Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Have No Idea For a Title

I'm tired right now, so honestly my creative juices are not flowing like they should be.

But that won't stop me from blogging right now. I'm at work, it's a slow day, so I need something to occupy my time.

Of course, I would be doing something productive like homework, but I actually have no homework due.

Scratch that, I just finished the paperwork for my DJ Project, but that took 5 minutes.

My project is due next Thursday, and I'm finally recording it today. I'm nervous that I'm going to mess up. It's literally 15 minutes of watching the timers and pressing the right buttons, talking inbetween.

The timing has to be just right. You can't stop recording, you can't splice things together. You mess up big, you have to re-record the entire thing.

But at least I get to dance to some awesome music while it's recording.

I would chat with my boyfriend right now, but he's otherwise occupied. So I'm all alonesie on my ownsie. Which is a really annoying phrase that I hope I never say again. But I bet I will.

My classes have been relatively simple this week. They were completely canceled on Tuesday, so I spent the day hanging out with friends at school.

Today I'm hanging out with my bestie Anna, and we're going to go eat and then come back to the house to video chit chat with my guy. And watch movies. And shovel junk food down our gullets.

It's going to be awesome.

For the most part life has been good recently. Except I found out yesterday I may not actually be able to walk in graduating in May, which means I'll still never have walked in graduation.

That, and my mother and I are going to be on food stamps when we move to Flagstaff. Living in government housing.

Yeah, it's gotten that bad.

My mom's applying for food stamps soon. Of course now it's like a food "credit card" now, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing. I've never been in a situation like this before.

But it's fine. I'll be in Flagstaff, in my dream school. That's all that matters.

I hope.


Amander said...

What school in Flagstaff? And I must have missed something while I was gone, because I didn't know you had a boyfriend again? I'm assuming it's Drew?

Good luck with your DJ project!

Sheri said...

GL with the DJ project, it sounds really fun. :)

I hate boredom too, so I can understand. I had a rather blah day today too but finally got around to doing some hw as well.

Congrats on the new boyfriend front, is it the Canadian guy?

Sorry to hear about how things turned out with the income and everything. I know some people on the food stamp program and they can buy quite a bit with it and it really helps them out. Same w/the government housing. Hopefully things turn around for you both when out in Flagstaff - it is a new beginning and going to your dream school - how amazing is that? :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it, we have to use food stamps. =[

Jillene said...

Good luck on the DJ project!! I am sure it will be fab!!

Mighty M said...

I think you are going to do a great job on your DJ project. Someday we might all be listening to you on the radio!

Try to stay positive, I'm thinking good thoughts for you! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope your project goes well!

I am sorry to hear that things aren't going so well! Keep your head up! Never know what great things might happen when you move.

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