Thursday, April 30, 2009


Vlogemotions is a way for everyone to come out of their shell and express the emotions that they have felt in the past week.
Tim over and Fort Thompson is running the whole thing, and I've decided to participate in it.
The rules are simple:
The Rules:

1. Post a video at least 1 minute in length but no longer than 3.

2. Speak about the strongest emotion you felt that week and why.

This can be joy, happiness, fear, sadness, embarrassment, humility, anger, etc. Whichever emotion you felt the strongest talk about this. Do so with passion and hold nothing back. This will give your readers the opportunity to get to know you better. It will also make your blog more appealing because people will want to come back and see your videos.

3. Put your blog into the Mr. Linky at The Fort so that all others can view your vlog posts.

4. Come back every week with a new vlog post and a different emotion.

This week, my emotions will probably bum you out. But he asked for honesty, and that's all I can give.
Oh, and there's also a camera in the mix for the best video. While mine won't be the best, it's still an important thing to share your emotions.
I embedded some music over my video, but you can still hear every word I'm say.
So now, prepare to be bummed out.
(Btw, Tim, that hand-held camera would come in handy right about now. My webcam mic shitted out on me, and I had to use a camera where I can't see myself. It was horrible.)

There's still time to jump on the bandwagon and participate, so get to it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Modeling Images

I'm going to do a short post so that I can go play games with my BF online while he's not busy.
Plus I don't have much to say...
I took a math test today and zoomed through it, and I had a gyro.
Mmm gyros.
They should just call those "gain 5 pounds on a pita".
But I don't care.
Mmm gain 5 pounds.

Plus tomorrow I've been told by Tim that I have to do a Vlog, so I'm saving my steam for that.
And to be honest, I'm burned out. Everyone hits that point near the end of the semester where they're done caring about anything.
'Cept my BF.
So here's the pictures I promised you guys, and tomorrow's post will be way more interesting.

But wait, I have news! Drew got a job! He works at a movie theatre!
I'm so unselfish, huh? If he has to work on Saturday, I may take the bus and vroom vroom across town.
While holding on for dear life to my pepper spray.
"Hey ma'am, can you *psssssssst* OH GOD MY EYES."
I'm spray happy, what can I say?
I may drag Shelby with me, as a diversion.
"Take the skinny pretty girl! I won't tell!"
And then I'll run away.

So now, pictures:
ALSO, I'm going to be featuring blogs here occasionally that I feel need some love.
Please visit:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I think that KFC legally has to change it's name to KF&GC now.
Kentucky Fried and Grilled Chicken.
Their grilled chicken is actually really yummy.
It isn't rubbery like it is at other restaurants.
One time I used grilled chicken from Burger King as an eraser.
That's how rubbery it is.

Today, after what happened on Sunday and Monday, I was supposed to go see my new pill force-feeding psychiatrist.
I wanted a psychologist, but NO I have to be MEDICATED first.
If I wind up being a zombie, tell my friends and family that I love them, and that they can have my television.
Unless all I can do is lay in bed grunting and watching television.
Then those greedy bastards can't have any of my stuff.

Anyway, I had a big argument with my mom on Sunday. I won't go into the details about it, since it's not relevant to the story. But that's what led to my crappy few days.
Along with Burger King.
Seriously, everytime I go there I leave in a bad mood because I eat too much.
They should make someone stand behind you and tell you you've had enough, like at a bar.
I'd pay him myself for his honorable duty to my waistline.

I probably shouldn't reveal this, but honestly since I'm still a bit pissed about it, it's something that I feel like I need to share.
Afterall, this is my blog and my place to share my feelings and the happenings in my life.
On Sunday, Drew told me that while we were dating, he kissed another girl.
I already knew the story, but I didn't know it was true. So that felt like a little bit of a kick in the stomach.
But then I realized that we're teenagers, we do stupid crap, and I forgave him.
They girl on the other hand?
I posted her picture on a different website, along with the addresses of all of her online things.
Vicious? Yes.
But that's not really my problem.
I didn't endanger her physically, just let other people say the things to her that I wanted to, but knew I shouldn't.
Call me whatever you want, but I KNOW she instigated it, because she turned around and told me she did it the day it happened. I just didn't believe her.
Plus she sleeps with pretty much everyone.
A good person doesn't do something like that. She almost seemed proud of what she did, not sorry.
It backfired though, since I remembered is full of people that think it's funny to just yell "tits or gtfo", so they didn't really help me.
My girlfriends on the other hand were way more helpful than I initially imagined.
While I should be mad at Drew, it was almost two years ago, and I don't blame him.
Hell, I kissed someone while we were dating too, and he forgave me.
But he didn't seem like the type to do that, so it just surprised me.
And I had permission when I did it. We were sort of "on a break" or "casual" or whatever fancy term you want to call "you can kiss someone else".

