Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Camp - And TV's Drew Powell!

So this past week I went to camp. It was pretty kick ass, considering our cabin was infested with tarantulas and I got to hang out with TV'S DREW POWELL again.
Yes, inside joke. But momentarily you will understand.
See, TV'S DREW POWELL was one of my counselor's, and he is also an actor. He's been in such things (in small roles) as Malcolm in the Middle, 1408, Monk. But what he was best known for up at camp was his infamous "stretching jogger" commercial. Now those of you who have seen this commercial will go HOLY CRAP BALLS I'VE SEEN THAT GUY.
Because that's what I did. Because even though I'd been to camp with him a couple times, the commercial didn't click in my head until they showed it during one of our worship services.

Yes, yes. My counselor was the disgusting guy. And I have PROOF!So that was my big story from camp. I mean sure, we did other things. But nothing can beat tv's drew powell and his stretchy shorts and butt sweat stains.

Here's some other pics from camp for your viewing pleasure.

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