Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Back at College

... I don't want to talk about it.

But I have to.


Seriously, what the frickity fudge is wrong with my school?
My first class went by just fine. Journalism 100. My teacher is cool, but he LOVES to give busy work.
That doesn't fly so well with me. I like being busy. With ALL of my classes. Not with just one of them.
Then I went to my Anthropology class. That teacher is awesome. She does NOT believe in busy work, and specifically said so.
There are two exams, and two projects. No homework, no quizzes. That's it.

Then, I went to History 101.
*wanders in* Wait... who the hell is that guy?
Yep, that's right. My school switched my History teacher.
I paid for one professor and chose him specifically. I paid for the books for this class already and rented them. I didn't buy them from the school bookstore.
And they switch my professor.

Turns out though, it was the teacher I had originally wanted. But now I'm mad because I have to RUSH my rented books back to the company, and find a way to buy the right book for the class.

Then, I get a call from "Financial Services" telling me to come in anytime before 6:00, because I need to sign something that was signed in the wrong place for my job.
So I go down to financial services, and guess what?
They had called from the OTHER campus. The one across town.
So tomorrow, the day I was planning to sleep in, I have to get up early to run across town and sign something.
They never told me I would ever have to go to that campus. So I am furious. This means it will still be weeks before I can start working.

Thanks for throwing me under the bus.

So yeah. Worst first day of school I've ever had.
Way to totally stress me out.

The upside is, apparently I accidentally signed up for the online class that doesn't start until October 27th.
I assume this means everything will be packed into a month and a half... but I get some time to just enjoy 3 classes.

At least I have this weekend to look forward to. My mom is letting me go to the convention all three days, instead of just Saturday.
Which is really great, it means I won't miss anything. But it also means I get to enjoy even more acne on my face than the 3 pimples I have, because of my makeup. Oh well. At least I'll be having fun, even if I'll be excruciatingly tired the next day.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Saturday With Shelby

Yesterday Shelby and I went costume shopping for her costume for the anime convention.
We went into it going eh, I have no idea what to get.
So, we sifted through the racks and racks and racks of costumes.
We went to the same store where I got my costume, because I knew that they were very helpful, had a huge selection, and were reasonably priced.

It took us about an hour and a half, but we picked out two costumes for her to try on.
While this was the second one, I'll show it to you first:I call it the "slutty little bumble bee".
I was holding on her wings, which is what you see there...
Yeah, so that one was a dud.
So, we moved on to the second one.
The Queen of Hearts, to match my Alice costume.
But it's actually "Malice in Wonderland." Malice and the Queen.
We wanted Malice and the Mad Hatter, but that just didn't work out that well.
Since the only Mad Hatter costume was a medium, and both Shelby and I wear extra small.

We decided to get that dress, and add some accessories to it to make it match mine.

We also decided to screw around in the costume store for a few minutes, because what else did we have to do?
Before we left, I picked out some masquerade masks for the masquerade ball at the convention. I figured we should just go all out. Why not?

Then we left and went to some thrift stores with my mom. There, we found even more masks to monkey around with.I also picked up a white rabbit stuffed animal that I modified. I'm going to carry it around by the ears at the convention. See? It's all about the details.
Then we did the typical teenage girl car pictures.
After we dropped off Shelby, I went home and re-dyed my hair. But I don't have a picture, because the difference was so minimal.
But the difference is obvious to me. Thankfully. I have a lot more of a red tinge than I had.
I modified my costume's stockings by cutting off the little mushroom patches. Then I modded the white rabbit. It was an easter rabbit, with orange and green on it. So I sharpied over it with black, and cut off it's little hat and orange bow tie.

Today I went to my old church to their lasagna luncheon. Then I went and got my hair cut. When I got home, I cut the white sleeves off of my costume because I felt like they made it a little frumpy.

Now, I sit here blogging.
Tomorrow... first day of school.
Oh god.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dramatic Re-Enactment

While I spend time with my family tonight, enjoy this "dramatic re-enactment"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow, You're a Jerk Dude.

Today I got up super early to go with my mom to meet her new dentist.
She's been having her dental surgery at a dental school, so every semester she gets a new dentist.
This guy seemed relatively nice, but he was sort of subdued.
I was used to the very gregarious doctors that she had had before.
He seemed more like he hated the process to become a dentist, so he was indifferent towards everything. He just wanted to get it over with instead of actually learning anything.