I have some really important news to share with you guys, but the problem is that I have some certain peeping toms that read my blog that don't need to know this news.
Judgemental Judiths always ruin things, don't they?
But if you want me to tell you the good news (since it's sort of largely relevant to my life)
(no I'm not pregnant)
(or converting to scientology)
(ooo... maybe)
(no, no.)
(and if you thought I was pregnant, shame on you)
then email me or comment and let me know that you want to know.
And I'll tell you.
Oh wow, it's like a ploy to get comments.
I like it.

Nothing else has really happened lately.
I'm close to 200 posts though, so I was wondering you guys thought I should do anything for it.
What do you think?Tomorrow I'll post the pics from my shoot with Izzy.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tired and Full of Resentment

I'm so angry with someone right now, but I'm not going to tell you why.
I can't even show my anger without derailing my chances at something that I really want.
I have to be careful what I say, because that certain someone reads this blog.
All I can say is that they divulged something to me that took away the majority of trust I had in them.
My weekend ended on a crappy note, I'm in a crappy mood, and it's just entirely upsetting.
Why is it that I can't have a good day? I even thought my day was going okay, and then suddenly SHARP TURN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

So right now... I need a nap.
Crappy days suck.
Cheer me up.
Peas and crackers?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Mom's Blog!

Okay everyone, my mom has finally ventured into the world of blogging.
Scary, right?
Nah. Not really.

Since she's not the "typical" blogger, (and still has trouble figuring out how to navigate the site), I was hoping you guys could check out her blog and give her a nice base of readers.
I know all of you won't follow her, or comment her, but if she sees that people are reading, I'm sure it will motivate her to keep at it.

It's called "Mad as Hell" because she plans to do a lot of rants about politics and other things (probably me).

So visit her blog here: and show her some love.

Izzy's came over yesterday and took pictures of me and worked on Twilight dolls with me.
Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to write a history paper, or finish sewing together my dolls.
Dolls are probably going to win in this situation.
Izzy also gave me a bracelet as a thanks for modeling her jewelry for her.It's Edward and Bella at prom!
Just realized I'm not wearing a bra.
Screw you, guys. I'm not retaking the picture.
Isn't it a cute bracelet?

And the dolls we made came together well. I sewed them, she made the pattern. I'm trying to make a Jacob doll all by myself, the clothes and everything.
I'm even trying to sew the yarn hair on. Probably doing it wrong, but eh whatdyagonnado?

Drew and I still haven't "fought" in a long time. In the technical sense at least.
He went with his friends all weekend and I left him alone, except the occasional text to say hi.
So he forgot to say good morning this morning. I wasn't livid or anything, just a little disappointed because that's what I wake up to everyday. I like having someone tell me good morning.
I text him saying "No good morning or anything?"
"I was busy, sorry my world doesn't revolve around you."
What the hell and half?
I did NOT deserve such a nasty comment.
Instead of feeling sorry about it, he asked why I do this.
What did I DO? I mean Jesus Christ, all I did was say he didn't say good morning.

I've figured out why I keep losing weight.
When I get frustrated with him, instead of yelling, I treadmill.
Which is a good way to relieve anger, but I'm sick of being angry to begin with.
A thousand times, a THOUSAND, I've said "Look, I don't care if we don't talk every two seconds. But if we're talking and you get busy, say bye first so that I know we're done. I don't like sitting there waiting for a message that never comes."
"Okay, I'm sorry, won't happen again. : ("
"Okay, thanks. So how are you?"
-three hours later-
I mean what the hell is that, really?
Is that SUCH a hard concept to grasp?
I'm not asking him to learn the entire Aztec culture in an hour and a half.
I'm asking him to say BYE when he gets BUSY.
Look, I'll do it now!
Hey, I'm gonna go make some dolls and then shimmy a little in front of the neighbor boys, bye!
See, see, I did it!

