Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can't Think of a Title

I'll be honest, I can't think of a clever title for this post right now.
Maybe I'm just tired, I don't know.

Yesterday Shelby was SUPPOSED to come over, but apparently she blew me off.
At first I was angry, but then I remembered that Alex was coming over, and then I felt fine.

Alex and Travis came over, and first we went to Alex's grandma's house to swim.
TRAVIS wouldn't GET IN THE POOL, so it was just me and Alex swimming.Here's Travis' attempt at getting in the picture:He failed miserably.

Then we got out and went to Albertson's.
Izzy was sick, so Travis bought her flowers and a card and a bunch of mushy gushy boyfriend junk.
(I picked out the flowers.)

You know, it was funny watching a goth kid with with long black hair and eyeliner carrying around a bunch of hot pink flowers and balloons.
I got a good chuckle out of that.

Then we went to the park and climbed up part of a mountain.
Travis had to carry the flowers up with him. Poor Travis.
Luckily the flowers weren't harmed in the process.

Then while we were on the mountain I saw the ice cream man, and we rushed back down for ice cream. Right as we get to the bottom, he drives away.
I was heart-broken.
He drove back 5 minutes later, Alex handed me two dollars, and I ran and got a pink panther ice cream. With bright red gumball eyes.The pink panther had yellow eyes. Why would you give it big demonic eyes.
(That's not my pic, btw. I forgot to take one.)
I was having so much fun I forgot to take a lot of pictures, actually.

I munched my ice cream, and they threw the football a bit, and then we went to subway.
Alex bought me a sandwich (I swear, I don't ask him to pay for me. I LIKE paying for myself!)
and I ate it when we got home.
We played a couple games, and then took Alex and Travis back to their house. First we stopped at a mexican bakery and got churros.
And we all know how I love churros...Now it's today and nothing eventful has happened. I still have half my sandwich, which I will eat for lunch. (Alex nags me about eating too many salads. I LIKE salad!)

Other than that, nothing's been going on. :)

Also, who would like Harvey the Gnome? If you'd like him on your blog, let me know here and I'll randomly choose one of you to pass him to!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Change is Going to Come

Well my date last night was a lot of fun.
I'll be posting pics of it once Izzy puts them up on myspace, but until then all I have is the photobooth picture that we took.
As you can see, we had fun.
For the record, in the 3rd picture it was a joke kiss and there were hands between our mouths.
We're not ANIMALS.

His name is Alex, he goes to the same school I do, he lives with Travis (Izzy's boyfriend, the black haired guy).
He doesn't like cucumbers, heights, or elevators. (Same as me.)
He paid for half of dinner, which I've never had a guy do, so it was fabulous to me.

We went bowling and bowled 3 games.
First we would just high-five and stuff, but by the end I'd give him a huge hug whenever I hit any pins.
And a huge hug if I didn't.
And a huge hug if it wasn't even my turn.

I like huge hugs.

We went to Denny's before that, and we WERE going to see a movie, but I said to Izzy, "I'd rather be able to get to know him, which you can't do in a movie. You can't talk."

Denny's I ordered a salad, and apparently I'm running down our date backwards I just realized. Weird, huh?

Before Denny's we went to an arcade and wasted all of our tokens on skeeball.
It was worth it, but Alex kept showing me up. I'd get the 4000 or 5000, so he'd roll and hit the 10000.
Our highest score was 30000.
We walked out with 162 tickets. I REALLY wanted a stuffed animal, but they were 600 tickets.

After EVERYTHING we went to the photobooth.
We took another picture, but I didn't really like that one as much.
In the first shot, we couldn't figure out how to pose and were just laughing hysterically.
The second shot, Izzy and Travis kissed, so I turned and kissed Alex.
First kiss caught on film, aww.
The third shot was a remake of the "fake kiss" we tried to do in the first set of pictures. Izzy screwed it up, and Travis' hair covered my face. And the fourth shot me and Izzy went LET'S KISS! So that's that. (Technically I said LET'S KISS! I joke around a lot.)

In the end, this is my new boyfriend Alex:The funniest part is that it was Travis and Izzy's 10th anniversary, which means we now share an anniversary day.
He said he usually has longer hair, but his haircut got messed up.
I like him either way.

He did a picture where he stood in front of a Twilight poster in Edward's place looking at Bella.
I have the same poster, so I did one in Bella's spot and sent it to him. (Before we met).
He said that he was JUST telling Travis that he didn't have his Bella, and then I sent that.
Sweet, right?

Izzy's all excited because she got us together, and of course I have to thank her for it.