He did an exam on my mom's mouth, determined he needed to flush around my mom's metal posts in her mouth, to make sure they were clean.
Well, this involves filling a syringe with some antibiotic rinse, putting a plastic needle on it, sticking it inside of her gums around the post, and spraying. Now as you can imagine, this probably hurts like hell.
At least it hurt my mom after the first squirt.
He asked in a sort of mocking tone if she wanted a topical anesthetic. She said yes because, hello, she don't want severe pain just to get something flushed.

Some people come in an interrupt, we get caught up, and about 10 minutes later he rubs something on my mom's gums and then starts to work on her mouth.
She's yelling in pain, gripping the chair, almost crying because it's so painful.
Of course I think the anesthetic he put on hadn't had time to set up.

Nope. That prick was PUTTING IN the anesthetic. With a giant needle. For 3 minutes.
He knew damn well that he could've used laughing gas or any other number of pain killers. Instead, he used the most painful thing imaginable. It was as if he wanted to punish her because she wouldn't just let him flush it because it hurt her.
When the nurse came in, he mocked my mother in front of her. "Bet you thought you were coming in for a serious procedure, but I'm just flushing her!" And then they laughed and laughed. This is the equivalent of what was going on.

So you know what Mr. Dentist Man?
You hurt my mother again just to prove a point, I'll make sure you get to feel that giant needle.
And it WON'T be in your mouth.p.s. Whoever knocked my followers from an even 80's going to pay for it.
You know I hate odd numbers. *stink eye*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Proof You're a Loser...

If you're so lonely with nothing to do that you sit here and play yahtzee for size hours, you're probably a loser.
That would be me.
I start back to college on Monday, and on Saturday Shelby and I are going to pick out a costume for her, but until then I have absolutely nothing to do.
So, I sit here and I play yahtzee.

Oh, and watch Friends. Can't forget about that.

The anime convention is next Saturday, and it couldn't come soon enough. I really want to go. I love dressing up, and it'll be a lot of fun, as long as Shelby comes.
I mean, it'll be fun with Drew too, but it'll be extra fun with all of my friends.

I'm not doing much writing work, but hopefully I start normal work soon.
Until then...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freaking Hair Color

I'm really irritated about my hair color.
When I first dyed my hair, it was a vibrant red. I loved it.
Drew told me that I looked like "the Little Mermaid".
I love the little mermaid. Who doesn't want hair like hers?I put that color in almost two weeks ago, and it still keeps coming out in the shower. For the first week, I had to use pink towels because when I used my white ones I covered them in red dye.
It was ridiculous.

Now my hair has gone from a vibrant red to a dark brown, with maybe a hint of red.
I'm thinking I'll have to re-dye my hair if I want it to be red enough.

I used "Feria by Loreal". It damaged my hair, the color has come out, and it stained all of my towels even two weeks after I used it.
That's ridiculous. It should stop coming out within a couple of days.

Now I'm angry, because my hair isn't the right color and it's damaged.
I'm going to have to find a way to fix it, and then re-dye it so that it can actually be the color it's SUPPOSED TO BE.
Loreal sucks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mmm... Ice Cream

The Schwan's guy came today and delivered my free fruit punch ice cream.
That was one of the best freebies I found. One free item, up to ten dollars, for the first 500,000 new customers.

Click here: FREE FOOD
You don't pay a delivery fee or anything. They just deliver whatever you picked out.
The night that I ordered I was CRAVING sorbet, so I went with the fruity ice cream.
Or sherbet. I always thought it was sher-bert. Not sher-bet.
Learn something new everyday.

I've started playing games online on
Got a free 14 day trial of a premium account, so I'm taking advantage of it.

Tomorrow I'm taking Shelby to pick out a costume for the anime convention.
If she'll answer the phone.
I don't want to plan on taking her, and then have her not go last minute.
Because we really have to get her a costume. And I have to go with her... because she knows nothing about anime.
I also bought some KILLER shoes for my costume, and it really excites me.
And terrifies me.If those don't scream "I'm going to fall flat on my face", I don't know what would.
12 hours in these. I'll be wearing stockings, so no blisters, but I can't imagine how much pain I'll be in.
I'll eventually be crawling across the floor screaming "GO ON WITHOUT ME" while trying to pry my shoes off.