I hate teenage boys.
From now on I'm going to date girls.
From now on, I'm going to date vampires.
They can't go out in the sunlight, so he can't go out with their friends and leave me here going WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?
They only drink blood, so I don't have to pay for food for him when they go out somewhere with me.
They have super speed, so if I ask him to be at my house at a certain time, he'll be there. Without any arguing.
They have super strength, so when I need something lifted at my house, I can ask him to pick it up without having to bribe him first.
Etc. etc. etc.
Now, where to find a vampire?The largest use of the word "blog" in a sentence today:
To my mom - "I posted a blog about your blog on my blog!"

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Mind is Blank

I've been sitting here for twenty minutes staring at the screen trying to figure out something good to write about.
Sometimes I have writers block.
I blame the cement blocks tied to my hands, but that can't be the only reason.

My mom asked me to set up a blog for her. She said, "I'm an old lady that wants to complain about politics and stuff."
So whenever I get the blog set up, I'll link you guys to it so that you can hear the "old lady" complain.

Although I probably complain just as much as her. But I complain about important things.
Like fast food, and Drew, and Daniel, and television.
The essential things to life.

I just edited out a giant portion of this post, that was right here.
It was about Shelby.
The irony is, right as I pressed "publish", she texted me apologizing for what she did.
You gotta hate when that happens.
I mean, I love the apology.
But now my post is shorter than it was.

And no one likes a short post.
Except short people.

Oh, and I'm excited because my friend asked me to edit pictures of her for a jazz album cover she's going to be on.
I'm almost professional. Now I just need business cards! "Lee - Professional"
I can see them now.

Also, Izzy is coming over tomorrow to take pictures of me wearing her jewelry. We're also going to work on making some Edward dolls.
I'll show you guys all of the pictures.
By the way, for every 4 pieces you guys buy, I get one free piece. And you get a discount for buying through me.

Oh, and Left 4 Dead came out with new maps, which is really exciting.
So I'm going to go play.
Shocker, right?My skin's broken out. This is how I cope.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fast-Food Etiquette

I never thought I'd have to do a post about fast-food etiquette.
Thanks to Daniel.
Who is inconsiderate and needs to get punched in the balls a FOURTH TIME.
(Yes, I did punch him in the balls 3 times.)
(No, I'm not sorry.)

Today I had the mega munchies for some reason.
We all have those days where the 500 pound man inside of us rears his ugly head.
First I got two tacos at Del Taco.
And let me stop right there. Has anyone ever actually thought about what Del Taco means?
I was in the car with Melora and Daniel and looked up at the sign, and something clicked in my head.
Yep, you heard me right. Del Taco means "Of the taco".
But I looked it up, and it used to be called Casa Del Taco, so House of the Taco.
But Of The Taco just sounds stupid.
So forgive me for actually paying attention in spanish class.
"Where do you want to eat today?" "Of the taco." "Where?" "Of the taco." "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

Back to my original Fast-Food Etiquette post. After Of The Taco, we went to A&W/Long John Silvers. (They're a combined restaurant.)(That's a weird combination.)(I like parentheses).
Daniel ordered chili fries and an orange swirl drink. Got it two seconds after he ordered.
Melora ordered the SAME THING AS ME, got it before she even left the register paying.
I had to wait almost 10 MINUTES for my food.
The worst part? I saw her make it. I then saw her push it to the side and let it sit there.
Getting cold.
I was pissed. I didn't need cold fried shrimp with a cold hamburger.
So I turned to Daniel, who was next to me, and told him I was getting "effing angry" because my food was sitting there and she was just "standing there". Literally, almost 10 minutes my food just sat there.
And so what did Daniel do? Made a face, threw his hands in the air, and walked away.
So then he made me look like an ass for complaining in front of everyone else.
I confronted him at the table, and he told me that he didn't like me "loudly complaining about the woman behind the counter, where she could obviously hear me."
A.) She could not hear me. The whirring of the machines in the restaurant made that impossible.
B.) So what if she could (she couldn't)? She couldn't touch my food, because I was watching her. And she was making MY FOOD cold. The food that I PAID for to be WARM for me to eat.
C.) If my food had been much colder, I would've had to throw it out. I'd rather she get her feelings hurt because she was being stupid and not paying attention than my food get ruined. (She was literally STANDING THERE).

