Friday, February 27, 2009

A Quick Post for Fun

Okay, so I just found this site that has a sound "only teenagers can hear".
I'm not sure if I believe it.

But jesus. The first time I played it, I heard nothing.
The second time, I blew my ear drums out.

So you guys give it a try.

Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

I Could Never Be a Spy

I can't lie for longer than a couple of days without cracking and confessing to the lie.
Even if I was never accused of lying.
If I tried to be a spy, two days into my mission I'd tell the enemy who I was and that I was so sorry for lying to them.
And then they'd shoot me in the face.

This all has a point, by the way.
The guy from my History class, Nathan. We've been talking a lot over the past few days.
The first day that we talked, he asked how old I was. My answer was "how old are you?"
He said 21, so I said 17.
And that has been freaking weighing on me for the past two days.
It was a small fib, but if I continued it eventually I'd have to tell the truth.
So I just told him like 5 minutes ago that I'm actually 16.
He hasn't said anything in response.
Which has me very worried.

But what? If I'd just told him flat out then... what?
I don't know. Maybe he's like the other guys I've met that don't care about my age.
Every other guy that's actually OLDER than him don't mind.
My mom minds.
"Over 19 is a no."
Pfft. Daniel looks 17. She's not going to card my next boyfriend.
Actually my mom is the type that would card my next boyfriend.
And run a background check.
I've never actually been on a date.
I've been on a semi-date. Which consisted of my mom saying that me and Drew could go to the movies.
And she drove us there.
And then "decided" she wanted to see the same movie as us.

Thanks, mom.

Oh, he texted back. Asked if I was okay with him being 21.
Crisis diverted.
I don't expect to date him or anything.
Oh, and my lunch with Danny is still on for Monday.
He emailed me for directions. I told him to meet me at the school.

Hopefully my skin looks okay by then.
And I'm trying really hard to study history and spanish. I've read all of my books and have been running drills.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Short and Sweet

Okay. We can all agree that most of my posts are pretty long, so I think I'm occasionally entitled to do a short post.
My mom had surgery, I had to get up early, I'm sleepy, and I think I might take a nap and then not move for the rest of the day.
But, being the loyal blogger that I am, I can't stand to leave my blog empty. People will start to think "Oh no, she never updates. Bye bye!"
And we just can't have that. No, no we cannot.

Which reminds me of a phrase in spanish I use a lot. "No, no me gusta estudiar!"
No, no I don't like to study.

Anyway, I'm trying to think of a good way to leave this post. I can't think of one.
I suppose I could tell all of you xbox gamers of a great deal I found today.
If you want a webcam for your xbox it's usually 70 dollars.
Run to walmart today and you can by a game called "You're in the movies"
It's 40 dollars right now, and comes with the webcam.
So that's nifty. I went and did that.

Oh and Kush disappeared last night. He didn't turn off his xbox and we haven't heard from him. So we're worried.
Or we're starting to believe that he's lying about who he is and this is all just an act.
Who knows really?

That guy from my History class said I'm pretty. I also told him I'm 17.
I need to stop lying to people. But they don't respect me being 16. That means I'm a "child".

My mom's doing well. She's laying down. My dad's laying down, too. I can hear him snoring.

Now since usually I only post about my day, and my days have been a bit dull, I want you guys to come up with a few ideas of future blog posts I could do.
Think similar to my ex-boyfriend post.

Here's me yawning a second ago:
Yes, I yawn with a clown nose on. Got a problem with that?
Oh god, looking at the picture of me yawning keeps making me yawn.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Don't Know How to Feel...

I found out today that Kush's wingman, someone that I knew briefly but that was very kind, was killed today.
What hurts about that is he wasn't just another troop. His name was Piazza. He was a sweet person who only wanted to go home.
From what I can gather he had a fiance back home.
Kush, of course, is devastated by this. He's losing it at this point, which I can understand.
It's one thing to have someone die that you weren't familiar with. It's another to have your confidant die.
He had JUST lost 10 of his troops earlier this month.
I remember a few nights ago hearing the story of what happened when Kush was drugged up on morphine for his bullet wound and Piazza was there with him.
Apparently Kush was kidding around and "nut-checked" Piazza.
To be as clean about this as I can, that means he reached down and tapped him in the manly region as a joke.
But apparently he hit a little too hard, and Piazza emptied his bladder on himself. Which to everyone was hilarious.
So Piazza came back with a lead-weighted glove and popped Kush in the balls. For the rest of the night Kush was a soprano.
We laughed so hard about this forever.
And when Kush was in emergency surgery for the shot-arm, Piazza was the one that texted me and Jessie to let us know that Kush was alright.
Needless to say, even though I'm not breaking down losing it, I'm somber. I'm not in a good mood. I'm extremely worried about Kush snapping soon if the people around him keep passing away.
I never would have thought that the xbox would put me so close to people that were constantly in danger.