Just went out to the mailbox. Had more freebies.
I love opening my mailbox and having something EVERY DAY.
Here's what I got today, in the form of my closing picture:Hat! And a keychain.
And a duck shaped window decal.
Completely awesome.
I love free stuff.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vroom Vroom... the Sound of Impending Doom

So, this family moved in across the street a couple of weeks ago.
That's nice, right?
Yeah, except I'm going to call the cops if they keep it up.

You see, this family is a military family.
I have no problem with the military.
I do have a problem with a military family that comes out EVERY DAY/NIGHT with their motorcycle and sits in the driveway revving it.

Tonight they started at 9:00. They stopped at 9:55. Then, they started again at 10:15.
I'm getting sick of this. They rev the engine, and then ride in a circle around the neighborhood, and then they stop at the house and rev and rev again.

I'm getting really tired of this crap. We moved into this neighborhood because it was quiet and safe.
Now it's loud, and to be perfectly honest I don't feel so safe.
We can't call the cops, because by the time they get out here, the people would be back in the house.
But it's still so disruptive. Whenever I sit down to work on my schoolwork, I don't need to be hearing VROOOOOOM VROOOOOOOOOM right outside of my window.
I was trying to work on some articles a couple of days ago, and they were outside revving their engine the entire time.
I almost lost it. It took me two hours to write one article because I couldn't concentrate.

I don't know what to do. But if I'm forced to do something, it won't be pretty.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What I Meant Was...

Well, last night some people were confused about what I meant when I said that Drew and I had been best friends at one point.
When we were best friends, it was after we had broken up the second time.
It started out much the same as this has.
He's inconsiderate, I'm still in a bad place from the breakup.

That doesn't mean it won't work out in the long run.
It worked out last time, I just had to give it a little time.

I know you guys think that I should get rid of him. But remembering the way it worked out last time, and realizing it's only been 3 days since we broke up, it's really not worth it to me to just get rid of the relationship.

But that doesn't mean I'll keep taking that kind of crap. Like I said, it was rocky the last time we transitioned into best friends, but it worked.
We've always been great at being friends. Just... not so great at dating.

The problem with ranting on my blog is that you guys get one side. You get to see me when I'm angry, but I barely ever talk about the good.
But me being angry is a small percentage of our relationship.

Yeah, what he did last night was hurtful to me. And yeah, he's done a lot of hurtful stuff in the past. But since this is really just a trial period friendship, if it doesn't go back the way it was, I'm going to "cut the apron strings".
I may have faith in people, but there's only so much someone can take.

And Bobby, I may have been a shitty friend by saying those things, but I'm fed up.
Say what you want, he had it coming ten times over.
Plus that post was an open letter to him. I knew that if I wrote out my feelings in a place that he read often, in front of other people, it may finally sink in.
Which it did.

Hope now that we can get back to how we were a few months ago. Friends, talking, laughing.
I know you guys probably don't care, think I'm making a mistake. But I've seen how we work as friends, and I also know I got dumped 3 days ago.
Obviously I'm going to find reasons to be mad at him after only a few days. Come on, the wounds are still fresh.

That doesn't mean that Drew is a bad person. It means that I just need some time to heal.

Take from it what you may, but I'm not going to throw away someone that I know makes a good best friend... once we get past the rocky start.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tired of Holding My Tongue

Yeah, you know what? Time for a rant.
A big, long rant. Spurred on by the most inconsiderate "best friend" I've ever had.
That's you, Drew.

We've been friends before after breaking up. It worked great that last time. Worked great both times, actually. We're better friends than when we're dating.
But this time it was different. This time, it really hurt.
I told you if you wanted me to be your "best friend" again, you'd have to treat me like a princess.
Show me why I should bother sticking around. Why should I take the weeks of pain that are there until I can work past it and just be friends?
I've done it twice. But this time, it's iffy.

I mean first, you did that unspeakable thing to me. And I offered to wipe it away, but instead you broke up with me, so guess what? Still prevalent in my mind.
You've lied to me, broken promises, and many other things that a normal "best friend" isn't supposed to do.

Take tonight for instance. You promised me on Saturday that you wouldn't go ANYWHERE this week at night. ANYWHERE.
I don't care if we broke up, you still made that promise.
So where are you? "David's house".
Uh huh, yeah. So that's not going to work for me.