He told me that they were obviously understaffed and I shouldn't have done what I did. I complained to my friend about sh*tty service. Oh man I must be going to hell now.
What's worse is I saw someone working behind the counter ON HIS CELLPHONE THE WHOLE TIME. If you're so "understaffed", don't chit-chat during your shift!

I came home and told my mom the story, and first she agreed with me. She said that I had the right to be angry, because if I pay for my food, I should get it fresh and not stone-cold.
Then she said that Daniel was a sissy because a real man would have gone up there and said something FOR ME.
I don't necessarily agree with that, but I do agree that calling attention to me being "rude" was rude in itself. I stood there watching my food get cold, which is infuriating, and he couldn't give two craps. He was more concerned about the service worker that wasn't doing her job getting her feelings hurt.

What would you do if you were in this situation?

So you know what? I'm writing the rules of Fast-Food Etiquette that I plan to live by.
1) If your food is cold when you get it back, say something. And if they take it back, watch them make it. Because no one wants spit in their food, but no one deserves cold food.
2) If your friend is a dick named Daniel and he throws a fit over you getting angry over cold food, hit him in the balls, it's only fair.
3) If your food is cold and you're too afraid to say anything, punch Daniel in the balls.
4) Hit Daniel in the balls.
5) Daniel scrotum pain.
I think you get the overall gist of my list.

I did learn something today, though. Fast-food etiquette can separate your real friends from people like DANIEL.
Who, btw, got a girlfriend RANDOMLY, wouldn't tell me her name or ANYTHING about her, and proceeded to tell someone else about her RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.
God, I wish I could rig something to just permanently hit him in the testicles.

One of my super-duper white friends wanted advice on him dating a black girl, because his family would apparently throw a ship-fit (think Titanic and icebergs) if he decided to.
I gave him my genius opinion.

Lee says:
black is black
white is white
if she cuts herself, and you cut yourself, and you smoosh blood together, then you won't get sick. she's just a human.
Seth says:
XD Lee i love the way you put it
Lee says:
lol, I realized that what i said wasn't normal and sent it to someone else going "wtf did i just tell him? did i tell him to do a blood pact?"

I know, I'm a genius. I should write a book.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Now to stay thin until July...

Today I went shopping at Walmart, and while I was there I saw a rack of bikinis for 16 dollars for the two pieces.
Which is really cheap in the world of bikinis.
If you look at most bikinis it ranges from 15-20 dollars per piece.
Which is a rip-off. At that point I'll just wear my underwear, thank you very much.

Plus since I have a big chest, it's hard to find anything that fits without the whole "Oh my GOD my boobs are hanging OUT of this top. Quick, give me a towel!" situation.
I tried it on, and it actually fit me.
Which was awesome.
But then I started panicking.
What if I put on weight before I get to wear this at camp in July?
I don't want to be the flabby person wearing a swimsuit that's too small.
UGH I hate my body image issues.
*sucks in stomach*
Can't... breathe...
The bottoms have little apples on them.
Apple bottom, aha I get it.
But yeah, I'm worried mostly about my legs and stomach.
So what did I do?
I went out and bought 5 BOXES OF CANDY.
I then I hid them from myself.
I was sitting there thinking WHY THE HELL DID I BUY THESE?
Seriously. That'll pack the weight on you FAST.
I was talking to drew about it, and he said this:

Drew says:
you'll be fine
candy doesn't make you fat
Lee says:
xD that's the most ridiculous sentence I've ever read.

Candy doesn't make you fat?
Just looking at candy makes you put on 3 pounds.
That's been proven before. They've done research and stuff.
But don't hold me to that...

I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing, and just try to maintain what I weigh now.
So that I can BRING ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD at camp.
Sure, last year I was fatty legs!
But this year, I will be SEX POT!
But it's a church camp.
So I'll be... BIBLE POT!

I finished my powerpoint presentation for sociology.
Of course, I haven't studied for my spanish test.
But baby steps. Baby steps!
(womb steps, actually. Since I'm pretty much not moving.)