I don't really know how to transition from that to be honest. So I guess I'll just go on to what else I had to say.
The guy from my spanish class, Daniel, is now one of my friends. Which is pretty kick ass. We talk on the phone for a long ass time. Past two nights has been two and a half hours.
Oh, and he read my blog. Which is kind of funny.
Kudos to whoever finds the comment he left. Hint: It was recent.Those sunglasses make my face look stupid. So I'm going to wear my pink ones from now on.

One of the guys from my history class gave me his number today. That was pretty coolio. For whatever reason I remember his name PERFECTLY even though I forget everyone elses.
His name is Nathan, btw.

My history class is a no-notes test. Balls. I hope I do okay.
My spanish quiz should be... okay. Not amazing though.

I'm tired. I need to lay down. But I figured I needed to post. I'm going to comment your blogs tonight, so never fear. And pray for my mom tomorrow. She's having surgery.

Oh. And my skin broke out. Right before Monday seeing Danny.
Wtf is wrong with my face. Why does it hate me so much?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Maybe I'm just too impatient...

Danny actually texted me this afternoon.
Of course he wasn't exactly forthcoming with his identity.
"It's me. See, I didn't forget."

Okay, thanks. Now who is "it's me" and what did you "not forget"?
But he told me eventually and I was excited. Told him I wish he could've come to lunch with me today.
I sat alone in Denny's eating like a sad person with Yaya's giftcard that she gave me.
He told me he'd come up to see me Monday during my lunch-break.
That was actually really sweet. I've never, ever had someone come up to eat lunch with me. It was always someone that was in my class.
Today I was supposed to have lunch with a guy named Mark, but something came up. And then on Wednesday I'm having some mega awesome lunch with most of my school friends.
It amazes me how my Mondays are empty and my Wednesdays are crowded.
But as I said, next Monday will not be empty. Which is peaches and cream for me. I was worried he just didn't want to talk to me. So, yeah.
Is it bad that I've developed a crush on an ex-boyfriend?
Especially one I haven't seen in a YEAR?
Yes, it's bad. I'm aware of this.

Right now I'm "beautifying". As in I need to look good on Monday so I'm doing everything I can to maintain my looks.
Today everywhere I went guys were looking at me, and jabbing their friends in the sides to turn and look at me.
Yeah, I saw you grocery store guys. Don't think I didn't.
It doesn't help that I was wearing tight jeans with a tight plain white tee.
I'll be the first to tell you that I have ginormous breasts. I'm not ashamed to say it, because it's damn true. I told my mom about the guys and she said "They were looking at your boobs." "I DON'T CARE. THEY WERE LOOKING, END OF STORY."
My face is nice too. I know it is. I'm conceited about it half the time.
I know how to flirt and twiddle my way into any guy liking me. I have half my history class looking at me while I flip my hair and pretend to get "caught" occasionally looking at them.
I'm a natural born flirt. I've been swinging my hips since I was 5 years old. And it will never stop.

But I do need your opinion. To be honest, I bet money Danny will one day come across this post. If that's true... it's my blog and this shit is what's happening in my life and I'm not ashamed of it.
Afterall, this is a blog about my life and what's going on in it.

So anyway, I haven't seen him in a year. I want to look drop dead gorgeous.
So... what the frick do I wear?
You've seen a lot of my clothes. But just throw out generics. Do I wear flats or heels? Gray, blue, or purple jeans? Long sleeves, medium sleeves, or short sleeves? Or even tank top, since I have my black one?
I sort of want to show off the fact that I'm skinny. So I think I know what I'll wear.
So my real question is... hair up or down, and heels or flats?
I'm sitting here with a teeth whitening plate in my mouth. That's how determined I am.

This is also a good post for the guys. Imagine you're going to meet up with an ex and you're both single and haven't seen eachother in forever. What would you hope she was wearing?

I obsess about things. That's just how I am.

