Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My First Post - Side note about blog name

Alrighty, so this is my first blog post! It's 1 in the morning, so of course I'm not on my A game right now, but bear with me. I'll introduce myself to you, although if you're reading this you probably know more about me than I know about myself.
My name is Lee and I am a (recently turned) 16 year old that lives in the great mystical land of Las Vegas.
Don't let this fool you, because I'm not your typical 16 year old. This august I will be entering my fourth semester of college and thankfully I'm holding a nice GPA (no thanks to my student-hating math teacher from my spring semester. She's the definition of succubus.) I enjoy socializing with the more mature crowd, since most people my age are boggled by the fact that I'm in college. They're more concerned with smoking pot and going to prom, which just ain't my jazz.
My favorite type of music is anything that isn't screamo, since that isn't music, it's screaming. I enjoy playing computer games such as World of Warcrack and Warcraft 3, and other games on my wii (more about THAT later).

So from here on out this blog will be devoted to ramblings from my life, and I promise I'll be as witty as possible. Like I said before - A game is more like F game for me right now, I'm surprised I haven't suddenly passed out and woken up with key prints on my face yet.

And as promised, the side-note about
the name of my blog, Perpetual Burn. I'm so indecisive, I just couldn't figure out a great name for my blog. So my friend asked me, "Well, what kind of things do you hate?" First thing that came to mind - Lemon Meringue. I hate that stuff, because the Meringue tastes like it's perpetually burned. Thus, perpetual burn was born.

Have fun reading!

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Anonymous said...

can I post a comment? does that seem right to put a comment on a first post if your bored and decided to read a bloggers blog all the way through (well mostly all the way) well here it is. =]
I like the name. perpetual burn. I'll probably keep naming names for the rest of my blogger career.
& I like your dress.

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