I want to show it to everyone, and NO ONE HAS POWERPOINT.
Anyone want to see it that has powerpoint?
I'm desperate.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I didn't take a picture before I ate my strawberry that grew in the backyard.
I forgot.
It was yummy, though.

Other than the strawberries, nothing has happened.
Like, nothing.
I went to school, and just... nothing.
How stupid is that?
It's as stupid as the stripper that strips just because she likes it.
Pretty stupid.

I have to do my sociology project tomorrow, or die trying.
My bet is on the whole die trying thing.
I'm writing about the camps that asians were put into during WWII.
I keep getting them confused with concentration camps.

I have some really, really bad images for nazis.
But they would be considered "distasteful".
Pfft, distasteful.
You guys don't know the meaning of distasteful.
Taking a picture of jesus and photoshopping it onto a naked woman, that would be distasteful.
Even saying it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

I was going to talk about something important, but I can't remember what it is.
Which means it's not actually important.
Which is pretty convenient for me.
I wish all things worked that way.
I can't remember, so it's not important, so it can go away!
But ma'am, you're pregnant!
No, I don't remember being pregnant. Not my problem anymore!

The most important thing to happen to me tonight was a terrifying situation.
I was watching my recorded episode of the newest House.
And my program CUT OFF THE LAST 5 MINUTES.
I nearly DIED.
I was so mad.
Can anyone that watches the show tell me why she was there, please?By the way, everyone. I can turn your 2 column blogs into 3 column while keeping your current design.
So, hit me up. I'm so proud I figured out how to do that.

And one more thing.
I just took that picture above, but my shirt was apparently up way high... you could pretty much see my whole boobs.
And I posted it to the blog post, went to hit publish, and then I actually LOOKED at the picture and nearly had a heartattack.
I guess that's what happens when you don't pay attention to what you're doing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Anonymous, How I Pity Thee!

So I wake up this morning, check my email for comments and graphics requests like I usually do.
I have one email, which is fine because I answered the bulk of them last night.
I see it's a comment from Anonymous, which is fine too.
Here's the comment:

"Yes, you do look like crap.
What is the purpose of such a repulsive pic?
No one will ever love you for who you are woman, better slap some paint on, and get dolled up if you want to attract men.
If I woke up next to that, I'd either end up attacking you out of fright, or vomiting on you."

Want to know the funny thing?
I laughed.
I laughed my little ass off.
I appreciated the comment from the standpoint of an English major.
Anonyass used proper grammar and vivid words to paint a picture of how repulsive I am.
(Of course, Anonyass, it would be "end up attacking you out of fright, or vomit on you.")
Sure, without makeup I'm a plain jane for what it's worth.
But with makeup, we all know what I look like.That's right everyone. With makeup (and sometimes without) I'm F*CKING GORGEOUS.
That's why my self esteem didn't plummet reading that comment.
That's why I laughed and laughed, and then went and told my mom and we both laughed some more.
I was originally going to lash out, not out of anger, but out of pure sympathy for this person.
You must have a sad, sad life if you feel the need to attempt to degrade someone you've never met.
But why insult? Why throw out every nasty name I can think of?
Because I'm quite sure my followers would love to do that for me. (Especially Bobby G).
That is, if he reads this post.
If not, eh.

So Anonyass, thank you for giving me the biggest laugh I've had in the past few days.
I seriously needed it, and I thank you.
I'm not deleting your comment.
And leave another one if you'd like. It will be nice to see how much free time you have.


Now onto more important business.
Last night I offered to make Izzy a blog (which I'll unveil here when it's set up and finished).
In the process of making her blog, I decided I wanted it to be 3 column.
I went and looked everywhere for a tutorial, and found nothing that suited what I needed.
So I tore apart one that I found, put in my own codes, and voila, I made a kick-ass layout.
(Who would be surprised by that? I kick ass.)
So now I'm in the process of making MYSELF a 3 column layout, which should be done later today and ready to unveil.

I also have not bothered to start my sociology project yet. Why? Because I kick-ass.
I thought we already established that?
Actually, it's my sheer sense of laziness that's driving me farther away from the finish line of this project.
It's due on Wednesday, which means it'll be finished by Tuesday at 11:59.
I'm a go-getter.