Now for school. I have two tests on Monday. History and Spanish. My two worst subjects. Score!
We're reviewing on Wednesday though, so hopefully that helps.
Plus I have a buttload of spanish homework due before next week. I'll work on it this weekend.
Hopefully everything goes well in the following weeks.Even with the face mask and blue tooth whitening thing, I don't look half bad.
Although I'm starting to drool.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Fun Day

I'm counting this as my post for tomorrow because I'm lazy and will probably be too tired after school to do a post.
UNLESS I get up the nerve to talk to the guys I think are cute. Then it might actually be eventful.
Anyway, Jessie invited me to go to the park with her and her kids.
So we drove down to burger king, picked up some food, and then went to the park.
We ate, talked about guys. Talked about how I like older guys. (18 and older, please.)

I can't STAND guys that are younger than 18. The occasional exception comes into the picture, but other than that, I like older guys.
Heck, there's a guy I think is cute that's 30.
I wouldn't pursue that, but I think he's cute.

One guy I have a crush on is 20. One's... let me check.
Jesus H. Christ he's 22.
Really? Man he does not look 22.
So I suppose that shows my taste in guys. Older guys match up with my maturity level. One of these days I'll share with you something personal that happened to me that molded me to be the way I am, but it's too disturbing to share in this post.
When I say disturbing I mean that if it were to happen to your kid, you'd break the neck of whoever did it.

ANYWAY, we went to the park today. Talked about boys.
I'm 16, Drew's going to be 20 this year. And Danny will be 20 this year in July.
Of course I'm not with Drew or Danny anymore, but it's a good gauge of the age range I like.
My mom of course would not be happy to know that. But it's not my fault.
It's not like I want to date a 30 year old. And it's not like I plan on dating a 20 year old.
And go ahead and say that it's dangerous and yada yada. I expect at least one comment like that.
But I'll say this. After what happened to me, I'm to the point of maturity that I actually cringe at people that look like this:Yes, Shelby. I went through your myspace friends list and found someone that looked like the typical person my age.
Oh, and HI SHELBY!

I can't stand that. I really can't. But it doesn't matter.

Oh crap I got off topic. Sorry.
We went to the park. Took pictures together to send to Kushie.
And then I went home and my mom and I went to Red Lobster.

And then I had the same boy discussion with my mom over some over-salted lobster and really yummy crab legs.
Good thing I got the crab legs and my mom got the lobster.
I have some pics from today to show you, and then this post is done so I can't get off topic again.

P.S. I was watching the oscars and saw Robert Pattinson seated behind Mickey Rourke and nearly had a spaz-related injury. I don't know what got into me. Usually I'm calm about him. He just looked extra-yummy today.

Not Exactly Sure What to Do

Yesterday, we took a trip down memory lane and looked at all of my exes.
I got a few comments about how "yummy" or "hot" Danny is.
Trust me, I've become fully aware of this. And it bugs me like no tomorrow.
See, I haven't seen him in a year.
Why? Because of a story I'm about to tell you, that's why.

Last year was a lot of my friend's senior year. So what did this mean? Senior prom.
(Keeping up with my so far? If not, go get some coffee and start from the beginning.)
As we all should know by now, I never went to highschool. Which means I never went to prom.
When the time came around for their senior prom, one "friend" (megan) had me try to find a prom dress online for her.
This caused me to want to go. Badly. It was like torture, looking at these dresses that I knew would fit me like a glove but that I couldn't wear.
Then I found a solution. I would ask Danny to take me, since he didn't really have a date.
He was going with a girl that was going with another guy. I figured since me and Danny were on good terms, he'd be happy to bring me since she had someone.
Heh, yeah, except apparently she HATED ME.
For something I DIDN'T EVEN DO.
Megan had turned around and told her I'd said all of these nasty things about her. So because of this vicious lie, I was barred from prom with Danny.
Oh, and Danny hated me in return.

I swear, my church friends turned vicious all of a sudden. Even the youth leader had it in for me.
So me and Danny had a huge fight, and I didn't hear from him again.
I found him on myspace a few weeks ago and thought "Eh, it wouldn't hurt to add him."
I got an email back from him. A looooong one. Just saying he missed me and that he regretted what happened. We chatted a little, a few long emails exchanged, then the conversation died a natural death and I let it go for a while.

Then a couple of days ago, I decided I want to see him.
Because of what you guys said. He's "hot" and "yummy" and such.
And he wasn't like that when I left. So I want to see what the frick changed in a year.
And now that he has a job and a car, and seems slightly more mature, I don't know that it would hurt to see him.

