on sale and everything, so at least the floors won't be horribly frozen now.

I'm watching The Legend of Bagger Vance at the moment.
I love Will Smith. I've seen practically every movie he's in. Watched Six Degrees of Separation a few nights ago.
Man that movie is a sad movie. Incase you don't know what it's about, it's about Will Smith lying his way into some rich people's lives. But he doesn't steal anything. He just develops this whole story about himself and then leaves soon after.
Eventually it turns out that he's most likely mentally ill, and really think this story he's created is his life.
And then he kills himself in prison.

But man, listening to Will Smith portray this character was amazing. He had so many monologues and he barely took a breath during them. Every bit had to be memorized.
I just love listening to his voice. There's something about him that's hard to NOT like.
I mean really, how could you not like him? He's so versatile. He can play a gangster, a businessman, GOD (Like in Bagger Vance).
I'd marry him if I weren't 16 and he weren't married.
I'd drug him and force him to marry me, because I love him that much.
And I hope no one ever drugs him, because I bet the FBI will find this post and be like "SHE DID IT."
It's just a musing, not a plan.

And Matt Damon's in this movie too. He's good, but I don't love him. Plus he's got a mean case of ugo-face nowadays.
Plus that last Bourne movie left me going "That movie SUCKED like a vacuum with a clean filter."
The camera shaked to the point that I just wanted to leave the theatre. I can understand wanting to be "gritty", but there's a difference between "gritty" and "I just handed a five year old this camera and told him to point it in this general direction and his tiny body can't support it so he's shaking the whole time."
3rd movies seem to be the killer.
Oh, and has anyone seen "Crank"? That one with Jason Statham?
Where they injected him with something and he had to keep his adrenaline pumping to stay alive?
Well they've made a second one.
Right where the first left off.
With the same characters.

Am I the only one that saw Jason go SMASH into the car at the end of the movie?
After he jumped out of an airplane?
Yeah, he jumped out of an airplane with NO parachute and smashed into a car.
I want to know how he "survived" this. So gimmicky.

Anyway, this movie post was brought to you today by: The Boreder Brothers
Makers of such hits as: Oh God I'm so bored I could cry.
Can't we do something fun today?
and the ever classic Please save me from this torturous boredom before I scoop my eyes out with spoons.

Life is Precious

While this doesn't directly relate to me, it still makes my skin crawl and causes me to re-evaluate the superficial things in life.
My wonderful friend Anne Marie contacted me tonight because she was distraught and wanted someone to talk to.
Sadly I originally thought that maybe her boyfriend had broken up with her again, or that maybe it was exciting news and not sad news.
But then she sort of dropped a bombshell on me.
One of her close friends, and a very close friend of her boyfriend's had killed herself.
This in itself turned my stomach, but then she sent me another message.
She told me the girl had wandered down the train tracks until a train hit her.
This made me start crying.
I never knew the girl, but to think that someone would take their own life in this fashion tortures me.
What could have hurt her so deeply that she felt the people around her couldn't help her?
They say she was a beautiful girl with ambitions, a girl that everyone loved.

Looking at this situation makes think about how precious life is.
How easily it can be taken away, and how much pain it causes when it's taken away voluntarily.

I'm not meaning to rehash any feelings, incase anyone involved comes across this post.
But it's something that really made me think, and really made me come to terms with a lot of things in my life.
The superficial things shouldn't matter. What matters is how dear life is. You can live without gadgets, you can live without money. But you can't live a full life if you're hurting inside.
You need to let someone know. Let someone help you. Let someone save you from yourself.
So tomorrow when you look in a magazine and see an IPhone and drool over it, or when you see a new plasma screen and wish you could have it, take a moment to think about this girl and think about the fact that you're alive, and that you're happy. And that that's all that should truly matter.

I hope for you all to have my two good friends in your prayers, because I'm sure now more than ever they need it. This cannot be an easy time for them.

I'm sorry for such a grim post. Hopefully later today or tomorrow I can be back to my cheery self. But for now I felt this was too important to ignore.

I never knew her, but from what I've heard I wish I had. It sounds like she was a wonderful girl. Right now I'm worried about my close friends and how this is affecting them. I hope they will pull through.
I hope that wherever she is now, she's happier.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeling Better

Well I feel a bit better tonight. I slept pretty well, and when I woke up I didn't feel completely out of it.
I'm a bit drained tonight. I'm pretty sure I have a layout to do, but it won't take me very long.
Or at least it shouldn't. But I can never really be sure.
I don't really know what to talk about. Which sucks, but I guess it happens sometimes.
People can sit here and gush and gush and gush, and then they've already gushed everything out and then they're screwed.

