Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Plain Promise - Book Review (Comment Previous Post, More Important)

Taking part in Thomas Nelson Book Review, I was able to read the book "Plain Promise" by Beth Wiseman.

This book felt like more of a fluff novel than anything.

It is a basic love story, except it is centered around an Amish town and main character. Love stories that are unique and fresh can be very exciting. This book is not an example of that.

The fact that the plot can be summed up so quickly is disappointing to me.
The plot is simple. Man moves to Amish town, Amish girl falls in love with him. Things keep them apart, things bring them together, trials and tribulations, etc. etc.

The ending was predictable, which left me disappointed, feeling as if I had wasted my time.

I really had hopes for this book. I wanted the characters to develop, and I wanted the story to unfold into something more complex that sucked me in.

"Plain Promise" was just like an other love story, and the Amish element did nothing to help this. In fact, I feel like the writing being centered around an Amish character left it somewhat stale. Maybe a different author could have created a more gripping story, but for now I think that Wiseman should find a different genre to write.

If you want a simple book to read, I’d recommend “Plain Promise”. If you want a book that is gripping and a great read, look elsewhere.


Mighty M said...

You write a great review!! Doesn't sound like a good book for me unless I am on the beach with a drink and nothing else going on!! :)

Anonymous said...

One day I'll read an actual book again....

Bobby G said...

Good review, I wouldnt of read the book by the cover alone though lol

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