Except he's already frickin' ruining it by not answering my email. I'm not exactly sure what to do in this situation. I sent him another one asking if he was busy or if he just didn't want to stay in touch.
But seriously, it's frustrating when I didn't even do anything to him. At one point he didn't reply to something because he got busy. Fingers are crossed that it's the same now.

I actually find it kind of sat that my life revolves around ex-boyfriends. Two to be exact. Me and Drew are still best friends, so we text and talk on the phone and play games and see eachother. And when something gets in the way of that process, a fight occurs. And this is a daily occurence.
And with Danny, now my myspace revolves around checking to see if he's answered my email.
I just want to know that I didn't do anything wrong.
So what do you guys say I should do? You're all more mature than me, so I'm sure you've been in a similar situation with someone. I'm the baby of the group, afterall.
Well not exactly the "baby". The... emotionally stunted 21 year old trapped in a 16 year old's body?
Yeah, sounds good to me.What the frick is up with my hair today. It's not supposed to do that.
Whatever. Not something I need to fix. I'll just fix it tomorrow for school.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


So what do you guys think of ex-boyfriends?
Today I'm in the mood to talk about my ex-boyfriends.

All two of them.

Well technically there's about... 4.
I should've done this post on valentines day. But I was sort of anti-valentines day.
Anyway, my first boyfriend was in 4th grade. His name was Kyle. He played football in the school's mini-football team.
Pretty much anyone could join. I joined all the sports teams at one point. If you stopped showing up, you weren't on the team. Simple as that.
We had a "superbowl" of the two teams that beat everyone else.
It was pretty lame now that I think about it. But back then it was the coolest thing in the world.
My "boyfriend" made it to the "superbowl". (I have a feeling I'll be using a lot of quotes in this post.)
I would cheer for him and I was all kinds of excited. But then he started spending more time with his other friends. I felt wronged.
And this was all in the course of a week, mind you.
So I dumped him. On Valentines Day. And then his friend came and yelled at me, and I made him cry by saying "What's funny is I was going to ask him to date me again but then you came over and ruined it!"
I loved making other kids cry, since everyone picked on me.
Anyway, my ex then proceeded to get a concussion a few months later and has no memory of us ever dating. Convenient, right? But I remember. I'll always remember.

My second boyfriend was at church camp. He was dating this girl named Kay (I hate that name with a passion. Remember when I did my family tree? That's why I hate that name.)
Anyway, his name was Scott. I thought he was dreamy. A few days into camp, me and Kay sort of "traded" boyfriends. Although I didn't trade anything. I was single. She went out with the fat kid named Ryan. (He was so big we called him Buddha.) And I went out with Scott.
It was fun, it was sweet. We even dated a few months after camp. Then I dumped him through instant messenger because he was never around.
Seeing a pattern here? I was a serial-dumper.
Not a cereal-dumper. That would be wasteful.

My third boyfriend was named Danny. Right now I'm slightly p.o.'d at him because I got back in touch with him a few weeks ago, then we stopped talking. Tried to get back in touch with him yesterday, sent him a nice email, he read it and didn't answer.
Did I somehow manage to insult him? Who the hell knows.
Anyway, we started dating when I was... 14. He was... 17 I think? Maybe 16. I can't keep track anymore.
To be honest I've never looked my age. I passed for 17 back then. Pass for 21 now.
At Olive Garden last night they asked if we wanted to sit at the bar since only people "21 and over" can sit there.
It was packed. Should've said yes, damnit.

ANYWAY, Danny was nice. He was cute, sweet, charming, all of those things. He was also a hardcore WoW gamer. This didn't phase me... until we started dating.
I was a WoW... well not widow. A WoW-Ex girlfriend via WoW death. I don't know.
One day I did an experiment. The infamous "I won't call you until you call me."
It took him 5 DAYS to call me. Then he goes "Why didn't you call me?"
I don't know, why didn't YOU call ME?
We dated for 3 months, and then broke up. I dumped him.
Then a week later, started dating the super-infamous boyfriend number 4.
From the moment I saw him, I wanted to be his girlfriend.
No idea why, that's just how my brain worked.
He was dating this girl named Megan from my church. She was my "best friend".
When she broke up with him, he asked me out and I asked her for permission to date him.
She happily obliged.
Of course she then took it back and told everyone I stole him. That's a different story.