Oh I know what to talk about.
I might be getting a job. At the college they have a work-study program. You can work in a department as a sort of secretary and get paid for it.
I'm also going to try to work for the disability department.
They have this program where you can get paid for your notes for people that can't take notes.
It's like 5 dollars per class per notes. So I could have over a hundred dollars at the end of it.
I'd like to have a job. Especially a desk job. That'd be a good first job for me.
Much better than a fast food place. Although I've always wanted to work a register.
I also don't want to get robbed. Which seems to happen a lot now.
Well not me getting robbed. Just businesses getting robbed.
So anyway, I might be getting a job. And I hope I can do it. I hope it won't be too much for me to handle.

Since I don't know what else to say right now, I'll leave you with an ADORABLE picture of Tiffany.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Burned Out

I don't know what it is, but I'm just completely exhausted.
I feel like I may be putting too much on my plate at one time.
I kind of want to just pass out and not wake up for a few days.
A mini-coma.
I've been doing layouts. But mostly layout editing for people.
That's fine. I can do that. Plus I've been so tired that making full layouts hasn't interested me.
Well, more like I haven't had inspiration.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still taking requests. I just want a long nap to reboot my brain.

Plus it hurts to open my mouth right now. I've got a pimple right in the corner that smarts so much.
Usually I do really long posts, but I don't know if I feel like it right now. I'm so tired that I'm zoning out on the screen.
Frasier is on. I love that show. It's intelligent comedy.
And I hate Everybody Loves Raymond.
That show makes me so angry.
Raymond's mom is such a crazy person. God talking about her makes my skin crawl.

House wasn't on tonight and I got angry. I wanted to see it.
Anyway, I'm going to lay down. Sorry for the short post. I figured my "Two post a day" trend recently would make up for it. I'm nine posts away from my hundredth post. Woo!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Why can't I nap?
Because I've got a whiny hunk of fluff in my lap that yowls anytime I move more than an inch.
I love her to death, but if you get on her bad side it's hard to get back on her good side.
She's like darth vader. She's pretty cool and wears a helmet.
Yeah, bet that's not where you expected that analogy to go.
Am I right?
Or better yet, sometimes she wheezes when she moves. Darth Vader weezes.AHHH FREEDOM. THE HUNK OF FLUFF GOT UP.
She go.. oh she's sitting on my foot.
Real nice, cat. Real nice.

Cats are evil little creatures. They're cute and cuddly on the outside, but if you spite them they'll tear up your carpet. Or your moving boxes. Or your wall. Or your bedspread.

I finished up a full, full layout today. Never done one this complete before.
I like it a lot.
Layout Here

I remember when I used to go to sleepovers. I never had one where it was sleeping bags and nail polish. Me and Shelby used to have the nutso sleepovers where we'd stay up until 7 am and try to cram into one bed.
That never works, two girls sleeping in the same bed. Tossing and turning and sheet stealing and sleep punching.
We would wake up with bruises we were so violent.
Although I've always been violent with Shelby. She steps out of line a lot.
Like slug bug. That game is barbaric.
Shelby would always hit me. "Slug bug no slug backs!"
So I'd nail her in the arm and go "I didn't slug you, I just punched you."
3 or 4 more times and she's never done it again.
Sure, she's pulled her arm back and started to utter the words, but then she thinks twice.
I've got a whole arsenal of words to use against her.
"Slug bug no slug or punch backs!"
*WHAM* "I didn't slug you or punch you, I just hit you."
etc. etc. etc.

Most of my sleepovers are pretty boring actually. The most fun has been making videos with Shelby. Next time she comes over I thought we should do "Circus". That Britney Spears song.
I love that song.
What song do YOU think we should make a video to?
Post your ideas in the comments, I'm going to get this cat off my feet and NAP!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dang, I could've hassled the hoff!

My mom and I were in the car on the way to Drew's house and we drove past the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign.
It's not that incredible when you see it as often as we do.
Anyway, there was a HUGE crowd of people all snapping pictures towards the sign and I was like... that's weird.
It's been there forever. It's not like everyone just realized HEY LOOK AT THIS BLINKY SIGN OH MY GOD IT MUST BE SENT FROM THE HEAVENS.
And then my mom saw him.
David "Don't Hassle the Hoff" Hasselhoff.Yeah, that hunk of stuff right there.
I think that's animal abuse.