A couple highlights from bowling:
1. My very first frame of the night, I guttered my first roll, and striked my second. Spare, baby.
2. At one point, Izzy's phone died as she was rolling the ball. Travis said "The camera died" and she swung around saying "Huh?" and threw the ball straight into the gutter. It bounced OUT of the gutter, into the OTHER gutter. Double gutter.
3. Alex is really good at bowling. He put a spin on the ball, and it hit the gutter, bounced out, into the other gutter. SECOND double gutter. (This was directly after making fun of Izzy for her double gutter.)
4. Izzy was ahead of me by 1. Alex hugged me and told me that I just needed to get 2. I rolled a gutter. Izzy yelled KICK MY BUTT LEE! I striked it. Alex flew at me and lifted me up and spun me.
5. Alex and Travis were having a major battle throughout most of the third game. They started out with spares, (including mine from the kick my butt incident), and then continued to get nothing but spares and strikes for the rest of the game. Only a few times did they get anything else.

Me and Alex were a team, and Travis and Izzy were. We beat them first game, lost second game, won third game.
Everytime Travis rolled an obvious strike, me and Alex would say in unison "Son of a b*tch."
Which of course is foul language, but if you had been there, you'd understand.
Here's a picture of our score card, and if you click it you can read it:Alex was Mac, Izzy was Little Who, I was Cakie, and Travis was Pork Bunn.
As you can see, I blew during the second game. I went 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. That was embarrassing.
How did I keep managing to hit ONLY the SIDE pin by riding the edge of the gutter? Every time? It was ridiculous.

So it was a good night.

We took Tiffany to the vet today to get her shots.
The vets office was FREEZING COLD. I was miserable!
The vet checked out Tiffy:
And then took her to take her shots.
She HATES her shots.
When we were on the way home, she started making a sound like this. Oooooowowowowowow. Oooooowowowowowow. She was licking her tongue over and over again and meowing.
This licking kind of reminded me of this:

Now she's laying around, and she was puking everywhere. I think she ran out of things to puke.
Hopefully she gets to feeling better.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Horizon

First things first, I have a story of the day.
My mom went in to get a mole removed from her neck, so very minor surgery.
Her appointment was 10:30. When did we get in?
I was furious. I had things to go do, and that was a waste of my time.
We get in, and they offer to let me watch. I've never been squeamish, so I said sure.
But I decided to just watch them do the stitching.
The cutting would still bother me a bit.

I stood up during the stitching, and after about two minutes something wasn't right.
I was dizzy, I was nauseous, and oh crap, I was about to faint.
I wobbled over to a chair and put my head between my legs. The doctors were laughing.
Probably because I said "Oh I'm not squeamish."
Really, I'm not. He said it's a chemical reaction in the brain to the sight of blood.
Anyway, the nurse gave me juice, and my ears were ringing and everything sounded hollow.
My mom told me that means I was literally about to pass out.
I was like, "Damn, I wish I had! Then I'd have an awesome story for my blog!"
My knees were about to go out from under me.

I have NEVER felt faint in my LIFE. I've been dizzy, but never actually about to faint.
I've always wanted to faint though. To see what it's like, to be awake one minute and waking up the next.
So yes, I was disappointed I didn't faint.
But also completely embarrassed that I almost did. The nurse said, "I could tell by the way you were standing that you weren't feeling right."
I was probably wobbly. I could feel myself getting kind of unsteady.
So that was an interesting event.

Second story, happened before that, but was less exciting.
My mom accidentally gave me my sleeping pill instead of my anti-anxiety pill this morning.
I was walking around almost passed out, and then I said something and she went "You mean that pill that was split in the bottle?" "MOM! THAT WAS MY SLEEPING PILL!"
She was laughing hysterically, I was yawning wildly, and now I accuse her of drugging me.

Now for the "New Horizon".
My friend Izzy, the one that makes the charms, has introduced me, via text message, to a guy named Alex.
He's super cute, used to be in the air force, and he's 21.
My mom approves of him because he's not Drew, so that's a plus.
Plus since he was born in January, she says that we're a good astrological match.
I wanted to meet him super soon, and as luck would have it, Izzy called me saying, "Wanna go to a movie with me, Travis, and Alex?" "Hell yes I would, woman!"
So she's picking me up at 4:00 for my first double date sort of thing.
Want to know a big plus?
He likes Twilight.
Hell yes, woman!
So I put on my cutest jeans, a tank top, fluffed my hair, re-did my makeup.
I'm ready man.
And I really want to go bowling too.
I should guilt them.
Izzzzzzzzzzy, I wanna go booooowling.
I'm so twitchy with excitement that I can't point the mouse right. It's ridiculous.