We loved eachother. We always talked, texted, sent pictures. We were happy.
Then thing went downhill. We turned into that couple that fought about EVERYTHING.
We spent two years like that, always promising to change and then never doing it. We still fight now, and it's been months since we broke up.
In fact we just fought a minute ago because he didn't call at 10 like he said he would.

It's so many different levels of frustrating. Luckily, I'm still friendly with my exes. I think.
I'll know for sure if Danny answers my damn email.

But yeah, that was a nice little blueprint of my love life. Hope you enjoyed.

Grandma Update: Still in the hospital. On a respirator now. Keep praying for her.
Kush Update: Heavily medicated, still shot in the ass and arm, now making jokes about it.
I told him I think a turkey must've shot him.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slightly Annoyed

That's how I feel whenever I lose a follower.
My heart isn't broken, but trust me I KNOW when I lose one.
I don't follow you until you post on my blog at least like... 5 times. So when people say I didn't follow back, that's your own thing.
But I went from 41 to 39. I'll never really get anywhere if I keep losing the ones that I gain. It's frustrating. Plus my comments keep going down. I went from almost twenty to ten.

I found out where my friend Kush went. He got shot. Again.
This time in the arm. So now we can't play xbox with him.
He's going home soon. We were so worried about him. But now that we got ahold of him we're happy.
Apparently the name he'd given us was a fake name. The last name was, at least. But someone told us his real last name when we asked if he was okay.
He was pissed at them, but he couldn't really do anything about it.

But right now I need to lay down I guess. I've been extremely stressed out.
My grandmother is in the hospital. She had a stroke. My mom said her speech was slurring on the phone and she told her to go to the hospital. So please pray for her. My grandparents 60th anniversary is in June.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flatscreens Are An Artist's Best Friend

Screw dabbling.
Everything I said yesterday was crazy-talk.
My true new best friend is my flat screen in my bedroom.
Talk about a nifty surprise to come home from school to.
"Hey mom, what's under the blanket in the car?"
"Something for you."
"*lifts* HOLY SCHMOLY."
Sure, it's not super huge. But it's pretty and it lets me watch tv in my room.
Want to know the last time I had a television in my room?
Here's a hint: I had just lost my first ever tooth.
Give up?
I was about 5 or 6.
Yeah, I've been television-in-room deprived for a while. What do you see on my television screen you may ask?
Left 4 Dead.

Actually, it was a bittersweet day.
Yesterday my friend Kush that's deployed in Turkey was shot. Plus his whole troop or platoon or crew, whatever you call the people he was in charge of, was killed. He was demoted a rank and is being sent home.
But, the reason the day was bittersweet was because we were on the game, and then he suddenly signed off and sent Jessie a text message saying "everything in the base just went black." "something's up."
And we haven't heard from him since.
For any other person, we'd assume it was just a blown circuit or something. But for someone that was just shot and had a whole squad killed, we're worried.
He's actually very lucky. The shot that hit him was meant for his head. It deflected off of his helmet and struck him in the ass.
He was joking about it tonight. I said "I'm playing on my new flatscreen!" Jessie said "I'm playing with my new wireless mic!" "Really, I can top all of you! I'M PLAYING WITH HALF AN ASS!"

That's the last I remember him saying before we lost contact with him.
From what I've heard from Jessie and my friend Haney, he may not even receive a purple heart.
It makes me so angry. He's the sweetest guy ever and he's being put through so much. What scares me the most is that he could be dead today if not for his helmet. And how would we have found out?
All we can do is sit and wait and hope that he gets in touch and lets us know that he's okay.

Today at school was pretty uneventful. Math = math. History = history. Sociology = sociology. Spanish = leg tattoo.
Oh, that's right. Leg tattoo! The thing that's completely altered how I view my teacher for the rest of the semester!
She's an older woman. In her 60s definitely. White hair, frail skin. Has a great body though. Apparently she scuba dives and never had kids.
She wears these cool outfits that are for older woman, but I appreciate them. Today she wore these shorts that came down just right above her knees and were baggy.
We were like okay, shorts. Cool.
She pulled us all up to the front of the class and had us do these exercises to remember certain phrases. She sat down to demonstrate us and we all got a nice view of up-shorts.
No, we didn't see her panties. We saw the long tattoo of paw prints going up her leg.
One girl said "Did you guys just see that?"
We were in disbelief. I mean wow.
One girl went to ask her to see it and another girl elbowed her in the ribs and we all were giggling. I'm sure the teacher thought we were talking bad about her. We weren't, really. We were just really surprised.
My friend KC HATES the class. I like it, on the other hand.
Here's me and KC:
You think my phone takes good pictures? Take a look at that bad-boy that she took.
There's actually a kind of cute guy in my spanish class named Daniel. He's an English major like me. That's what really bonds us well. There are NOT many English majors. No stable jobs for us.
He asked for my myspace today. Progress! So I wrote it on his hand.
Because that's where he asked me to write it.
That's a good sign, right? Asking me to temporarily ink my URL onto his body?
Next, he tattoos my name onto his buttocks!

