Tuesday, March 31, 2009

People Search for the Oddest Things

I started using Google Analytics a couple of weeks ago for the sole purpose of seeing what keywords people use in search engines.
Before I started using it, I had no idea that so many random things tied back to my blog.
I thought I would share with you today some of the most interesting things that people have been looking up.
(These people obviously have a lot of spare time.)

"Honka Honka" - This was the very first thing that someone searched and found my blog through. Apparently there are many clowns frequenting google, because this search has created 44 separate hits to my blog. So, fellow clowns, honka honka!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Burn Twilight For Free" - Well, let me tell you internet wanderer. Stealing is wrong, and trying to burn Twilight for free means that you're the worst of the worst. Shame on you, go out and buy the DVD like a good, respectable Twilight fan.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"Pictures od a mud facial" - Guess what? You came to the right place! I have a slew of mud mask pictures for your viewing pleasure. Feast upon the beauty that is me:
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
"ex boyfriend said he would call then didn't" - Sounds like you need a new ex-boyfriend. Here's what you do. You go out, find the nicest, sweetest guy that you can get your hands on. You stay with him a few weeks, and then tell him you just want to be friends. Then you'll have a great ex-boyfriend, instead of the scummy one you seem to be holding on to.

"hot chocolate burn on skin"
- You need to learn how to hold a cup. And stop making your hot chocolate that hot. It isn't called "lava chocolate". If it's so hot it warrants a google search, you're making it wrong.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"I have got to be honest" - That's very noble of you, internet wanderer. But my question is, what is it that you need to be honest about? Because if you broke something of mine, I'm never talking to you again.

"what do you guys think about ex bfs" - I think that they're lousy and should buy me pretty things. And I'm a professional, so you can trust my opinion. So go tell them they need to buy me pretty things. Go on, do it! I have a blog! That means I know everything!

Since I just started doing this two weeks ago, and actually have 23 different keywords, I'm going to have quite a few interesting posts about this in the future.
But you know what, Mr./Mrs. Twilight stealer?
You are not welcome here! Be gone!

I also learned a lesson yesterday. Never post a sad post with a funny post, because that funny post just gets ignored.
Which is a shame, because I had some great pictures in there.
And I made a new layout. Needed something more springy and happy.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

La Chica Es Loco!

The title is irrelevant, just something I yelled at my mom a few minutes ago.
So just F.Y.I on that part.

The first part of this post will have to take a serious turn because this is something that I have been dealing with for months now and have finally come to terms with.
I have an eating disorder/body dysmorphic. While I haven't been officially diagnosed, I've seen all of the signs and while "anorexic" is not necessarily true (I eat ample portions regularly), body dysmorphic is.
I weigh myself compulsively, up to 20 times a day. If I gain a few ounces, I do anything that is NOT bodily harm (as in vomiting and such) to remove the ounces.
I have consistently weighed between 120-124 over the past few days, and anytime I get into 124 territory I complain of how fat I am, or how fat my midsection is.
While this in itself is a problem, the problem grows worse as my day goes on. I change clothes many times because everything makes me look fat in my eyes.
I feel that I'm not good enough because my stomach isn't flat like other girls. I have a grotesque fear that I will wind up weighing 400 pounds just like my biological mother.

This could also be OCD, but because I tend to lock in on a flaw on my body and agonize over it for days at a time, I feel that body dysmorphic fits me the best.
What's worse is that I KNOW that I have a problem, but something inside of me does not allow me to rationally work through this problem on my own.