I warned you. The second that you cross me, I'm going to make your life a living hell.
I'm sure my readers will figure this justified. I mean, I'm giving you a chance to prove you can be a friend, and you're sh*tting all over it.
FOUR TIMES you've gone out with friends this week. FOUR.
"Dump my girlfriend... check. Go have a grand old time with my buddies... check."

Which is why, maybe I should take my readers advice. Maybe I SHOULD just drop you. Not have to have the stress of a person so inconsiderate to my feelings. A person that would leave me crying on the couch because he broke another promise.

I told you, Drew. You cross me even once and I will become the most vindictive, spiteful, evil person you have ever met.
This is just the beginning.
Let's hope this is the end of your carelessness.
Or else, babe, you're f*cked.

And yeah, I remember how you asked me to stop talking about you on my blog in a negative way.
But I asked you to stop lying and breaking promises.
So it's a trade-off.

Food For Thought?

I thought this was interesting. You can disagree with it if you'd like, but I thought I would share it.

Also, I'm doing... worse today. I hadn't cried until now. Guess it just hit me.
Still working on my scarf.

Oh, you guys need to see District 9. It's REALLY good.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three Strikes You're Out

I'm bitter right now. Extremely bitter.
Drew broke up with me again.
He promised me he wouldn't, that I didn't need to worry about it.
He said this time would be different.

It wasn't.

He did so many hurtful things this weekend, and then I get dumped?
I should have been the one that dumped him. But I actually cared about him.
I'm not the one that slept at another girl's house and hid it.

He said he still wants to be friends.
Fine, I'll be friends.
And for a while, I'll be a very bitter friend. Very, very bitter.

I went out and bought some yarn today, so that I can work on a scarf for myself. Pink and white, soft yarn.
Hopefully it's enough. And hopefully it will keep me busy until I start work. Then I'll be hanging around with new people and staying busy, so my mind won't be on the fact that they guy I love completely stomped on my heart.

I hate guys.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mmm... Beef Patty with Caramel Coloring Added

I don't see how something like that could ever be appetizing.
It actually tasted pretty good though.
The Mexican style macaroni on the other hand...
not so much.

I opened up all of the MRE packets, because I wanted to see what goodies they were hiding.
The pretzels with nacho filling are really yummy, and so is the barbecue sauce.
Beef patty was yummy, and I ate the whole thing. The veggie burger yesterday was similar, but the texture wasn't as good. But that tends to happen with a lot of veggie burgers.

I haven't done anything else today. I tend to just sit around and watch TV. Until I start work in a couple of weeks, and school, and go to the anime convention, I doubt my days will be very interesting.

I'm going to see District 9 on Thursday, and I'm really exciting. That movie looks AWESOME.
It's the weirdest concept I've seen for an alien movie, which is good.

What do YOU think about District 9?
Also, wow. I'm boring.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Stuff, I Guess

Sarah is evil. She did that post about reduced fat cheez-its. So what'd I do?I bought some.

But that was one of the many things I did today.

All weekend I tried to find a NEW costume to be rushed here for anime vegas.
Why? Because that company CANCELED MY ORDER without ASKING right before the WEEKEND.
Why? So they could "Custom fit it". Which could take "20 days".
This was EXACTLY 20 DAYS before the convention.

So, that was screwed. I needed a costume.
I looked and looked, found one, ordered it. It's still coming, but I don't trust it to get here on time. So, I bought a new one. A better one. An awesome one. And it was in store, no shipping required.I think it's pretty, and it... pretty much fits the anime theme. I can never be completely sure.
It's an extra small. Can you believe that? I've never worn an extra small in anything. "Medium, please" has been my usual request for a long time.

I also went an got an ATM card today. Yay, I can withdrawal money at the campus.
I got my employment registration turned it. In two weeks, I will be completely hired and working. So, neat.

And that was my day.

OH. I had military food today. My brother's in the military, and he had sent a few years ago the military rations they give. Finally tried one. Opened the container and MAN they give you a lot of food.Tastes like cardboard, though. Except the package of M&Ms. Mmm...

So that was my day.
I love my costume.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Book Review - T.L. Hines: Faces in the Fire

I was recently given the opportunity to review Faces in the Fire by T.L Hines.

Faces in the Fire is a very interesting book, and an easy read if you can keep up with the way the story progresses. This book follows four different people leading four different lives, but they are brought together by different events. These events are tied in with two things; a catfish, and a series of numbers.