As of right now the only unpacked COMPLETELY room in the house is our livingroom.I like it. But I've always liked rich colors. When my mom bought my TV at RC Willey she also bought us a loveseat, a chair, and an ottoman. So we get our family room soon. Yeah, we're spoiled. We get a family room and a livingroom.
I get my own office that sits off to the side of the living room in this weird tucked away corner with walls, but no door. It has walls and an opening that looks into the livingroom. That's where I'm sitting right now... so I leave you with a pic of me in it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dabbling is an Artist's Best Friend

I've found that the best way to grow as an "artist" (graphic artist or not) is to dabble.
Dabble in different things, whether you're good at them or not.
This is me dabbling in drawing:It's a pony.

This is me dabbling in photo-editing:Oooh, gruesome.

But the most recent thing I've started to "dabble" in is this:
Well, it never really hurts to learn how to do other things.
This is the first one I've ever done. It actually wasn't as hard as I expected it to be.
But why do I think it's important that I learn to do silhouettes?
Because the day someone asks me to do them for the layout and I say "I can't" will be the day I'm ashamed of myself.
That should be a simple thing for a graphic artist to do. But for the longest time I had no idea how do to it.

I'm not sure of the next thing that I should learn to do.
Obviously I can't draw. It's just not in my blood.
But I can't think of what else to learn. I even learned how to do minor animations.
It's not super amazing. But it can get me by when I need it.

What do you guys think I should dabble in next?

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm just going to ramble.

It's easier for me to ramble. I can't really keep my mind on any specific subject right now.

The biggest subject in my mind is that I want a hot fudge sundae, but I don't know how long to heat the chocolate for.
I don't want to burn it. I burned more popcorn recently.
So I know that the second I put it in I'd smell burned, stinky chocolate.
I totally just messed up my hot fudge sundae.
I mixed the hot fudge with the ice cream. Thus making it... chocolate ice cream.
I don't know what it is. I've been so tired. So so so tired.
It makes it hard to focus on my screen.
That's why I haven't finished my sociology project yet.
But it'll be done tomorrow. It kind of has to be done tomorrow.
I haven't practiced any spanish, either. Which is pretty bad.
Everyone else will come in and be fluent in a bunch of crap.
And I'll be like... um... No tengo?

Holy crap, something on tv just blew my mind.
If you buy a copy of Highschool Musical 3 on Bluray, they throw in a free copy of it on DVD.
Is DVD becoming so obsolete that they can do that? I remember when DVD was the cool new thing.
Now bluray is the cool new thing. Pfft. I can't even afford bluray. Eventually they'll come out with something so fancy that it's 100 dollars per movie. And people will buy it. You know they will.

I was pretty sick yesterday while Drew was here. My stomach was killing me. And I had a headache for a while.
I took a laxative. Yeah, I'm totally telling you that.
I was actually gasing Drew and my mom for fun.
At one point they both ran out of the room screaming at me.
I dutch-ovened my cat and she screamed and hissed and clawed me.
Keep in mind she was perfectly calm beforehand.

I don't care if that's TMI. It was hilarious to me.
Here's some pics from yesterday:Went to Gamestop today. Picked up two games: Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2. I don't really like Gears of War. It's too easy and pretty boring to be honest. Your character walks so slow.
Fallout 3 is awesome. Already knew that, though. Played it with Drew yesterday.
It's based in a few years in the future. But the real action happened in 2070. The US got in a pissing contest with China, and so China nuked Washington. Washington got pissed and nuked China. Everyone nuked everything and voila, for the most part the world is turned to dead.
You play as someone that was born in a bunker a few hundrew years later. This bunker is different from others. This one has an Overseer, who killed anyone that tried to escape from the bunker.
Well, our "father" escapes from the bunker. He's a scientist. So then the overseer is trying to kill you, because he thinks you know something about where your father is. But you wind up escaping.
People have been mutated outside, but most of your enemies are actual people. Raiders.
Raiders suck. You'll be sitting somewhere looking at the horizon and start getting shot in the back. You'll turn around and the freaking raider is popping a cap into you. Not cool.
Oh, and the currency in this new land is bottlecaps. But sometimes you use real money. But mostly only bottlecaps.