I'll tell you guys how everything goes when I get home, or tomorrow. Depending on how late I get home.
Do I look cute enough to date or what?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

It's so annoying, that Drew dumped me.
I'm not spending every second crying about it, but I'm still irritated.

Of course at this point I'm trying to just ignore it and keep going.
My when my cellphone started flashing "Anniversary!" this morning, reminding me that it would have been our one month anniversary, of course the "ignore" plan went away.

So what am I doing? I'm watching Desperate Housewives re-runs and burying my sorrows.
I asked Shelby if we could hang out, but that's already seemingly not an option, so greeeat.

I hate these days, when there's nothing to do and no one to see.
I also don't have the motivation to really exercise.
I did my treadmill, did my muscle exercises, but now I'm done.
I'm frustrated because I was really slim, and now my legs have ballooned back up. I went from 116 to 119 and now I can't come back down.
I'm going to eat Subway tonight, but of course that's not really healthy. Not how I eat it.
But you know what? I do my exercises, I eat normal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). I don't gorge myself on nasty food. I'll be fine.

So what do you guys think i should do today? Got any random crafts I could do?
Some whiskey I could drink?
I just asked Izzy if she wants to come over and hang out, since the thing with Shelby has turned into bloof*.
Yep, bloof*.
It's just been a bloofy* day.

But really, got any good crafts I could do? I need to kill time.
I might start working on that jacob doll again. Yeah, that's what I'll do...
I like working on my dolls, they look really cute. I'll show you guys when I'm finished.

Breaking up really is hard to do.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random Tidbits and Harvey the Gnome

So this week has been kind of hectic. I'm sorry I haven't been around. But I know you guys understand, so that's a relief.

First things first, the family drama has been resolved, so I am free of the drama life.
For now at least.
Drama tends to follow me like a lost puppy.

I got my nails done a couple days ago, and the woman that took me to do them didn't bother to tell me that taking acrylic nails off is impossible.
So when I go to get them professionally removed, apparently it's going to hurt like heck*.
I have a low tolerance for pain, so that's just gonna be fun.

And as I said yesterday, Drew randomly broke up with me last night.
It was like a kick in the stomach, since it sort of came out of nowhere.
But I cried for 10 minutes, and then said "Eh, whatever."
We all know my mom didn't know about me and him, but I went in there and laid with her while we talked about how much of a jerk he was.
Mom's are always there when you need them.

I'm not mad at Drew. If he doesn't want me, he doesn't want me. He said he wants to be my "best friend".
So go ahead, be my best friend.
But he's not allowed to date anyone else for 6 months.
Because I will murder him.
*sharpens axe*

I'm actually going to call my major today at school, as well as look into the work-study program.
Since I'm single now, I'll have a purse*-load of free time.
Did I ever tell you guys what classes I'm taking?
I re-did my whole schedule that day I said I was changing my major.
Next semester will be:
Monday/Wednesday - Intro to Journalism, Anthropology
Tuesday/Thursday - Political Science, Astronomy
Online - Philosophy

I think I can handle it, and with those classes all I'll have left is one science class (physics or biology) and the rest will be directed towards journalism.

Typing with these nails is proving to be hard.

I'm also going to an advanced screening of Up! today.
Which should be pretty neat. I'll tell you guys how it is once I see it.

I'm going to go get ready to run by the school, but I'm going to comment all of your recent blogs right now. (Don't be offended if I skip your older ones. I have 100 to sift through, so going with the newest is easier for me.)

Also, Yaya has given me Harvey the Gnome to visit my blog for a week. So welcome to your temporary home Harvey!*trying to cut back on cursing

Also, if I didn't comment your blog, people that have "choose your account" pulldown things on their comments, it isn't working on this computer.

A post by Drew, From Lee.

Hello everyone, perhaps you've heard of me? This is Drew posting a notice for Lee.

She's been having some family trouble lately, so I wanted to update all you guys and let you know that it might be a little while before she can post here.

Thank you guys for being patient with her!

Since I don't really have access to a good camera right now, I thought I would at least try that status picture thing Lee does anyway, This is me about a week ago in my work uniform.

edit by Lee: This post actually came before my previous post, but because my previous one was saved in a draft, they're all screwy. Not worth my time to fix it.
Thanks for posting for me Drew.

Monday, May 25, 2009


We've had a little bit of family trouble over the past few days resulting in me having issues blogging.
That being said, I'm still going to blog daily, but I will have missed your posts for the past couple of days. (I can't sift through 100 blogs!)