Because of this and my fear of death, plus other problems I have been dealing with, I am going to see a psychologist soon. And I'm happy about that. I need the help.
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This next part about me is, once again, depressing. (YOU BETTER MAKE FUNNY COMMENTS. I HAVE SOME FUNNY PICTURES IN THIS POST, DAMNIT!)
I am going back to Tennessee to see my family in June. This is a great thing, I love my family.
The not-so-great thing is that my "cousin/devil spawn" will be there.
He is the one that helped ruin my chance at a normal childhood.
This horrid person molested me when I was 8 years old, and threatened to kill me if I told anyone.
Well, all of my family knows what he did. But my grandparents are so old-fashioned that they think I need to just "get over it". I have post-traumatic stress about what he did, another reason for the psychologist.
I told my mom that if he comes near me, I'm not afraid to say some of the most vile things that could ever come out of my mouth.
The fact that I may have to come face-to-face with this monster completely terrifies me. What the hell do you say to someone as sick as this?
The only hope I have is that I will not have to see him, and that if I do, I will have the strength to say "Get the f*ck away from me. If you ever come near me again, me or someone else in this room will beat the sh*t out of you without blinking an eye. And hopefully they'll kill you if they do it right."
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Worst picture ever to start off a happy post, but it's significant in the first story of the past few days. I was asleep, it was 4:30 in the morning on Saturday. I was dreaming of Unicorns and Vampires and Umpires, when suddenly my dreamland is interrupted with "HWUCK, HWUCK, HWUCK, HWUCK."
I awake to see Tiffany standing in her bed trying to dislodge something, presumably a hairball, from her throat. This is just fine, since she lays back down a second later.
And then another 2 seconds pass, she stands up, HWUCKHWUCKHWUCKBLEEEEH.
She threw up on my sheets.
She got OUT OF HER BED for the SOUL PURPOSE of throwing up on my sheets.
I had to clean it up, but it was 4:30 in the morning mind you, so I wiped it up, threw away the kleenex, pulled her bed over the spot, and went back to sleep.
Lovely way to start that day, huh?

But the day got better when I went to the mall with my mom. We didn't really find anything, until I saw something in a store window that I just had to have. My mom saw me lusting for it, and handed me a 50 and said "Go get it."
Here IT is:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Oh Edward, why must you stand there as stiff as cardboard? Oh, that's right. You are cardboard. But still just as dreamy in 2 dimensions.
But let me tell you, this thing is a nightmare when you forget you have it. All yesterday my mom and I kept turning the corner into my room and going OH MY GO... oh right.
He really looks like someone standing there waiting to kill you.
I woke up this morning to "OH SHI... oh. Oh right."
Tiffany was terrified of him. I set him up, she looked up at his face, arched her back, widened her eyes, hissed and ran like hell backwards refusing to break eye-cardboard contact with him.
Funny stuff, let me tell you.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I also bought these candies. Sparkly sweethearts that say Twilight crap on them? Count me in!
They smell like crap, and I haven't bothered to taste them yet. They're "passion fruit" and crap.
I prefer just normal mint.

Yesterday was also a big day for Tiffy baby. She took her first out-of-cage car ride since the first day we brought her home in a cardboard box.
Any other time we take her out, she stays in cage. But when we go to Tennessee, she's going to be coming with us. And she can't spend 3-4 days locked in a cage in a car. So we're training her to sit on the seat, in laps, or in the floor. But only in the back seat, so that she can't run under the pedals up front.
She also remains on a leash and harness at all times, so that I can control where she goes.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The ride started normal, with her licking her face and making funny faces for no reason.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is her "Are you seriously pointing that camera in my face?" look. She gave me a lot of those.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is when I let her in the very, very back of the car and let her walk around and look out the windows. She liked it at first, but then she started to hate it and jumped back over the seats and ran into her cage.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
After she got back in her cage, she off and on made this face for extended periods of time. The way her tongue was curling and she was drooling a bit, I knew she was getting carsick, so we turned on the AC to make her more comfortable.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Once we took her back home, I had a quick photoshoot with Edwardddd and then we were off to buy an ipod dock for the car.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We also stopped by Petco to look for a new bed for Tiffany, since her's is pretty torn up. We didn't find any, but we saw they had salt water aquariums, and I couldn't resist taking pictures of the fishies.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We also saw the reptiles, and I saw a boa constrictor and some other snake, along with baby bearded dragons. Those things are the freaking cutest! I used to have like 5 in my science class. They're so soft and scurry and oooh they're adorable!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And so this adventure leads us into today's adventure. Or today's non-adventure as one may like to call it.
I went to my first few classes, and then afterward me and Daniel went to lunch to study Spanish together before the big midterm.
I stole his glasses, he stole mine. Let me say for argument's sake, but his glasses look way better on me.
Just saying.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And then we headed to the test, which all-in-all felt like a success for me. I'm hoping to pull a B out of it, which would not be a miracle. It would be logical, since I felt I did well on most of the questions.

When I got home, I had a gift waiting from the lovely Erin. She had told me that she was going to get me something in France as a thanks for making her layout, and she did! Which is awesome!
I always forget when I say I'm going to get someone something.
Here's what she got me, which also happens to be the end of my post, and my current picture:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Advancing My Mom in the World of Technology...