We almost turned around. I was like "I WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH HIM AND DO BUNNY EARS" and my mom goes "That would be hassling the Hoff."
Pushaw. Then I'd have proof I hassled the hoff and I'd go down in HISTORY.

If he'd been posing with the puppies I'm pretty sure we would've driven away faster instead of stopping.

I've actually had a lot of interesting celebrity run-ins/meetings.
Both of my parents work in the entertainment business, so I wind up in interesting situations.
At one point I sat in on a script read on the set of Monk. Tony Shaloub is pretty nice. I was really nervous to meet him, but I shook his hand and talked to him for a few minutes.
I met the rest of the cast too, but celebrity gods forgive me I just can't remember their names.
The guy from Silence of the Lambs was one of them. The one that stuffed his manhood between his legs and kept the lady in the pit and made a coat out of women's skin.
Yeah, that guy.
He's pretty cool too.
Right, Ted Levine.

Then I met Rip Taylor. The crazy guy with the confetti and the mustache.
I was on the set of Carnivale. Some HBO show. Watched them filming. Made me never ever want to be an actor.

Wow, seeing the Hoff sent me down memory lane. Thanks, David!
By seeing him in the middle of the street I feel we're on a nickname basis now.
He calls me Ladybug and I call him Studmeister.

Other than that, today was uneventful. Me and Drew hung out and watched some stuff. Watched Enchanted because there was nothing else readily available in my netflix que... I don't remember how to spell that word.

Ew ew ew just bit into a huge hunk of fat in my steak. That was gnarly.

I'm going to work on some layouts now. I thank everyone that got me up to 26 comments on my last post!
That made me frickin' excited. Most I've ever, ever, ever gotten.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Really Bugs Me.

I'm not the type to name names, it doesn't exactly get me anything.
So I'm not going to name names.
But someone that I made a full layout for never gave me credit for it.
I always let someone know if I'd like credit. If you forget and then correct it, no problemo.
But when you intentionally ignore my request for credit and continue to use my layout, we have a problem.

I let this person know, and they ignored my request for credit.
See, that sort of thing pisses me the hell off.

I do this stuff for free. I do it for you guys. All that I ask is that I get credit for it.
I don't just pull this stuff out of a purse and go "here you go!" It takes TIME to make these layouts.
Time that could be spent making another layout for someone that's actually going to credit me.

I checked through their blog to see if they made a post about it, but no.
Nothing, nada. It's as if they made the layout themselves.
No button or anything.

But what do I do in this situation? I can't sit there and go "CREDIT ME".
But my whole operation is run by word of mouth. (And things are slow right now, so I'm looking for ANY work.)
Really, I have no requests right now. I need to start spreading through other people, but I can't figure out how.

Anyway, so I'm steaming mad right now. I was actually pretty irritated the first time I realized they hadn't credited me. But I asked nicely expecting them to say okay, and then nothing.
And they've posted since then, so I know they're aware of me asking.

And I only had 6 comments on my last post, which bugs me.
I get bugged easily about superficial things like that. But today has been slow anyway, so I'm expecting more comments when I wake up in the morning.

As I was saying, I don't know what to do in this situation. I feel like I've been treated sort of ungratefully.
I don't have to do this for free. I could sit here and charge for it, but I don't. And I have the capability of it. Or I will in February.
I mean come on people, I need car insurance and I could be helping my cause by charging.

Is it really so much to ask for some credit? For people to realize that layout didn't just come from nowhere?

Use my button, make a post, make a small link on your sidebar. But don't hide the fact that you didn't make the layout.

If this post has offended you in any way, I'm sorry. But I'm offended by the situation. It's things like this that make me want to quit making layouts for free.
I could very easily embed an ugly credit right onto the layout. I could put a brush over it so that it can't be removed.
Do I do that? No. Because I trust you to be honest when you request a layout from me.

I thank everyone who has gotten me work in the past week or so. Keep up the good work! I guarantee it'll come back in good karma.
And we're getting close to my 100th post. And you guys will all be interested in it. So keep your eyes open for it.
Sorry for the rant. I just needed to get that off my chest.

And I apologize if I've missed any of your recent posts. I JUST got google reader, which is helping a lot. Stuff wasn't updating. I promise I wasn't intentionally missing your posts, or reading them without commenting. I always comment, because I love comments too!