I'm also looking for a pattern for a basic male stuffed doll.
Izzy and I want to make Edward and Bella plushies. I haven't found an Edward pattern, so we're going to start from scratch with both.
Which will be annoying as hell, but worth it in the end if they look good.
If anyone's got any tips or a good pattern, throw them my way.
Because I'm such a whale, and I'm big enough to catch everything you throw.

Drew and I still aren't fighting.
I guess all of the planets aligned and hell froze over.
Which sucks for the people chillin' in hell, but rocks for me.

I'm going to go work on my new layout.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Handmade Twilight Jewelry

As many of you know, I went to the midnight release of the Twilight DVD.
While we were there, we were in line behind 4 people that seemed really interesting.
Since we were in line for almost 2 hours, we obviously got to chatting with these people about any random thing that came to mind.
Since it was after midnight, the conversation was interesting.
But one thing that came of this was my meeting Izzy and her boyfriend.
Izzy makes different charms for things like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anything else you can think of.
When I saw the jewelry she was wearing, I told her that I would help her sell it on my blog because it's cute and I like to help people.
The more merchandise she gets, I'll make sure to show it to you. But for now, I'd like to know if any of you are interested any buying any of the jewelry she makes.
While she has a lot of Twilight jewelry, she also makes custom made jewelry based on anything you'd like.
Here are some samples of her work:
Edward and Bella at PromAliceAlice and JasperBella, Alice, and Dr. CullenProm Jacob, Victoria, and EmmettLaurent, Edward, and Jasper

If you're interested in any Twilight jewelery, or any other custom bead, please leave a comment here, or email me at and I'll send you Izzy's way.
You can also visit her website at

So yeah, shameless promotion right there.
Another perk is that this weekend she wants me to model some of the jewelry, and then I get to have the Bella and Edward prom bracelet. That's the one she wore at the DVD release, and I thought it was just so adorable.


As for my day, nothing really happened.
Oh, except my demon spawn of a cat puked on my bed AGAIN last night.
I'm getting so tired of my hair smelling like cat puke when I wake up.
"What's that smell?" "Oh, it's just Lee's hair."

Drew and I have been getting along surprisingly well lately. No fights in the past week.
Like, 0.
I feel like he's been body snatched by super polite aliens.
Which I can live with.
Just as long as they don't snatch my body and use it for
I showed my dad those pictures yesterday.
He said that we have to move now because Vegas has corrupted me.
Oh, and then my biological dad saw the pics on myspace. His first words to me when he talked to me again were "Why are you with strippers?" "Mom made me do it."

I've lost my weight again, which is good.
But I dropped it again.

Other than that... life's boring.
I need to do a photo essay that's due on Wednesday. But I'm lazy.
So I'm just going to hope that God finds the time to do it for me.
Because my homework is more important than world peace.

I'm going to laze around a little longer. Then maybe go outside and stare at the sky for a while.
And then wash my sheets to get the cat puke out.
And then beat the crap out of Tiff... I mean give her lots of hugs.

Shelby cussed me out yesterday, which she never does.
I got angry because she rarely answers my text messages. She read one I sent the night before, and then just didn't bother to answer. And admitted to that.
So I got pissed. And she cussed me out because I'm a "b*tch" and because I always "b*tch about stupid sh*t" and she's "sick of it".
It's not my fault that you don't know how to answer text messages.
Even Drew answers text messages.
And he's a devil spawn.
I'm kidding.
(I've seen the tail).
I don't really know what to do about the situation. I'm not going to sit around while she never talks to me, unless I'm asking her to go somewhere.
"Want to come over?" "Sure!" "Want to go to a show?" "Sure!" "I have great news, can I tell you?" "*silence*"

Any advice would be appreciated.
But don't forget, let me know if you guys want jewelry. Or if you have any ideas about things Izzy could make in the future. :)
Haha, wow. I look like crap.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Help Me Reach My Goal!

So my followers have been daily fluctuating.
It's irritating.
So irritating that I'm this close to developing an anxiety disorder where I pull out my eyebrows and eyelashes.
Didn't think so.

So at the start of the week, I had 48. Then 46. Then 47. Then 46. Then 47. Now 46.
Am I really so unlikeable that I repel at least one person a day?

No. Of course not.
Maybe I just smell bad.