I haven't had access to a computer in a few days, but I promise you I'll be back to my regularly scheduled madness soon.
That being said, please don't stop following!
I've been terrified for the past few days that my followers would start dropping like flies.
Tomorrow if I get computer access, I'm going to comment all of the blogs I've missed.
I've always been a loyal commenter and always will be.
I'll also fill you guys in on some of what's been going on. Albeit a small portion.
I miss all of you, but I'll be back tomorrow. (hopefully)
xoxop.s. Drew broke up with me again. Joy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Drew's Brother is an Idiot

So I thought I'd blog about this while it's happening, because it's amazingly jacked up.
Drew's on the phone with me, and he's helping to dictate what's going down.

Let me give you some back story for giggles and ... poops.
A little over a year ago, Drew's brother was expelled from his school for arson.
He sounds like a real go-getter.
Soon after, he was dragged home by police officers for being drunk and high in an abandoned house and tearing it up.
Gee, I like the way this guy thinks!
Next, he was caught out past curfew and once again the cops were involved.
Drew also found marijuana in their bedroom.
Man, this boy sure knows how to live a lawful life.

Drew's parents never really did anything about ANY of this. Amazing, right?
How could you let your child get away with this sort of thing for so long?
I'm pretty sure tonight is the breaking point, and Drew is enjoying every minute of it.
Drew has always said that Tyler is going down a bad path, and no one would listen.

Tyler came home tonight with "swine flu".
In other words, he came home drunk and needed a good drunken explanation for his incoherence.
Sure, because when I need a good cover story, my mind automatically goes to swine flu.
While slurring and stumbling, Drew's parents came down to see how their son and his "swine flu" was.
He began babbling about random things, and then puked all over himself.
Man, being a law-breaking kid sure seems like fun. I just love puking all over my clothes!
His parents took off his clothes so he couldn't puke on them, and then found a valium in his pocket.
"I didn't take it, I just sell them."
Oh good, you sell drugs too.
Hey, at least he has a career path in mind! I heard drug dealers can get "posses" in prison!
He also said that he smoked weed, and then that he didn't smoke weed, and then that he did, and then didn't, and then did, etc. etc. etc.
Gee, incoherence sure is a blast.
It's as if he never saw those posters with your brain on drugs.
With the egg.
Yeah, we all know that poster.
(I can't find it. So shush.)
Here's a replacement, to add some comic relief. (As if my sarcasm isn't enough. Drugs are fun!):This is my anti-drug poster.
This is Lee if she ever did drugs (which she hasn't):He's puking again.
How could anyone have fun puking at the rate he is?
Plus he took a pain killer someone just handed him, and he drank, and he smoked weed.
This kid's a triple threat, watch out America!

Tyler is my age, which is why I'm SO glad that I'm not dating HIM.
I mean sure, it sounds like so much fun to be cleaning up his puke and wiping the vomit off of his clothing and body, but I'll pass.

This is why I'm glad I was never in the highschool environment. While I'll be doing this:
Many of my "peers", including Tyler, will probably be doing this:
Apparently Drew's sister took a video of Tyler puking everywhere and she's sending it to me on myspace.
Why do I want to see it?
So that I know exactly why NOT to drink or do drugs.
Hell, we wouldn't want to wreck this pretty little face, would we?
So what's the lesson I've learned tonight?
A.) Swine flu is not an acceptable excuse when trying to conceal your blatant drunkenness
B.) Valium are best kept hidden
C.) If you're going to puke, try to hit a solid surface
and of course D.) Drugs are bad. Stay in school. Knowledge is power!Nothing but soda pop goes in my glass! (Unless it's a Jewish holiday... or a Tuesday. Then glug glug!)
I'm kidding!

Major Conflict

I have a "major" conflict.
I'm trying to figure out which major I want to call, and I'm completely conflicted as to which one I should.
Nice play on words, right? "Major conflict"? Huh, huh? Anybody?

I'm going to call a communications major for certain, but my problem is what TYPE of communications major to call.
I can either get a basic comm major, (which sucks because it's all talking classes).
Or I can get a journalism/media emphasis.

Part of my reason for switching majors is:
A.) I want to work in the communications business for certain.
I've always said I wanted to be an editor. Editing is part of media. Duh, why didn't I think of this before?!

B.) My dad works at the paper, and he knows that the company he works for gives out big scholarships to people riding on a journalism major, since it's a bit of a rare feat nowadays.
Sure, people want to be anchormen/women, but actual print journalism is becoming extinct.
And fast.