Is eating up my time for right this second.
I gave her my old 30 gb Ipod, so I'm having to import songs and download different songs to put on.
So far I have about 50 artists/songs that she's requested.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a post about today.

Here's a short recap:
I bought a twilight-related item that keeps FREAKING ME OUT, and that Drew is ashamed of me for. (I was ashamed buying it)
I made fishy faces at the fishes in walmart. AND petco. (I FOUND NEMO!)
Went to the mall. Had some hot dogs on sticks (corndogs).
Took Tiffany on her first card ride outside of the cage. She just crawled back into the cage and made a pukey face.
Which I have a picture of.

I have my spanish midterm tomorrow. Once I get home, I'll give a detailed post about my day. :) I love you aaaaaaall!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

That's Frustrating!!!

I've spent so, so, so much money on textbooks over the past 5 semesters.
Hundreds of dollars for books that I'm never really going to read again.
That kind of crap just burns me, because it is such a waste of money.
So then what did I find that's completely amazing?

You can rent your textbooks for 10 dollars a semester.
And then you just send them back.

But I interrupt this informercial for one of Drew's hissy fits.
He wrote some poems, wanted me to comment on them on deviantart.
I told him that I haven't gone on deviantart in a while.
He pretty much tried to force me, and I told him I didn't want to.
So he said "F*ck you" and signed off.
Now he's telling me I'm just "jealous".

What am I supposed to be jealous of exactly?
I have my life together.
He doesn't.
He keeps saying he's lonely and that I'm the only one that cares about him.
And then I "don't care" because I won't comment on a poem.

I'm sick of him getting his panties twisted over the tiniest things.

I've been writing poems since I was 8. And yet I don't feel the need to be told they're great.
I write them for me.
Just because he wants approval, it doesn't mean I have to give it. And I shouldn't be verbally abused for it.
I sit here and tell him they're great, but since it's not in COMMENT FORM, I'm a horrible person.

So I'm just tired of it. I'm sick of it. From now on, I won't talk to him about his poems.
Nope. He can talk to himself about them.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Weight Problem

Alright, so as most of you are aware, I lost over 20 pounds since last year and have been trying to keep this weight off.
Well, I've been doing a damn good job keeping my weight off.
Too good.

Here's is the list of how to read your BMI:
BMI valuesConsidered
20.7 - 27.8Healthy Weight
27.8 - 31.1Overweight
31.2 >Obese

So anything under 20.7 is considered underweight.
Your Body Mass Index is 17.72

That's just peachy, huh?
That website is a little confusing, though. I've read on other sites that anything under 18.5 is underweight.
I'm still underweight, it's just not exactly the same.
I am 5'9" and weigh 120 pounds.
Yesterday I weighed 123.

The day before that? I weighed 126.
I have dropped 6 pounds in 2 days.

What's worse than that is the fact that I have been eating normal lately. I haven't been skimping on anything.

I had a damn quarter pounder with fries yesterday, came home, weighed myself, and I weighed 121.

First I was worried about losing weight, and now I have to be worried about being
I'm not anorexic or anything. I eat, I exercise moderately. Those ar
e the things you're supposed to do.
Does anyone have any advice for me in this situation?
Here's how I used to look:And here's how I look now in link form. Don't click if you hate seeing someone in a swimsuit that drew over the swimsuit with black bars just for the sake of modesty. The point is the stomach.
And don't lecture me. I drew over it for a reason.
I will admit that I have a problem. I just ate 3 starbursts and got scared of gaining weight.
I'm always terrified of weight gain.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Can't Have Idiot Without I

I pretty much told "older guy" that I needed to wait to date him.
Not because I don't like him. Not because of anything that's his fault.
I really just started to think and realized maybe I need a little more time not being in a relationship.
Being single means I don't have to worry about pleasing a guy all of the time.
Plus I need to focus on my schoolwork and just focus on my grades.
When I turn 17 I'm going to look back into developing that relationship. Right now it's just easier to talk to him and learn more about him and everything.

I feel stressed because I told him this. He was really angry with me.
But I'm sure tonight if I get to talk to him a little more without the hostility it'll be better.
Just right now emotions are high and things are annoying.

I'm going for spanish tutoring on Friday. I have a midterm on Monday, and I realized that I probably needed help with it so that I don't get another D. If I fail the class, it'll suck, but I'll retake it.

