Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are hard; trust me, I'm in one. My boyfriend moved to Wyoming back in June, luckily he's coming back in October, but the distance between us combined with his lack of good cell service and a house phone would have seemingly put a wedge between the two of us. Luckily we've managed to make it work, how? Even though we can't communicate well, we've learned to productively communicate.
We make schedules, we keep schedules, an
d everything runs smoothly and happily. Of course there's the occasional snag, but that's to be expected with any relationship.
So we've been together for a year and 8
months, going on 9 in 6 days. Much of that time has been long distance, since we've only seen eachother about once a month even when he lived here in Vegas.
So what are my tips for a happy long distance relationship?
1) Make schedules. When you make a talking schedule, or make plans way in advance, you have something to
look forward to that keeps the relationship fresh.
2) Don't constantly talk about the fact that you're long distance. If you just don't bring it up and have a normal conversation, usually the wedge that seems to be driven between the two of you melts away.
3) Send eachother pictures, because
even though it's not as great as being able to see your partner, it's still nice for them to know you're thinking of them and want them to see you.
4) When you do finally see eachother, make the most of your time together and don't dwell on the fact that you were apart.

Those are the things that have kept our relationship going, and if put to good use they could help anyone in a difficult situation.

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