Turning Creepy into Art

So I decided to try and salvage the picture of the creepy doll and turn it into something with a little more class.
This is what I managed to crank out:I called it "The Forgotten Dolls". It's on my deviantart now.
Oh right, if you guys want to see some of my old photography go here:

I took a new pic today... well yesterday I guess.
But I took another pic in my sunglasses.You have to admit, I take some pretty good pictures considering they're on my camera phone.
I'm kind of glad I don't have a big fancy "See every pore on your face" camera. I have to edit them enough as it is. That would make me uncomfortable.
I get uncomfortable a lot in front of the camera now. I used to be like TAKE MY PICTURE but now I sort of shy away from it.
My skin problems have persistently gotten worse. And everyone says "I don't see what you're talking about."
Except the ones that have seen me in person. All they can say is "It looks a little better than last time!"
Which is an insult and a compliment wrapped up in one. It's kind of like "Hey, looks like you lost a little weight!"
In other words, you were kind of chunky so it's good that you slimmed down.
Everyone says I didn't need to lose weight, but I've seen pictures of what I used to look like.
And crap, I'm getting kind of hippy again and it's pissing me off. It's just in my thighs, and a little in my stomach.
I probably lost weight when I accidentally starved myself a few weeks ago.
I get distracted easily and kept forgetting to eat.
Now I'm starting to go on bike rides, and the club house for our new development is a bit far from the new house, so I'll get to bike there. But I can't use the gym because I'm not 18.
Anyway, like I was saying about pictures. My acne scarring is pretty extensive. It isn't actually burrowed into my face, but when my makeup is off you can see it.
The webcam keeps it from being visible because it's low quality, and my cellphone is low quality too. But if I took a real picture with a real camera, you'd see what I'm talking about.
I blame proactiv. I never used to have HORRIBLE acne. Just some in certain areas. I used proactiv and bam, my face was bloomed out with lesions everywhere.
Since then I haven't been able to fix it.

So anyway, I'm going to start attempting photography again. If I do a post again later tomorrow forgive me. I just wanted to share that picture with you guys, and complain about my skin.

Complaining is fun, kids!

Friday, January 9, 2009

For The Best

I deleted Joe's phone number.
I was looking through my friend updates on myspace and found that he has a girlfriend now.
Explains why he's been ignoring me.
It's not like I had an uber crush on him. I'm more peeved that he'd drop one of his friends for a girl.

But screw him. Now the number temptation is gone and I can get back to my life.
Which coincidentally I'm definitely not doing right now. I'm laying in bed in my pajamas trying to avoid the fact that I need to get up and pack some boxes.
I'm sooo tiiiiired oooof paaaaacking.
Or more watching my mom pack while I sit and play xbox.
Same thing.

I made myself a new layout. It's darker and skullier. I actually really like it.
For once.
Usually I'm super critical of the layouts I make for myself.

I think it was more an excuse to use that picture of me in my sunglasses.
I really, really like that picture.

My mom's at walmart right now and I asked her to pick me up a lean cuisine pizza.
Surprisingly those pizzas are really good. Usually diet food tastes like cardboard and death, but these actually taste like a pizza.
And the crust gets nice and crunch. Mmm, me likey some crunchy crust.
I've found that it's always a tossup between people. Some people like crunchy crust, others prefer it to be soft.
It depends on my mood. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat pizza whether it's crunchy or soft, but I really just like the feeling of crunching into the crust.
And it always seems to taste richer.

Me and my mom used to make our own pizzas with ingredients from Trader Joes. But it was always floppy instead of crunchy, and floppy and oily is kind of gross.
We also used to make our own eggrolls. We'd prepare all day in the kitchen, and then it'd be like a factory line. Mom stuffs, I roll. Or I stuff, she rolls. Then we butter and put in the oven.
Those were always some goooood egg rolls.

How the heck did I start talking about food?

I think I might wear my new dress to the house signing tonight. I may as well, since I have no other fancy place. And I always try to look nice no matter where I'm going.
People always look at me differently because I don't dress like a normal teenager. Most teenagers wear a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.
I usually wear a dress shirt, jeans, and a pair of heels.
Even just to go to walmart.

If I'm only going for a couple hours it's fine, but then we get caught out and the heels take their toll.
But they make my legs look good, so I continue to wear them.

Speaking of my legs looking good, I'm happy I started working out again. The definition in my legs is coming back.