I'm so tired now, which is frustrating. But I've been trying my best to get past it.
I switched to a new birth control for my acne, Yaz.
I hope it finally starts to help me out.

I don't really have any other things to talk about, actually.
That's been my current two days, which I guess it's a good thing that it hasn't been crazy busy.
Tomorrow I'll try to have a themed post. To be more interesting. Yay.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Older Guy

So I need some advice here.
The title says it all really.
What do you guys think of older boyfriends?
Not like crazy older, but a good amount.
Between 3-5 years.

The reason I ask is, obviously, because I'm interested in a guy that is older than me.
In his early, early twenties.
We have a lot of things in common, including our major.
And he reads this blog, so that's fun. He'll know I'm talking about him.
Which I don't really care. We both like eachother, flirt a lot in class.
Today in Spanish we had to do a "telenovela". Or however it's spelled.
The teacher gave us the base to work off of. The base was a girlfriend/boyfriend introducing his or her girlfriend/boyfriend to their family. And the family had to try to act as dramatic and crazy as possible.
Even though you know the guy, I'm going to refrain from using his name for the sake of some sort of... something.
Anyway, our class was separated into two groups of 7. The guy was in my group along with 4 other girls and 1 guy. Since we needed the boyfriend character, he volunteered because the other guy is too shy and aloof.
So then we needed the girlfriend character. "Who wants to be the novia (girlfriend)?"
And all of the girls point at me.
Thanks for throwing me under the bus there, girls.

In the end we did a simple script, he was my boyfriend, and all of that fun stuff.

Now that the day is over, I'm thinking back on it and realizing that I really have a fun time when I'm around him. He drove me over to pick up stix, and it was just a great time.
He's sweet, funny, sarcastic, and an english major.
So what is your opinion on the "older guy".
Keep in mind that every guy at school is an "older guy" to me, so that's not exactly fair. And I'm more mature and feel like I can better handle myself than say... Shelby.
I love Shelby, but she loves 15 and 16 year olds.

Now to move on to other things.
I told you guys I'd have some pics for you, and I do. So yay.This is my new dresser. See how it's yellow? Now, take note. I have my television, my xbox, my playstation, and my wii. It's like my dresser/entertainment system.This is my dresser after I got my poster up. I have one more poster that I'm ordering to go over my television. It will be level with the top of my poster, but smaller than that one.Betty Paige. I love older photos, or black and white photos, so this one seems perfect to me.
Plus it's just the right about of smut to give my room some edge.This is my new end-table. It cost 140 dollars. 140 dollars of pure awesome. I mean look at it. Isn't it so adorable? I'm trying to go with the sort of shabby-chic look. Which is why I have this dresser.
Now all I need is a book shelf and my room is complete.
I also put up my twilight posters this weekend.Like the pattern? It kind of reminds me of tetris.I went swimming at Shelby's house. It was really, really, really cold. But I still did it!

So that was my weekend. Nothing amazing.
And I still need that advice. So yeah, just help me out there. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh where oh where did my comments go?

All of them have just suddenly gone away.
And it's frustrating to say the least.

My blog used to be really popular, and now everything has just sort of died.
So, I'm hoping that at some point thing will pick up again.
Right now I need to work on a paper, so I can't do a long post.

I'm going to post some pictures of my room, and of me at Shelby's.
So... did I do something wrong?
Where the flip are all of my readers?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Never Thought I'd Say This...

I'm leaving to buy Twilight in 30 minutes.
That doesn't seem strange, right?
It's 11:27 PM.
I am going to buy Twilight at midnight.

Want to know the worst part?
It was my mom's idea.
We're watching House, and it's going to be over at Midnight.
So my mom goes, "Hey, we may as well run down to Walmart and grab Twilight."
I was like sweeeet.
But I actually put makeup on. And clothes.
Nice clothes.

Or, at least not pajamas.
I figured you guys would think this was funny.
Because it's freaking hilarious to me.
And Drew.
He's judging me now. I fight hard to not be clumped together with other Twilight-freaks.
And then I'm going out during the middle of the night to get a DVD that could easily wait until the morning.
And I plan on watching it when I get home.
Who needs sleep when you have Twilight?p.s. I have OCD. I changed shirts 6 times before I settled on this one.
I need help.

Google, baby!

So I started using "Google Analytics".
It tracks who comes to your blog, where they're from, and other such things.
The reason I wanted it is because it tracks what people have searched that led them to your blog.
The first thing that came up after my very first report?
"Honka honka".

