Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years 2010

Sorry that I've been kind of random with my posting.
Since my mom isn't here, I've had to take over the duties of the house.

Doing the dishes (dishwasher is broken), doing the laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning, feeding the cat, cleaning the litter box, etc. etc. etc.

So far everything's been going okay. My mom's been checking in from time to time.

For New Year's my dad and I went to go see Avatar in IMAX 3D.
But when we got to the theatre, we decided we also wanted to see Sherlock Holmes.
So we bought the 4:50 showing of Sherlock Holmes and the 7:30 showing of Avatar.
It worked out perfectly. We got out of Sherlock right as Avatar was seating.

Despite some people not like Sherlock Holmes, I really enjoyed it.
It was a little slow in some parts, but most movies are nowadays.
I loved the chemistry between Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.
I'm usually not a huge Jude Law fan, but him playing Watson was oddly sexy.

I liked how Guy Ritchie handled the scenes where Sherlock was supposed to attack somebody. Instead of him just attacking, he would go through a step-by-step plan of attack. It would show what he was about to do, explain what it did, and why he was doing it.
It sounds stupid, but if you actually see it in the movie it's pretty cool.

Avatar was a GREAT movie. It was a little long, but that was okay. The graphics were AMAZING. I can see why it took 10 years and 500 Mil. to make it.
The 3D was lacking a little, at least for me. At some points your eyes got so used to watching it in 3D, it felt like it was just a normal movie.
It was nice that James Cameron didn't feel like he had to focus the movie on being in 3D. A lot of directors fall into that trap, so you spend most of the movie having things fly at your face instead of actually following a storyline.

Beautiful graphics, beautiful story. All-in-all, it was a beautiful movie.
And for those of you that get nauseous during 3D, I'd actually check it out. I get motion sickness, and there were only one or two scenes where I had a problem, and that was in part due to it being late and me being tired.

Sadly the whole night was almost ruined when I realized a soda had overturned and filled my purse.
My camera and cellphone were in the soda, but they seem to be working okay.
I was freaking out, plus I was covered in soda. That really stunk.

I spent today cleaning the house. I cleaned my bathroom, cleaned the dishes (even though there were only a few), cleaned my room, did the laundry, and cleaned the kitchen.
Now I'm just going to wait until about 5:30 and make dinner for when my dad gets home.

I hope you guys had a happy New Years. Happy 2010!


Kristina P. said...

I really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes actually. I had no expectations for it, but I thought it was entertaining.

Erin said...

I will have to check out both of those movies!

And the soda overturning in your purse sucks. Were you able to clean most of it out when you got home?

Anonymous said...

Oh yuck. A purse full of soda?? Ick.

ramsam said...

Happy new Years to you,too!

Wendyburd1 said...

I really enjoyed both movies, though I did not see it in 3D but I hate 3D anyways! Good 2 movies to see in one day!!

Anonymous said...

Sherlock Holmes was great. I'm glad you saw it!Q & I want to see avatar too.

Amander said...

I can't believe you saw two movies back to back! Glad you liked both of them. I guess I need to see Avatar. I haven't been excited for it, but everyone keeps saying it is great, so I'll give it a shot.

And that TOTALLY sucks about the soda in your purse!

Anonymous said...

I spilled rootbeer all over my calculator once...some of the keys are still sticky...Supposedly leaving your electronics in a bowl of rice will get the liquid out though (I've never tried it but it worked for my cousin's phone when her brother dropped it in a puddle).

Anonymous said...

About the Sims 3...I like the way we can pick traits for the sims and have them influence different aspects of their lives, I like being able to explore other sim's houses, I like the new graphics, and I like the opportunities and career related things, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when I first played it because in some ways it seemed more limited that the Sims 2. I like how you can switch between families in the Sims 2 but I also like how the other sims age as yours do in the Sims 3 so I guess it's an ok trade off. Is the traveling expansion pack worth it for Sims 3?

Anonymous said...

Glad that you enjoyed both movies! I'll probably pass on both as neither interest me. That stinks about the soda!

Happy New Year!

Sheri said...

I def. want to see those movies too. Glad you enjoyed them.

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