I hear a whining outside my window that sounds a lot like this zombie in left 4 dead. It's creeping me out.
Oh, and I'm a genius and packed all my night light things, so my room is pitch black at night which gives me the heebie jeebies. I kind of went on a packing frenzy and packed everything in my room. Including my scissors and my alarm clock.

I think I need to get up now before I go mental. Hope you guys have a great day!

p.s. I have no new requests. Which kind of sucks.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Creating this post was a pain in my butt - literally

Yeah, I said it.
Because my butt hurts from my bike seat.
And because I take all of my pictures with my cellphone because I'm stupid.
And I took about 20 pictures for my blog.
And I have to email them one by one.
Lordy lordy lordy I could scream.

Not to mention the fact that my phone does this lovely thing where it cancels every other picture and I have to resend it.
Anyway, let me tell you about my day cuz it was actually pretty awesome.
First I woke up... well let me rephrase that.
First I sort of woke up and then went back to sleep and then woke up and then went back to sleep and then said "Leave me alone mom" and then went back to sleep, and then I took a shower.
Today we needed to go pick up my books for my classes. But of course the big guy in the sky went "lol you don't need books, use the interwebz". So I couldn't get my books today.
Then we went and looked at a bunch of antique stores. We were hoping to find some area carpets for the new house, since we don't want to freeze our feet off. We didn't find any, but I did get some pretty awesome new sunglasses.
They're dark pink with old-school clear plastic that has the swirly stuff in it. I love them like they are my child.
I saw some pretty cool things like antique glass cases and dolls. But one doll in particular freaked me the frick out. You'll see it.
See I'm lazy, so I'm going to post all the pictures at the same time because I seriously don't feel like stopping, linking, posting, etc. etc. for 20 pictures.
But I'll label each one as a reminder to you guys.
I also saw a wooden horse making a mean face at me, so I had a staring contest with it. The horse won, but I think he cheated.
I saw a cute security guard hat, so I put it on for good measure. I always look good in uniform.
Speaking of uniform, I found a boot camp barbie. Who knew?

Anyway, after the antique store we went to a barbeque shop that overcharged for what they served.
Still, the ribs were pretty good.
After that we went to a carpet store and went HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ARE EXPENSIVE and then left.
Then we went to walmart where I picked up this pink grapefruit face scrub. That stuff is like squirting heaven on your face.
Except I really hope heaven isn't made out of grapefruit. That'd be sticky and really frickin' stingy if you accidentally scraped your knee on the swingset.
Oh yeah, and heaven has a swingset. I forgot to mention that.

And then we came home and I decided to go for a bike ride. I've been maintaining a steady weight and figured going for a nice 30 minute ride would help that. Plus I could go see the lake that's in our development. And honk honk with the duckies.
Duckies! Honk hooooooonk!

I think this post will go backwards in time now, because I've realized that I missed some days of pictures. Like... a lot of pictures.
On Tuesday we went to the mall to get me a hat, and went to the bank for me to re-sign on my checking account.
I got my hat and I really like it. It's old-school forties and I can wear it when I go out sometimes.
Just not all the time. I'm not a hardcore hat fanatic. But I am a retro-fanatic.
Anyway, so I got my hat and while we were walking through Sears to go back to the car I see this dress and go OH MY GOD MOMMY I HAVE TO HAAAAAVE IT.
But they only had two left. The one on the display that was a size 3, and the size 7 that the saleslady found for me.
Needless to say I got the size 7 and I'm happy.

And then the day before that I wore my other pink sunglasses in the car when we went to the fashion show mall. That's when I got my opal ring and we got the house and such.
So all-in-all it's been a pretty good week. We're signing the contract for the house tomorrow. Woo!

Now for the picture show. ENJOY MY LOVELIES.

The creepy doll that no one could ever love unless they were a sociopath.The mean horse. See? He looks really mean. Like he wants an apple and I'm not giving him an apple. He's like RAWR APPLE NOW WOMAN.
Yeah, he's sexist too. He called me woman.
The cute security guard hat with the thirty dollar price tag. Pffffft, I'd rather get a real hat than a security guard hat for that kind of money.Being vain in the "Shelly China" cabinet. You're so vaaaaain, I bet you think this is for looking aaaaat yourself dooooon't you doooooon't you.
It's reflective and my hair looked good. So sue me.Shut up. This time it really was a mirror meant for looking at yourself.
You're so vaaaaaain...The rhinestones make them classy, don't you agree?
No seriously those glasses are hideous.My new sunglasses! I like them a lot. For whatever reason they remind me of Katy Perry. They're all nonchalant vintage.
Like hey look at me I'm cooler than you cuz I buy my crap used.There we go. That's why they remind me of her.