Now A.) Who the frick looks up "Honka Honka" on google?
B.) Where the frick did I say "Honka Honka"?

Well now. I decided to look into this whacktastic ordeal, and it turns out that yes, I did say "Honka Honka" somewhere.
And yes, infact, my blog is the 5th thing on google with "Honka Honka".
Which is actually pretty frickin' cool.

I just googled myself, and what did I find?
An article that my dad wrote back in 1999 where he came to my school and interviewed me and my classmates.

I'm sorry, but that's FUNNY.
He fabricated a lot of it. I never called anyone a poopie-head. I was immature, but I know I wasn't that immature.
But I do love how much of a smart-ass I've always been.
He thinks I have insight and I'm like "I heard you talking to the PTA."
I was a joy kill, huh?
After I get my posters up in my room, I'm going to take pics. It'll look pretty. I got my dresser and a new side-table. Everything is coming together.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Notice something missing?

You may have noticed, or may not have.
I won't hold it against you if you didn't.
I deleted my graphics blog.
I've gotten caught up in schoolwork and life, and I don't really have time to do layouts for people I don't know.
That being said, I DO have time to do layouts for my friends, since you guys don't ask very often.
So, if you have a button to the layout site, you may as well get rid of it.

If you guys need a layout, just comment me here or email me and I'll be happy to jump to it.

This is also because somehow I've managed to lose track of some orders. No idea where they went. Don't want to deal with the burden anymore.

Anyway, my mom and I decided to go shopping today. We wanted to find me a dresser so that I can get rid of the stupid shelves I have. We went to a bunch of different places. I had to straighten my hair because it just decided to be a jerk and go everywhere.Oh, and I put on my new sunglasses.
See, I've actually decided to blatantly refuse new sunglasses. I only wear vintage sunglasses.
I get them from this little antique shop that's in the factory district. Everytime I go there I have to buy myself a new pair of sunglasses.You just can't find that kind of detailing on sunglasses nowadays. Everything is just brown. black. white. PINK? MY GOD, YOU'RE CRAZY.I'm happy because I actually managed to cover up my skin. It's been hard since it COMPLETELY broke out. But I flattened it out, and now all I have to do is cover the darkness.Decent picture of me, score!
Although usually I can take decent pictures. I just can't stand taking my sunglasses off because I get migraines in direct sunlight.Look at how excited I am to be in the car! I'm ecstatic!And then my A.D.D kicks in, and I get instantly bored/distracted. This seems to happen a lot, and it's pretty sad. But hey, at least I can find a bunch of things to be interested in! Even if it's just for a short period of time!
Hey look, a bunny!

Anyway, one of the places we stopped was an "Antique Mall of America".
We didn't really find any furniture, but I found a wedding dress.
And I almost bought it, I really did.
It was 200 dollars, but I would've used my savings.
It was vintage, but it didn't look like any old vintage dress. It wasn't long sleeved or anything.Isn't it beautiful? And when would you ever find a wedding dress for 200 dollars? That wasn't from Sears?
Could've even had it altered. Gotten rid of the straps. But I really liked it.
Still sad I had to leave it behind. It was a travesty to me.

Next we went to another furniture place. Right as we walked in the door we saw this:
Seriously. Is this used to scare off customers? I almost turned around and walked back out. Why the frick would you put this in the entrance to your store?

After the freaky as hell man-store, we realized we were on the same side of town as Drew and drove up the street to see him. Gave him a few hugs, said a few things, and then left. Made plans to see him next weekend.

Then we drove up to a consignment shop. This was really just a random thing, and we didn't expect anything of it. A lot of the time this store is WAY overpriced.
But when we showed up, they'd just gotten a new shipment in. Score!
We looked around, found some cute dressers, and then we found one. It's yellow, but it's not lemon yellow. It's a light, sunny yellow. In the picture it looks kind of white, but it's not.Isn't it cute? I love the two open up doors on the top sides. I can fold my t-shirts and set them in there and just open the doors and pull out shirts.

So that was my day. Finally got a good picture post, huh? But I WANT MORE COMMENTS? My comments have been dwindling. Makes me a sad cookie!
Who am I kidding? Cookies can't be sad.
Unless you accidentally cook them with salt instead of sugar.