My goal is to reach AND KEEP 50 followers.
My fiftieth follower will get free graphics.
Whatever they want.
(not applicable if I don't like you)
I just need 4 more people that can put up with my stories and pictures.
But come on now, who doesn't want more of this?
I want to follow myself just looking at that picture.

Wow, I just realized my crotch was smashed against that guy's crotch.
And my mom MADE me take that picture.
But funny as hell, lemme tell you.

So everyone, hear my pleas. My begging. My annoying whispers that will penetrate your brain and your dreams.
Help me reach 50. That's what I want for Christmas.
But for LAST Christmas.
So in reality, my present is late.
How DARE all of you? Late presents are tacky.

So here's how it's going to roll.
Refer people to me however you'd like.
When they come here, just have them tell me who referred them.
The 50th follower will get free graphics, along with whoever referred them.
This could be a full blog makeover, just buttons if that's all you want.

Do it however you want, really. Do a blog post, do it verbally. I don't care.
I just want some even followers. Or else my OCD will kick in and I'll make 4 more accounts just so that I look popular.
I wouldn't put it past myself to do that you know.

Oh, and until I get 50 followers, I'm posting that Chippendales picture EVERY DAY. Maybe even multiple times in one post.
Where it's not even relevant.
"And then I was eating ice cream... BAM CHIPPENDALES."

So that's the "rules" to the contest. If you can even call it that.

Now for my day... I'll post pics tomorrow. But I'll just give a quick rundown.
Got up, went to the chiropractor. Was told that I have to wear a mouth guard while I sleep because I grind my teeth at night.
Which means you get to see this beauty way more often:
Sexy, right?
I know what you're all thinking.
When are you getting the mouth guard, because I want to see that sexy face every day.
Well, I'm not sure.
So just save the above picture and fantasize about that.

We went and got my dad a cake for his birthday. (Birthday is Sunday, party was today).

I laid around for most of the day. Not really much else I could do.
I contemplated being like Kristina.
"Should I get a Snuggie? What about a Bumpit?"
I'm thinking about getting something from TV. Something that I could claim as my own.
I could get a Shamwow and take pictures of myself cleaning everywhere.
That could work.
What do you think my new niche should be?

You have been warned.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Q & A - Answer!

As promised, I'm answering every question you guys left for me to answer.
And at the end, I have a saucy surprise from my night on the town. ;) [courtesy of my mom]

Is there anything you miss about high school? - Basically I miss making new friends. Now I get to do that at college though, so I don't have to worry about that.

Where were you born? And if you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be? And why? - I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 11, 1992. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Italy. I love Italian food, Italian culture, and the Italian language. Because it's amore.

What's your favorite musical? - It used to be Rent, but to be honest I haven't seen enough musicals to really develop a favorite. Drew's on the other hand is Repo! The Genetic Opera. So, there ya go.

You said you have a niece, how many brothers and/or sisters do you have? How many nieces/nephews? - By blood, I have 4 half siblings. I have 3 siblings via adoption. I've met two of the blood siblings, and I'm close to my 3 adopted siblings. I officially have 9 nieces and nephews. Going by oldest to youngest: Sarah, TJ, Sean, Joey, Michael, Daisy, Fisher, Catcher, Ren.

Favorite movie? - I couldn't tell you, really. It depends on the day. Some days I love action movies, other days I love TWILIGHT. Right now I'd like to just lay down with Twilight for some reason.

Favorite book? - Hmm... I like any sort of feel-good book. Or books that make me think. I've read anything you can think of.

Favorite video game? - Left 4 Dead. It's just fun for me, and easy to play. Plus I get to pewpew zombies. ZOMBIES.

If you could do anything for one whole day (if money is of no object) what would you do? - I would go play a BUNCH of laser tag, and skiball. And I'd go shopping and just have a big blowout. I would have fun anywhere that I could.

Which celebrity do you think you look like most? - I used to be told Kirsten Dunst, Angelina Jolie, and... that one chick in Bourne Identity. She was in that dance movie. I can't remember her name. Personally, I can't pinpoint a celebrity that I look like.

What is your favorite outfit? - Loose top, tight jeans, high heels, and curly hair.

Favorite memory? - A lot of my favorite memories involve being curled up on the couch in sweats just in a good mood. But I love thinking about being with my family. I rarely get to go back to the south, and everything is calm back there.

