Monday, October 26, 2009

My Weekend in General

My Saturday was spent doing fun things, since Sunday was supposed to be study day.

First we decorated the outside of the house. It's not finished yet, so I'm not going to show you!

I felt that we didn't have enough decorations, so my mom and I went to Walmart, and then Target, and then Party City.
At Walmart, we couldn't find any decorations. I did buy something for my room, though...Oh yeah, you betcha. I bought another New Moon poster. I was torn between that one, and one that was just Edward. I realized afterward that I did something STUPID.
I had been DYING for THIS poster:But of course, I was over-eager. I jumped the gun. Now I don't get the Cullens on my wall.

At Target, I bought Tiffany a little present...I've never been the type to dress up my animals, but you know what?
Every cat in the world deserves a chicken hat. And it's a crime if they can't have one.
But it also makes your cat develop a hatred for you.
You win some, you lose some. CAT IN A CHICKEN HAT = WORTH IT!

After our Halloween shopping, we went to see Law Abiding Citizen.I liked the movie a lot, but the ending was a let down for me.
You'll have to see it to understand.

The last thing I did was add a little more henna to my arm. Hi, I'm Lee. I'm an addict.And that was it... that was my weekend.
Pretty dull, eh?
By the by, where'd all the commenters go? It's WAY too quiet around here. I used to average 10 a post! Here, I'll coax you guys back. Here's a picture of Tiffany the day we got her (6 weeks old)Awww, right? Now COME BACK! (Plus, vote for tiffany HERE)

Because I was webcam chatting with a friend, I couldn't use the cam to take a current picture. So, I took it upon myself to come up with a solution.


Amander said...

A cat in a chicken hat? TOTALLY worth it!

(Also, I love that death grip you have to have on her!)

Erin said...

I am still amazed with how well you do the henna paints. Amazing!

Kristina P. said...

Love the chicken hat. I knew Amanda would go crazy for it.

We saw Law Abiding Citizen as well. Interesting and entertaining movie.

Anonymous said...

I love the chicken hat! And yeah, cats hate any of that stuff...I decided that one of my cats needs to be on a harness and leash once and as soon as the freakin' thing was on the cat took off and hid. lol

Mighty M said...

That chicken hat rocks. Your cat looks seriously scarred though. Can't wait to put my dog in his spidey costume. ;-)

RayeLee ❤ said...

Aww, poor kittey. :)
Wal-Mart sucks for Halloween this year!
I had a hell of a time even finding costumes for my kids! The only things they had in their sizes were those stupid little gnome things and pumpkins. It was LAME!
We did end up finding some that were too big, but, I can fix them. :)

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh I love the costume for your cat! Haha!

The Head Eagle said...

That chicken hat is hilarious! I am so making a trip to Target! My Jersey Girl needs one of those!

Anonymous said...


Love the kitty costume! I'll go vote. Kittens are so cute!

TeeTee said...

i love your cat... that hat is so cute!
and that twilight poster... i want it!

Wendyburd1 said...

I loved the ending, did you get that he wanted Jaime to be the one to kill him all along? I am pissed that Jaime gets off scott-free, otherwise I liked the ending.

And Ma is gonna be a Bumble Bee for Halloween, so don't feel bad! LOL!

Sheri said...

Love the pics and the posters! You can still get the cullens - that poster makes me want to buy it too even though I feel way too old to be doing so lol Should I? Shouldn't I? Hmmm I dunno!

Anonymous said...

Tiffany looks cute in her little hat!

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