This Saturday Shelby SHOULD be sleeping over, unless she gets grounded. And then if she does, I'll beat her to death and she'll NEVER GET TO DO ANYTHING EVER AGAIN.
Why the need for a sleep-over?
Twilight's released on Saturday.
I have a paper to work on on Sunday, but it'll get done.
It's not due until Wednesday, so it's okay.

Hope you enjoyed my pics. Probably the first interesting post I've done in FOREVER!
Now I leave you with two things. My regular current pic of me, and a video of Tiffany's nightly ritual.
She bites her bed and claws it for 10 minutes while purring loudly.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ha, hahaha, ha.

I lost a follower.

Anyway, today was my veg-out today. So nothing amazing to ramble about.
Nothing to talk about at all, really.
It's my vacation, so I'm allowed some time off, right?

In the spirit of my time off, I'll leave you with something to laugh at.
And tomorrow I'm actually leaving the house, so I'll have something to talk about!
Glory me, that's amazing!

Oh, and I'll let you know what I think about Transporter 3.
Love you all, and hope your spring breaks are going better than mine!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'll Be Honest Here

I have no idea what the hell to talk about.
Usually I've at least got something on my mind, but today there is absolutely nada.
I actually got around to working on a layout for someone.
I think some of the people I was working with just gave up on me.
I have about 3 layouts that aren't completely finished, and no one to account for them.

You know, that's really frustrating. You're working on something, expecting continual feedback, and then they just disappear.
I used to get my layouts done within the hour, I know. But that was before I started school.
School takes a lot out of me and makes it harder for me to get layouts done as quickly.

Plus some people get so picky that I just give up eventually.
This one woman made me change a full layout 17 times.
Finally had someone else tell her to back off, and thank god for that.
I mean, I can understand wanting it perfect, but don't tell me to do something, have me do it, and then say oh nevermind do it this way.
Because I will murder you.
Without regrets.

Ever since Drew telling me I complain too much, I've tried to cut back on it.
If he does something that bothers me, I ask him nicely to stop and then leave it at that.
Yesterday, he kept leaving our conversation on MSN for 10 to 20 minutes at a time without saying BRB or anything.
It's infuriating when you're talking to someone and they stop talking for no reason for 20 minutes.
He did this 5 times. Each time I asked nicely for him to quit.
The 6th time I gave him hell for it, and said he better not say I'm complaining because I asked nicely 5 other times and got 5 "I promise I won't do it again"s.
The 7th time I just ignored it. Said you're a jackass and you're not going to change and just left it at that.
Seriously, people that do those things piss me off. I do it to one of my friends for the soul reason that when I say I want to be left alone, he doesn't want to leave me alone.
That's just as bad. "I'm not in the mood to talk right now." "Oh, okay." 10 minutes later. "So... I thought I'd try to get you to talk." "No." "Okay!" 10 minutes later. "So my day has been crappy." "Seriously." "Just thought if I vented you'd want to vent." "I'm going to kill you if you don't leave me alone."
Sometimes you don't want to talk to someone. It's how everyone is. Sometimes they want to talk and just let someone listen to them complain, other times they just want to sort out their problems alone.

I've still been keeping up with your blogs, go me.
Although weekend blogging is easy. You guys are busy having lives, so I only have like 10 blogs to comment.
Off to comment blogs now! Hopefully I hit 50 followers at some point. That would rock.

I'll leave you with my modified personal ad:
Soltera chica es busca un chico.
Me gusta bailar, cantar, y trabajar.
No me gusta matemáticas y deportes.
Mi Novio ideal es activo, amable, guapo y fiel
pero no homosexuales.
No hombres gordos.

Unmarried girl is looking for a boy.
I love to dance, sing, and work.
I do not like math and sports.
My ideal boyfriend is active, friendly, handsome and faithful
but not gay.
No fat men.

My friend made me put that last bit in.
Makes me laugh regardless.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bear with me for a little...

I'm not ignoring you guys.
I'm actually working on three separate assignments that are due next week.
I would just put them off until close to when they were do, but then I'd spend my entire spring break FREAKING OUT because I haven't gotten them done yet.
So far I've finished my 7 page Sociology project, my 1 1/2 page History homework, and next is my 5 page History paper.
God save me, I should've done the other History paper when I had the chance.
But NO, I just wanted to spend my time relaxing because I had time to do the other one!
Oi, someone needs to pop me in the mouth and remind me that sometimes, putting things off is the worst possible choice.
And on top of that I have to write a "personal ad" for Spanish. I have to explain my likes and dislikes, and what I look for in a guy.
"Single and not gay".
Wonder how you say that in spanish?
"Es soltero y no homosexuales."
Well, that works for me.