Here's the lake by our house that's built into the development. I biked down there today for my exercise:Duckies! There's this sign by the ducks that I always thought was really cute:
Here's me on my bike with my helmet and AWESOME GLASSES on.
Better safe than lying on the ground with your brains splattered all over the pavement!
Me in my new hat standing in the JC Penney bathroom.
Note that my shirt is see-through and I couldn't care less.
And the cute, kicky yellow sweater.
I have a different taste in clothing, and I enjoy it.Me at home in my new dress. I really, really love that dress. I just don't know where I'm going to wear it.

Last but not least, my other awesome sunglasses.
And incase you didn't happen to notice...
Word of the Day!
Used to replace a certain expletive that begins with an F
Use in a sentence:
Did you guys notice how much I said frick today? FRICK.

lol, i typed Fruck on accident.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's quiet... TOO quiet...

No really, it's too quiet around here.
And I have absolutely nothing to keep me busy.
Usually I can sit here all day and work on layouts, edit the ones I've already made, make a new layout for myself.
But I have no new orders, nothing to fix because apparently I've perfected my damn template, and I JUST made a new layout for myself.

I would pack my room, but it's already completely packed. Along with my bathroom.
In other words I'm going out of my mind trying to entertain myself.
It sucks too, because the whole layout business is mostly by word of mouth. I have the little banners, but those don't get anywhere unless someone says something about my stuff.
Don't get me wrong, for a while I had a steady flow of requests. I even have one that is sitting there, but that hasn't responded yet.
This is one of the reasons I've considered NOT getting a paypal account. That flow of people could've easily just been a lucky first rush.
So I'm twiddling my thumbs looking at the screen going "OH COME ON, JUST ONE REQUEST? ONE?!"

My mom told me that if I can earn enough money with the paypal account, I can get car insurance and finally drive.
Pfft, yeah right. That will never happen. I need 1200 dollars to drive my mom's car each year.
If I could accomplish that I'd probably squeal a little.
But that'd require me charging 20 dollars per layout and doing 110 layouts.
Doing 110 layouts is fine by me. But finding 110 people willing to pay 20 dollars apiece = slim to none.
And since no matter what I'm doing my things on donation only, that'll never happen. I refuse to physically charge for my layouts. There will never be a set price.

But a girl can always dream. I dream of the freedom of finally being able to go to the store without going "Moooom can we go to the store?"
I dream of the freedom of seeing my friends more than once a month because I can actually drive there. Yeah, that's right. I see my friends about once a month. That really, really sucks.

But as I said, that's all just a dream. There's no way that I could raise that much money doing graphics. Especially considering my client base is dropping off.
I hate saying that so much.
At first it seemed like it would snowball. That I'd be facing 10 requests a day. That was the dream.
Yeah, at that point I'd knock out 110 people easily. 110 paying people would never happen.

Oh well. I'll just wait until I'm 18 and get a job. And then save up my money from that and eventually drive. That's the one thing about college. I don't have time for a job right now.
I'll prove that I'm really sitting here doing absolutely nothing. (this doesn't count as time for a job. it's winter break for christ sake)Note the canned air in the back and the sleep mask.
Yeah, I was blowing out my keyboard. That's how bored I am.
Someone needs to help me. This can't be good for my mental stability.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Don't count this against me tomorrow, since I'll have a real post but...

My friend Ryan started a blog today. He's very new to it, and so I thought I might ask you guys to show him some love.

I'll do a real post tomorrow. This is obviously really short. So it's not really a "post", just a request.

I love you guys, and I'll get back to my regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!

p.s. I'm counting this towards my 100th post because I'm eager to get there.

A Good Idea

I'm making a paypal account.
I'm setting up a donation link on my graphics blog.
I was never ever planning on making money from my layouts, but almost every single person I've made something for has wanted to pay me. I always decline, but at this point it just seems like a good idea to set up the account.
That way it's not a set price. What would be the point? I could overcharge and then piss people off.
It's nicer to let anyone that wants to compensate me do so with however much they want.
And anyone that doesn't want to doesn't have to.
The link will probably be up by February, but it's optional and always will be.
Unless I wind up with like... 100 requests a day. Which I highly doubt.
I'll also have to start slowing down when school starts, but that's in about 3 weeks so I'm fine.