Anyway, enough about games. I'll leave you with something that I found very humorous today.
How many times have you seen this message on your screen and wanted to crush your computer?Well apparently we aren't the only ones with this problem.
Even shopping complexes... with best buys and GEEK SQUADS in them... have computer problems. But when they have them, we all have to see them!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Honka Honka, I'm the Gamestop Queen!

Now see, my crown is to be silly, but the clown nose is to add a touch of sophistication.

I'm tired and I'm going to do a better post tomorrow. I just thought I'd share this picture with you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


That's my new catchphrase, I think.
I've said it a lot in the past couple of days.
I drop something. "Balls."
I forget something. "Balls."
I kill someone. "Double balls."

Balls can convey a lot of things.
I feel like balls.
I especially feel like balls because I'm single on Valentines Day.
I spent 2 years having someone to celebrate with.
And then he broke my heart and spirit a lot of other things.

So instead my mom and I are celebrating together.
I went to meet Jessie today. I was by myself. OMG DANGER.

No. I was safe. I asked her if she was an axe murderer before I went down to Subway.
She swore she wasn't a murderer, so I trusted her.
The two of us walked over to Walmart after Subway.We bought these two bears for this guy we play on xbox with. He's the one deployed in Turkey, and he's single so we thought it'd be nice to show him some love.
Then I bought my mom a 25 dollar red lobster giftcard.
She had been saying she hasn't had lobster in years, so... Happy Valentines, mommy!

She's making dinner right now and just busted two glasses. So I can't walk barefoot in the kitchen.
Which sucks because I hate wearing shoes in the house. I want my feet to be free!

I just found this video which wasn't AMAZING, but the effort put into it was. So... watch it and you'll understand.
I'm going to go lay down.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to Work, I think.

I should probably start working on layouts again.
I don't know. I've been on hiatus for like 2 weeks, and eventually people will start turning to others for their layouts.

I actually think this wasn't a resting hiatus.
It was a Left 4 Dead hiatus.
An excuse for me to play without any interruptions.

Someone that I made a layout for sent me a 20 dollar subway giftcard.
That was uber cool. I went and got myself a sandwich.
And my mom got one, too.
And they were delicious.

I still have 10 dollars on the card. And I'm hungry right now. But I can't do anything about that. Ungh.

I just went through my email and emailed everyone that's asked for a layout. So that's a step in the right direction.
I'm super tired today. Again. What is wrong with me? No matter how much I sleep I'm tired.
It's like god is pouring ambien into my sodas.
"What're you doing, dad?"
"I'm making Lee tired. Watch, watch, she's yawning again!"
"Isn't that wrong, dad?"
"Go to your room, Jesus."

Yeah, I'm probably going to hell for that.
Worth it.

My mom finally got some curtains up, which is good. I couldn't see the TV because there are windows RIGHT behind me.
I was trying to play Left 4 Dead. "I CAN'T SEE ANY ZOMBIES THERE IS GLARE ON MY... I'm dead, aren't I?" "Yep." "Balls."

I almost met someone last night that I met on xbox. It sounds dangerous, but my mom was with me and it was at Subway.
Her name is Jessie and she literally lives 2 minutes away from me. It was really weird. She was telling a story and said she lived in Vegas. "What? Me too! That's weird!"
Later on I asked what part of town, just being nice. "Oh, I live over at the ***** and ***."

Let me stop here for a minute. I made sure in going over the conversation that I never told her where I lived first. She always did.
"I live over around ******* (broad area), but wait... I'm moving around that same area you're in. Do you know where there's a walmart?" "Yeah, I live right next to it."
And then it hit me that she lives in my neighborhood.
Out of millions of people on xbox, I run into someone that lives in my neighborhood.
Weird weird weird.
But we were going to meet at Subway with my mom, and she was going to bring her kids. But then her son spilled chocolate milk on himself.