No offense to gay guys. I love gay people. I just can't date them, so that's kind of not helpful to my cause, catch my drift?

Soltera chica en busca de chico.
Me gusta bailar, cantar, y trabajar.
No me gusta matemáticas y deportes.
Chico es soltero y no homosexuales.

Single girl looking for boy.
I love to dance, sing, and work.
I do not like math and sports.
Boy is unmarried and not homosexual.

Works for me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow, what a piece of sh*t.

Drew is getting on my nerves.
I've had a horrible week, as you guys are aware.
And he just told me he wants a "break" from talking to me because all I do is "complain constantly. CONSTANTLY."
Well, if I do recall, a few days ago he was so upset and needed someone to talk to that I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning comforting him.
But when I need someone, suddenly he's not available.
Which is hilarious, because TWICE when I've needed him to be there for me, he was too busy on the phone with another girl who was probably crying about how she broke a nail.
How shitty a "best friend" do you have to be that you ditch someone that's had a bad week because they complain too much?

I'm so sick of it to be honest. He does it all the time. Yesterday I was having some problems and I needed him to talk to. He didn't talk to me, and then told me it's because all I do is bitch.
Um, thanks best friend. So I wasn't even bitching, I needed a friend, and he decided to say a big f*ck you and just leave me there upset.
So I tried calling him a minute ago, and he just hung up on me.
And then he answered the second time, and when I tried to talk he kept interrupting me. Then when I got frustrated, he hung up like I did something wrong.

I'm so sick of people like this. I really am. The people that think that because I have a bad week and need to vent, all I ever do is complain.
When in fact, they complain just as much as I do, but because they disguise it as just "being upset", I can't say anything about it.

I just started crying on the phone and he went "*sniff sniff sniff* alligator tears. I don't give a shit anymore."
Yeah, obviously he's not a good person if he's going to make fun of me when I'm crying.
I want to kill him, I really do. And he's acting like it's my fault. He tells me I need to "shape up". I tell him I'm not the only one. He laughs and says that no, I am the only one.
Really? Because I'm not the one making fun of people when they're crying and then just HANGING UP ON THEM AGAIN.
He says I have to "earn his trust back". What does that even MEAN? I didn't break any promises or lie to him. So I couldn't have lost "trust".

Since when have guys gotten to be such girls? I remember when a girl would sit here and do this sort of thing to a guy to get back at them. Now he's treating me like I'm dirt. Probably just to make himself feel better.
I hope he gets another girlfriend. And I hope he treats that girlfriend the same way he treats me, and I hope that she teaches him a lesson, since apparently my "alligator tears" don't do anything.

Or I hope that he gets hurt SO BAD by a girl that he completely changes his ways.
Or that he turns into a lump on the floor that doesn't want to get up for anything.
Which is what he turned me into after he dumped me. I just laid on the floor and cried and cried.
He's still trying to blame me for everything. "I'm in a bad mood now. Because of YOU."

I'm sitting here saying, you're right, I complain too much. But you need to work on your problems too. And he just goes "Yeah, whatever." or "Sorry."
How am I supposed to actually get ANYWHERE in a conversation like this?

I don't really care if he reads this post. I'm frustrated and he deserves it.
Anyway, off of Drew.

I have 45 followers now. No idea where those other 4 came from overnight.
But I appreciate it.
Even though I have so many followers, I still get a handful of comments. Frustrating!

Btw, usually these posts about Drew become irrelevant in the next few hours. So Drew, if you read this and we're not fighting, I'm sorry for needing to vent.

I watched "Just Like Heaven" last night. That movie was...
It was just like any other romantic comedy.
But I also watched "Death Race". That movie is cool. Mostly guys would like it, though. Or teenagers. I just like the race sequences. So gritty.
Plus Jason Statham is yumeriffic.
I'd Jason his Statham any day.

Drew is apparently in love with Repo! The Genetic Opera.
I think it looks stupid. He keeps insisting I watch it. I'll have to grit my teeth and bear it I suppose.
Maybe I'll be surprised and actually like it.
The power of photo-editing:Every spot of green mask is a pimple.
Oh the humanity.
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