I get this kind of euphoric feeling when I click on a blog and BAM something I made is right there. It happens a lot now, because I'm slowly spreading through the people who's blogs I read. Eventually you will all be mine. MUAHAHAHA.

Oh, and I figured out what I'm doing for my 100th post giveaway. Trust me, it's a good prize.
And there's no way you could be allergic to it.
Or decide not to use it.
And you won't gain an ounce from it.
It's something EVERYONE would like.

Right now I've got 3 orders sitting in my inbox waiting to be created.
And I'm sitting here in my underwear being lazy and not working on them. I guarantee they'll be finished by tonight, I'm just trying to relax because I'm tired.
I went for a bike ride because my saddle bags are coming back. My bad for constantly sitting on my ass.
Anyway, keep on sending clients my way. I feel important, woo!
And keep on keepin' on. I love you guys, you've made me what I am today: A developing successful blog and business.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I ripped my joker poster.


I say it in quotes because I don't really care.
That thing gave me the heebie jeebies.
At least now in the new house I won't need to put it up.

My room is pretty much stripped of everything now.
Somehow I managed to make 4 more layouts while packing.
Not inbetween, while.
I would stop, put some touches on it, pack something, etc. etc.
Drew kept saying "You don't have to get them done that fast."
But I feel like I owe it to you guys. Right now I'm going to start another one after I get some coffee and finish packing my books.

My xbox gets to stay out until moving day because we're packing up our DVD player and other electronics. The xbox will be our entertainment hub.
See? It's useful for the whole family!
Although it froze three times last night and left me screaming at it.
You win some you lose some.

I won this one because the xbox can't scream back.
Lee = 1 Xbox = 0
It can make a really loud whirring sound. But I count that more as purring and letting me know that it loves me.
Unlike my damn cat who never purrs for me.
Here's an example:

She doesn't purr. She yowls because she's a demon kitty.
Anyway, I'll leave you with that because I need to get back to packing. I love you all!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Read this and then... read the other post. But I had to say...


I don't usually do two posts in one day, but you know... sort of big development there.
Different story if I like... found a raisin in my raisin bran.

We walked in, looked around, and went "Yep, let's get this one."
It was spotless. So spotless it looked like a hospital.
Not in the eery "People die here" sort of way.
But in the "Don't touch anything because you aren't sterile and you'll germ up the place" sort of way.

And the place has a little empty garden patch out back with peach trees and grape vines and there was one other fruit but I'm blanking on the name.
I'm going to plant pretty flowers in the two empty patches.

The only downside is that the WHOLE HOUSE has tile floors.
Whole house, you say? At least you can go to the bedroom and let your feet sink into some fluffy carpet.

My feet were so cold. They were screaming to be wrapped in socks. Even with socks the cold just seeped through.
My feet were cold with shoes on, that's how bad it is.

Anywaaaay, now I'm working on layouts.
Or I would be, but no one else has ordered. I was rolling in orders, and now nothing.
What the frig man, what the frig.

But I am beginning to spread, which is quite refreshing.
Like a virus.

Just thought I'd share that exciting news with you guys. Will definitely show you pics of the new house and moving day.

A Miracle... I hope

So that house we went to check out was horrible.
Dog crap everywhere, a kiddie pool full of green water, and other such disgusting finds.

So I went online yesterday and looked through the millions of pages of houses.
Okay I lied, with our criteria it was about 20 pages. But still.

We want a one story for $1300 a month or less in a good neighborhood.
Well, I found a one story 1700 sq. ft. for $1150 a month a couple miles from where we live now.
It's in a gated community and we're going to see it in about an hour and a half.
For once I actually have high hopes for this one. We've seen pictures and guess what? The kitchen has an island!
A small island, but nonetheless an island!
We need to be out by the end of the month, and this one's ready for move-in. So I've got my fingers crossed.

Oh, my mom bought me some jewelry today. I got a blue opal ring. It was 150 dollars but it was on 50% off. I've always liked opals, and I've always wanted an opal ring of my own.

Oh, oh me and Drew played fable last night and it was funny.
He took me into his world (each person has their own world. they're all set up the same, but how the characters view you in each world is different)
Anyway anything that I do in his world reflects on him, not on me.
So in essence I made his world hate him.
It was an accident the second time.
We started a quest and I hit a button and accidentally blew out someone's window with the lightning. I didn't think they cared. But then I walked into the house and they started shooting at me.
That didn't reflect well on him.
They shouldn't have shot me.
It's their own fault.
I tried dancing first to make them laugh, but they shot me while I danced and that just isn't nice.
It was just a stupid window.

