Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prozac Cat off her Rocker Again

So my cat Tiffany has a major problem with getting easily spooked. Anything can set her off, from someone just trying to pet her, to a door slamming. She runs around the house growling as if she's chasing something, or being chased. But today is the second day she's been off of her prozac medication, and she has shown us why she needs to stay on it for the safety of herself, the house, and my computer.

Earlier this evening, Tiffany was sitting on the couch watching Conan the Barbarian with me and my mom. My mom reached over to give her a little pet on her back, and Tiffany FREAKED out. She jumped off of the couch, onto my laptop keyboard (popped off my J key, I'm having to push the little nubby now, so I get to have THAT repaired) onto the lounge chair next to me, and straight onto the curtains which she pulled down and then ran like a mad woman for the laundry room.Needless to say my cat is a crazy animal, and if they had cat asylums I'm sure they'd have a room reserved for her. But when she's calm she's cute and lovable, so we forgive her. Unless she pops off another key, then it's war.

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Wendyburd1 said...

Lol! Your cat sounds interesting!!

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