Each of their lives is heading down a bad path. The first man, Kurt, is a truck driver battling the demons inside of himself. Corinne, who makes her living sending out millions of spam emails a week, has been diagnosed with incurable cancer. Grace is a tattoo artist that is addicted to heroin. Stan is a hit man that hates his ability to kill people so well and wishes he could change. Even with these gritty characters, it’s a relatively clean book. I can’t recall any curse words, so it would be very good for a book club.

The book is in four different segments, a separate segment for each person’s story. The reason this story may be a bit complicated to follow is because it does not start from chapter one. Each segment skips around between the past and the present. If you pay attention to the chapter numbers, you should understand where the story is taking place.

My favorite part of the book would have to be Kurt’s story, followed by Corinne’s. While each person’s lives are intertwined in one way or another, you get a look into each of their pasts separately. It’s fun to see how their lives become intertwined, and for what reason.

Another thing I liked about this book is something I’ve never seen before. At the back of the book there is a guide to use if you plan on reading the book in a book club. This is extremely helpful, and very convenient. It gives different questions to ask in your group.

I finished this book in about two days, reading a couple of hours at a time. It’s an interesting story, but at times it is a bit predictable. Even so, it is worth the read. Because the story shifts so often, you won't be bored.

Title: Faces in the Fire
Author: T.L. Hines
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Purchase: HereI review for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And The Verdict Is...

Didn't get the job.
So I set up an interview with the Registar office.
They would "get back to me".
So I went to the Testing center.

And she hired me on the spot.

She wants me to start ASAP, which means that whenever my paperwork is finalized, I'll be working.
20-25 hours a week. $8 an hour.
I'll be doing office stuff, and setting up people in the testing center to take the GED and online placement exams.

Never expected to be hired on the spot. I figured she would say that she would call me. But nope, she seemed really excited to have me.
Maybe because every single person working was a guy? Who knows.
But what I do know is... I got a job!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Suspense is Killing Me

I called yesterday to set up interviews for the jobs on campus, and I haven't gotten a callback yet.
It's driving me nuts. I mean, they pretty much HAVE TO set up an interview with you, because it's part of the work study program.
But I keep wondering... did they call and my phone didn't go through?
Did they ignore me?

I finished up some articles today.
This brings my paypal total to... $223.00
And I still have some articles to do.
Pretty nifty, eh?
This job is really working out for me. Plus if I get the on campus job I'll be making...
$640 a month.
Eh, eh?

I'm probably going to put most of it in savings, and then buy a cheap car, and then hopefully find a way to get some car insurance. Then any money I get from working on campus goes to my insurance, and any money I make from my stuff online will go towards gas.

And I just burned the hell out of my tongue on coffee.
That's going to smart later.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Super Kawaii... I think

Drew always likes going to this convention called Animevegas.
Anime, for those of you that probably don't know, is a form of japanese comic and cartoon.
It looks like this:There's another type called hentai, but I won't tell you about it.
Because my blog isn't about japanese animated porn.
I mean... whoops.

Anyway, most of the time, people dress up like their favorite characters, and all the white people dress like they're asian.
I used to laugh at this. A lot.
Like hahaha, look at them.
And now? I'm doing it. But I'm going to make it look gooood.
This is the dress I picked out:
Now, you'd think, "Huh, that's an unusual dress."
But when I look at it I think, "Huh, that's an expensive dress."
It's around $80. The best part? I'm not paying for it. My really great friend James decided to get it for me as a birthday present. They're also going to custom make it for me, because apparently I have weird, abnormally large shoulders.
Or, ya know, "American" shoulders. That's what I get for venturing into the world of asian fashions.
I'm looking for accessories to wear with it. I bought some net gloves today, and now I need something for my hair, a purse, and some shoes.
I almost bought a wig, but it's $43. I'm still so horribly tempted... but I have to resist.

I went to my school today because they called me letting me know I qualify for a job on campus. I called the 3 departments of my choice, and I set up an interview. I'm waiting to set up the rest of my interviews when they call me back.
I'd be getting paid $8 and hour, 20 hours a week, for about 3 months. Actually, it would probably be longer. I think that you work until the next work study would become available.
If that's true, that'd be neat.
So wish me luck there!

I'm still writing articles. I wrote four more today, four yesterday.
And that's my life.
I keep picking up followers, so yay!

Love ya'll, and thanks for supporting me. Seriously, I always love signing on and hearing from you.

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