How long have you been blogging? - In July it'll be one year.

What's your favorite color? - I love anything purple, or a beautiful green. Emerald green.

What's your dream career after college? - I want to be an editor, hands down. I love editing other people's papers. My father works at the local paper, so I've been exposed to editing and journalism since I was little.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? - I hope to be married with an enjoyable career, maybe a kid. Of course I'll only be 26, so who the hell knows what I'll be doing?

If you could be any animal, what would you be? - I would love to be a hummingbird. Other animals seem to leave them alone, they're beautiful, they fly around and just enjoy living.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? - I would love to have super flexibility. Like elastigirl in The Incredibles. My joints are so messed up that I can't naturally bend very well. I can't bend forward and touch my toes. So it would be freeing to finally be able to do that.

Are you a virgin? - Yes, I am. And I'll be honest. Most people say "I'm waiting until marriage." This is a lie for the most part for most people. My goal is to wait until I'm a legal adult. It's not really a goal. It's more like I'm GOING to wait until I'm a legal adult.

Are you a partier or would you rather stay home with friends? - I've never really partied to the point that I would know. But I love staying home with friends. When you're out you obsess about your makeup, your clothes. But at home you can just be yourself and have a hell of a time.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? - My lack of self confidence. I obsess about my weight, my skin, my hair. When I eat, I judge myself for it. Just tonight we went to a buffet, and walking out I felt miserable about myself.

What is your favorite thing about yourself? - My outter confidence. Sounds completely backwards, right? But here's the thing. On the inside I'm constantly judging myself and feel miserable. On the outside, I don't let it show. Every guy watches me as I walk by, because I flip my hair and hold my head high and keep eye contact.

Do you work while going to school? - My mom doesn't want me working until I'm out of 2 year so that I can keep my mind on my school, so no.

How IS your niece older than you? - I was adopted by my grandparents, so their kid's kids are my nieces and nephews. Some of my nieces and nephews are still babies and toddlers, but the oldest is in her mid-twenties.

You talk about your mom, but not much about your dad, is there conflict there? I mean the people you consider mom and dad. - No, there's no technical conflict. The reason I don't talk about him much is because he doesn't live with us, so he's only in the picture when he visits on Fridays or when he takes me to shows.

What other religions, besides your own, interest you? - I'm not completely sure really. I've never thought about it. Religions that focus on reincarnation interest me. I would love to take a year and tour the world and visit different temples and religions and immerse myself.

What's something you fear? - Death. Everyone fears death, but my fear of death is so severe that if I think about it for more than a few minutes, I have horrible panic attacks. Drew has been woken up many times at 3 AM with me crying telling him I need someone there. My psychologist (ex-psychologist) didn't help at ALL with my fears. Thanks a freaking lot. I also fear heights, but nowhere near as much as death.

What college did you go to at age 15? - The same college I go to now, CSN. It's a community college here in town. I'm getting my two year degree, and then transferring to god knows where. Brown brown brown!!!

Those were all the questions, so now onto my day.
Went to visit the lesbos. Oh yeah, I said it.
Nah, I love them. Sarah's girlfriend is really sweet.
First we went swimming at the pool at the Tropicana hotel.
Then we went back to their hotel room. There's mirrors above the bed! It's obviously the sex room. Which makes me question laying on those sheets... ew. ew. ew. ew.Me totally not paying attention to my family while I text. Typical teenager? Yes, yes I am. *clickclickclickityclick*My mommy and Sarah.Me and Sarah. She can never make a serious face in a picture with me.Me, Sarah, and Sarah's girlfriend Jamie. :)I told you. She can never make a serious face. Slut.
Now for the highpoint of the night. This was the highpoint for all of us...

My mom forced me to go take pictures with them. I ran through the casino yelling NO, NO. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME. But she made me.
She told me to tell them I'm 18. For the first pic, above, they didn't ask.
But then came the second picture...
I said I was 18, and they proceeded to do this:My mom loved every minute of it.
I'm guessing my dad wouldn't approve as highly.
But who gives a flying frick, look at that man-meat.
My favorite part was "And then you put your hand on his ass."
They made me do that. It was just great.
So all-in-all, great damn day.
Mmm, chippendales.
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