Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Believe I... Can't Fly

Five different stores today, still no wings.
I did find a pair I liked at Party City for $25. I didn't want to spend that much, but I may have to go back to get them.
I originally only wanted to spend $50 on the costume. I spent $60 on the dress itself.
Now I'm FURIOUS because I walked into a Halloween store today and they had a rack of fairy costumes.
Each came with wings. Each was only $50.

The place I got my costume from has no returns. So I'm stuck either trying to find a pair of wings, or going as a wingless wood nymph.
I bought a little fake bird and some feathers. The plan is the make my head look like a bird's nest. My mom is going to do my face-paint. I wanted to do the age old practice of a "giant butterfly" on my face.Without wings, I just don't think it'll look right.
So I REALLY need to find some wings.

I'm still working on my fear. Swear I got another sign this morning. From the TV. Again.
This time it was the TV in the living room. Remote was dead, I kept hitting power, in my head I said something along the lines of "Are you giving me another sign, like I've been asking for?" and then the TV came on.
So that was interesting.

Anyway... I thought I'd open up a Q&A for the 300th post that I totally missed.
Have a question you ever wanted to ask, but didn't have the chance to?
Go ahead and post it here. After I get enough questions, I'll post the answers.
I did this once already: CLICK HERE
Now you have the chance to do it again.
So, hit me with your best questions.


Kristina P. said...

What inspired you to start a blog at such a young age?

Oh, and I thought of you today while we were at the Halloween store. I also saw a bunch of fairy wings. I have no idea how much they cost.

The Head Eagle said...

That facepaint would look cool! Keep looking..I'm sure you will find the wings you want.

As for a question....How did you get into the photo/audio/video editing? What sparked that?

Amander said...

I just read through your other Q&A and it made me curious about your family. Are the people you call mom and dad on your blog your biological parents or your grandparents?

And I may have missed this in other posts (as I'm a new reader), but what majors are you interested in? What do you want to do once you graduate?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about another one of your wonderful God experiences they realy do bring me such joy and calm the mind to read.

as far as Q&As go I have a few crazy questions...
okay not crazy but curious,

How old were you when you got your first bike?

What other Obsessions do you have aside from Twilight?

Do you have one thing you used to royally hate about yourself that you don't hate any more?

How many movies have you seen in your life?

Whats your dream car?

What famous celeb do people tell you you look most like?

Would you ever consider getting Plastic Surgery (like when your ALOT older)?

What is your Favorite flavor of anything Perfume, Ice cream, Fruits, Vegies, Ect?

Speaking of Fruits and Vegies are you just as confused as I am about Tomatos being a fruit and as of recent I learned Strawberries are a vegi???? (I'm still Baffeled)

What are a few things you miss that you never thought about before?

If given the chance to be a vampire would you want to be one?

Whats your Fave Happy Place?

Okay thats all I guess

lol sorry its long XD

Wendyburd1 said...

Nymphs are basically forrest fairies I think.

Did you get to decide on skipping grades and high school?

How do you like living in Vegas?

When you are 18 are you going to go away to college or stay where you are?

How is counseling going?

What are your fave current movies?

Anonymous said...

How did you become a genius???

TeeTee said...

have you tried looking online for wings?

question: if you had one minute with a complete stranger, what would you tell them and why?

Sheri said...

That sucks you can't find wings you want for under $25. You could always be a wood nymph this time and then transform it into a fairy another time - that way you save money on a costume and just have to buy the wings! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you can't find any wings. I just hate it when you can't find something you are looking for. But when you aren't looking for it you see it everywhere. It's so frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I hope you manage to find suitable wings!

Brandi said...

OH, no! I wish I'd known you wanted wings. I had some but I got rid of them in a yard sale a few months ago. They probably weren't the right kind, though. Purple...

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