I've been working more on my graphics venture. People told me that I should put a link for people to give me tips, but honestly I don't know what a tip could be. I don't have an account to wire money into or anything, haha.
You can always send me pretty things. Someone offered to send me candy, another offered some undisclosed item to be revealed at a later date.
Revealed to me because I don't even know what it is.
But I'm not doing this for tips or anything. I just enjoy making graphics. I'm going to make myself a new layout soon since mine looks plain compared to the ones I've recently made.

So I'll tell you guys how this next house goes. Hopefully not like the last one!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

An Award and Other Things

Lana over at The Kids Did WHAT?! (who's blog looks pretty nice, don't you think? *cough shameless plug*) has tagged me for the Lemonade Award! Woo!
Sadly I don't deserve it. I'm so busy fixing layouts that I made that I don't think I have the brainpower to link to 10 people. I'll probably come back and do it later tonight.
So for that very reason, anyone that comments on this post deserves the award. Why? Because I love comments. They stroke my ego.
Here's how the award works for those of you that don't cheat like me:
First, you should give link love to the person who gave you the award. Secondly, nominate ten of your favorite bloggers to receive the Lemonade Award!

Thank you so much for the award Lana. :) It makes me feel quite squiggly inside.

Since opening my "shop" I've done 3 full layouts, 1 plain background, and 3 backgrounds that will go in my premade section whenever I get around to it.
I'm going to get at least 10 backgrounds made for the premade section before I start the section.
I also need to ask some people how to get links at the top of my page.
Case in point Stesha's blog.
She has links at the top of her page, I want them. The end.

It's kind of funny. While making layouts for people I realized that my range is a lot farther than I thought.
I made this fairy layout for Sheri that I absolutely adore. Except the current banner. I sent her a new one that fits, and when she puts it up I'm sure I'll completely love it.
Not like that's her fault. I'm just stupid and forgot that not everyone uses the simple blog layout. I have to learn to adapt.

I also learned how to make animated banners. I can also make animated backgrounds, but no one's asked for them. I've been making everyone's banner animated just because I can and it adds a little flair to the layout.

I was playing with my paint shop last night and made a really cool background without any brushes.
Actually I made two, and those two are the premade ones. I almost stole one of them for myself, but I was like noooo.
Because that would mean I'd be 1 short towards my goal of 10, and it's not worth it. I can just make myself a new one.

So overall I've had really good feedback on my stuff. Now I need to start to spread. Like a virus. Like a zombie virus.
Oh god let the nightmares stop.

Everyone send your friends my way, because you love me. Right?

When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was fix Sheri's banner, which was funny. My hands were shaking because I wasn't fully awake. It took me like 30 minutes to align things because I kept flicking the mouse a little too far.
Then I took a shower, and now I'm here. With a towel on my head.
We're going to look at a new house today. Our landlord is evicting us because he can't afford to pay the mortgage anymore.
Don't feel sorry for him. He owns like 7 other properties and in essence is screwing us over.
Luckily we found a house one neighborhood over that sounds promising.
Clue 1: The owner and his wife love cats/We have Tiffany
Clue 2: The street name is spanish themed/My mom loves spanish things
Clue 3: It's one neighborhood over, as I mentioned

So wish us luck in that venture. We're hoping to be out of here by the end of the month.

I think I'm going to somehow manage to do a giveaway at 100 posts, and maybe do a graphics shop giveaway after a certain number of "customers".
You know I did the math last night, and if I were charging for my graphics, even just 5 dollars a layout, I'd already have 20 bucks.
But I don't really believe in charging for that, since I didn't make the brushes. I just put the brushes to use and molded the layout.
Which actually takes a lot of time. The brushes are more like a tool in everything, you know? They aren't the whole piece.
I could charge for the time, but I still don't think that'd be right. I'll get spread around more if I do it for free.
And you guys know how I love being spread around. Like a virus. ZOMBIES OH GOD. *cowers*

I don't know what I should give away though. I'll figure something out. I'm crafty.

I think I need to go for now. I need to eat and work on more premade backgrounds.
Remember, for the best graphics for free, always come to Lee!

Holy crap that rhymes.
That's it, that's my new catch-phrase.
I'm coining it.
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