Let me say that I don't condone meeting people from the internet. But I figured you're better off meeting in a public place with someone there with you than going over to their house and meeting alone.
Because that's how you get found 20 years later in a basement eating crackers and talking to rats.

My sociology project is almost done.
I'm going to show you guys my research project that I'm setting up.
And if my teacher googles my paper to make sure I didn't steal it and comes across this, well that would suck.
Because she would think I stole it from this page.
That would be random, right? "HONESTLY, THAT'S MY BLOG."

My research question: What is the common perception that male video-gamers have of female video-gamers?

Screw it. That's all you're getting. But I'll further explain it now.
I'm going to interview people I meet on xbox. Over the xbox, obviously. I'm not going to meet all of them. I'm going to ask them a series of questions about female gamers. Something like this:
What do you think the typical female gamer looks like?
How well do you think the typical girl gamer plays video games?
How intelligent do you think the typical girl gamer is?
etc. etc.

From what I gather I'll get a "typical" response.
Oh, and me and my friend were sexually harassed on xbox a couple nights ago. Actually that friend was Jessie. Someone sent us messages. The one I got was just him moaning and saying I have a sexy voice.
She got a lot of worse smut. We reported him.
And got all of our other friends to report him.
We actually have a gang of friends, and we always play together on left 4 dead. It's really fun.

One of them, we call him Kush. (I call him KUSHIEEEEBEAR! And Jessie calls him KUSHIEBEN!!") He's deployed in Turkey right now in the Air Force. "I'm serving my country!" "No, you're serving your country THANKSGIVING DINNER."
We laughed so hard at that. We laugh a lot when we play together. We're like the xbox best friends.
And kush is a southern gentlemen. When that guy harassed us he went crazy. Sent out this nasty message about him to all of his friends and had them report him.
So that was sweet.

I need to go eat lunch. So... here's my required material in order to post this blog without being stoned to death:

Oh, and before I forget, here's two videos to make you laugh. One is the original, of a kid that was drugged at the dentist and his dad is recording him in the back seat of the car, and the other is him "20 years later" after getting a divorce. (it's a spoof, obviously)

The divorce one is my favorite.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Yeah, you heard me.
Dude is the only semi-intelligent word I can use to describe how I'm feeling right now.
I can elaborate on it if you wish.
Dude, man. This is whack.

I'm so many different kinds of tired.
If tired could be collected like bottles of wine, I'd have all of the crappiest wines ever made stored up inside of me.
Even my poor little tiffy-poo is tired. She's on my lap chillin' while I'm in bed blogging.
I could be playing left 4 dead.
But I'm scared that if I do something like that, I'll pass out with the controller and wake up to my friend's screaming at me.
"zz... oh what?"

I'm actually having a butt-ton of fun in spanish now. At first I hated it.
But now I love it.
Cuz they called me pretty.
I like it when people call me pretty. It wins me over.
And everyone knows my name. I was walking out of the class and people said "Bye, Jerri!"
Then I was downstairs and heard "Adios senorita!"
Turned around, one of my classmates was waving at me.
I feel loved.

Oh, and I have an update on cute-guy in my history class.
His name is Giulio. And he is a dud.
He failed history last year, and he reads reeeaaaaaally slow.
And in saying that, I have a feeling I'm going to befriend him, have him read the blog on accident, and then un-friend him.
He said "suuuuuuuup" to me when I was walking by.
Totally intelligent greeting. My heart pitter-pattered and I was blown away.

Melora and I went to Mickey D's and got some food. I got a butto-tono of food. I was hungry.
We yelled about the economy. And religion. And selfish people. And waste.
Essentially Melora is my favorite person to mature-talk with.

Oh, and I forgot to do a small sociology homework.
I had to run with the whole "My printer broke, can I email it tonight?" thing.
That was bad.

Here's something interesting for you all to chew on. My sociology teacher showed us a site that lists how many known hate groups are in your state, what they are, where they're located, and what they're known to have done.
We have a Ku Klux Klan in Nevada apparently.
Here's the site:

What you may find interesting is that "Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints" is actually listed as a hate group in Utah.

Have you ever visited the Klan gift shop?
I have.
They sell t-shirts and stuff.

Did you know that they used to use the rainbow flag as one of their symbols? The idea was that god meant for all races to be separated just like the lines on a flag.
Interesting lesson for the day.

Now for the required picture (thanks a LOT yaya! jeese!):

And my wordle:
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