Thursday, July 31, 2008

Diabeetus no longer

Isn't it strange when you're so used to something, and then it suddenly gets changed without you realizing it?
That's exactly what happened to me today. Almost everyone in America knows who Wilford Brimley is. Usually not by name, but if you say the word "Diabeetus", they know exactly who you're talking about.

Well today, something miraculous happened. I was on the computer playing WoW with the tv on in the background, and I hear Wilford's voice come on in another commercial for diabeetus testing supplies. Except something was different... Wilford was no longer talking about disbeetus, he was talking about diabetes. BLASPHEMY.
How could this happen? This man that we've come to know and love has changed his pronunciation of the word that made him famous on the internet. It's sad. From now on I guess we'll go back to ignoring his commercials, because until he's selling diabeetus testing supplies, I'm not interested.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prozac Cat off her Rocker Again

So my cat Tiffany has a major problem with getting easily spooked. Anything can set her off, from someone just trying to pet her, to a door slamming. She runs around the house growling as if she's chasing something, or being chased. But today is the second day she's been off of her prozac medication, and she has shown us why she needs to stay on it for the safety of herself, the house, and my computer.

Earlier this evening, Tiffany was sitting on the couch watching Conan the Barbarian with me and my mom. My mom reached over to give her a little pet on her back, and Tiffany FREAKED out. She jumped off of the couch, onto my laptop keyboard (popped off my J key, I'm having to push the little nubby now, so I get to have THAT repaired) onto the lounge chair next to me, and straight onto the curtains which she pulled down and then ran like a mad woman for the laundry room.Needless to say my cat is a crazy animal, and if they had cat asylums I'm sure they'd have a room reserved for her. But when she's calm she's cute and lovable, so we forgive her. Unless she pops off another key, then it's war.

My Gaming Addictions - And Mariokart is out to get me

For my birthday I got an awesome addition to my game collection - Rock Band. We played it at my 16th birthday party, but the best part was when my dad had a minor temper tantrum because of the drums. He didn't know what to do, so he just slammed the drums really fast with the sticks, and of course he failed. He proceeded to throw the sticks down and say "This game sucks" and walked away, leaving me to save him, in my dress, by singing (and later on playing the drums WHILE singing.)
Notice the leg pop - that's great form on my part.

Since that day almost three weeks ago I have moved onto bigger and better things - World of Warcraft. At first I just wanted to use up the trials that came with my warcraft 3, but oh no. Warcrack sucks you in, and I'm lucky to be here now able to blog about my addiction. I've been kept away from the game long enough that my mind is no longer being sucked into it. I'm proud to say that I am 2 hours warcraft free - recently this is a new record for me.

I won't bore you with my journey through WoW.

Last but not least we come to the newest game added to my collection - Mariokart Wii.
This would be joyous praise about the hours of fun I've had racing my friends, but APPARENTLY THE WII SERVERS ARE TOO GOOD TO LET ME STAY CONNECTED MORE THAN 3 MINUTES. If I have to see that 91010 error one more time, I will call the wii customer service support line and call them some nasty names - some of which may actually seem related to "wii", if not in the traditional sense. More of the "Come on you ******* and fix my mariokart before I wrap the cheap wheel around your neck and make you call me daddy" sense.
If anyone can help me with my wii problems, (any viagra jokes and I'll box your ears), let me know!

My First Post - Side note about blog name

Alrighty, so this is my first blog post! It's 1 in the morning, so of course I'm not on my A game right now, but bear with me. I'll introduce myself to you, although if you're reading this you probably know more about me than I know about myself.
My name is Lee and I am a (recently turned) 16 year old that lives in the great mystical land of Las Vegas.
Don't let this fool you, because I'm not your typical 16 year old. This august I will be entering my fourth semester of college and thankfully I'm holding a nice GPA (no thanks to my student-hating math teacher from my spring semester. She's the definition of succubus.) I enjoy socializing with the more mature crowd, since most people my age are boggled by the fact that I'm in college. They're more concerned with smoking pot and going to prom, which just ain't my jazz.
My favorite type of music is anything that isn't screamo, since that isn't music, it's screaming. I enjoy playing computer games such as World of Warcrack and Warcraft 3, and other games on my wii (more about THAT later).

So from here on out this blog will be devoted to ramblings from my life, and I promise I'll be as witty as possible. Like I said before - A game is more like F game for me right now, I'm surprised I haven't suddenly passed out and woken up with key prints on my face yet.

And as promised, the side-note about
the name of my blog, Perpetual Burn. I'm so indecisive, I just couldn't figure out a great name for my blog. So my friend asked me, "Well, what kind of things do you hate?" First thing that came to mind - Lemon Meringue. I hate that stuff, because the Meringue tastes like it's perpetually burned. Thus, perpetual burn was born.

Have fun reading!
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