If I were to take this journalism emphasis, I wouldn't have to take anymore Spanish classes.
(Oh, and good news. I got a C in Spanish. Which means I get the credits. Score!)
My mom told me that I'll be better off getting 80 credits, since I've apparently taken unnecessary classes.
Here's a rundown of the classes I'll be required to take now:
Intro to Journalism and Media Studies
Critical Analysis of the Mass Media
News Reporting and Writing
Writing Across Media
Fundamentals of Applied Media Aesthetics
News and the News Media

Is it just me, or do those classes all sound EXACTLY THE SAME?!
At least I'll be enjoying it. Really, I think I'll have a nice time with these classes.

My mom just said "When you become a famous anchor woman, I'm going to sell that video of you when you were little pretending to be a weather girl to the media."
Thanks mom. Thanks for totally selling me out.
At least she has high hopes for me.

This also means I get to stay in state, because I'll be going to UNLV for my bachelors in Journalism.
Never thought I'd be saying that. I feel reborn people. I feel like a new woman. Like my life has a purpose!
How much you want to bet in 20 years I'm working in McDonald's. I'm calling it now.
At least I'll be an educated McDonald's employee.

So what do you guys think? Should I take the journalism emphasis, or go with the boring as all get out basic comm major?
(As you can imagine, my parents are so happy that I'm following in the family line sort of thing.)

Also, Pooba (I'll use your blog name :] ) sent me a giftcard to Itunes.
At first I didn't know what to get, since I don't buy my music. But then I remembered that I can buy apps for my Ipod, and I went hog-wild.
I bought the movie Wanted (because it was only 10 dollars).
I bought 2 games, a soothing sounds alarm clock, and a "virtual koi pond".
Let me tell you.
I would put a video of myself playing with it, but this video shows it pretty well:

I've become addicted to running my finger over the "water". And if you leave your finger on the water, the fish come and "nibble" it.
So it's pretty freaking fun. And addictive.

Anyway, yeah... that's what's going on with me.
Not that exciting, except the major thing.
Let me know what major you guys think I should call.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Came and Went

I passed my 200th post without realizing it, so... yay 202nd post.
I went to see Star Trek today in Imax.
That movie kicks some major butt.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.
But of course he didn't.
Because then all the Trekies would have a major snit fit and throw out their spock ears and cry into their phaser guns.

I have an odd crush on Spock now, along with Sulu.
I don't know. I'm weird like that I guess.

My mom has a major crush on Bones. "There's my man!"
I kept turning to her and asking "Is that an original crew member?"
"Yes, Lee."
I didn't know! The Russian guy threw me off! Chekhov... I think that's his name.
He was so adorable. I wanted to give him a hug.

I'm also disappointed. I only got 9 comments on my pictures! 9!
That took me two hours to put together people!
People died for those pictures!
(not really, but I did get sleepy.)
(And sleepy Lee COULD kill people.)

I'm still sleepy as all get out right now.
I'm trying to decide between staying awake, and going to sleep.
Going to sleep is edging itself in without my permission.
I may just let the power overtake me and deal with the consequences later.
Plus Drew's at work, so I'm not really missing anything.
Although he gets off in 10 minutes.

Eh, he'll probably just go play with Cameron again.
It bothers me, because he keeps saying "He's leaving on Thursday, then it won't be a problem."
But it shouldn't be a problem now regardless. He shouldn't be segmenting all of his time and then giving it all to Cameron. I deserve a spot in there, and I'm not getting it.
Which is why I keep getting GLAD he's leaving tomorrow.
Then Drew's mine and Cameron can live in Oklahoma.
So... neh.

I've decided on two things for the future.
A.) I'm changing my major. I'm going to be a communications major now.
B.) I'm going to the golden nugget for my birthday party because they have a 3-story water slide that goes through a shark tank that's in the middle of the pool. So you can see the sharks while you slide through.
And it's only 40 bucks.So... I think I'm going to lay down now.
I'm rambling for no reason...
Go look at my last post if you haven't already. Those pictures are more entertaining than my half-awake spouting about Star Trek and water slides.
More proof of my tiredness is the fact that I ran around the house naked yelling "I AM SULU, I KNOW KUNG FU!" while kicking in the air a few minutes ago.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Day...

[click any picture to make it bigger]
We bowled (badly... very badly) -Our final scores... Ouch. (I was Pookie, Shelby was Goop.)

We saw Wolverine (mmm... Ryan Reynolds) -
We posed in the mirror (typical teenagers) -

We jumped on a trampoline (I can't do tricks... not my fault!) -
(I fell)
Blogger was being a dillweed, so I had to upload our videos with Youtube.

I smacked my head HARD on that landing.

We swam (And went down the slide "bare butt"... and posed for some pictures) -

Shelby would laugh like crazy when I did this for some reason:

We dried off (it was COLD!!!) - We had FUN!
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