Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top Hats

Today in History, I zoned out. A lot.
You know, it happens.
But while I zoned out, I doodled. A lot.

I decided to share with all of you the doodles that I created.Can't see it? That's fine. I split it up into chunks for you. I even took the liberty of coloring it in! Except the first one. I'm lazy like that.Turtles! Yes, the turtle is wearing a top hat. And a bow tie. This is what started it all... the loss of my mind.Bird with a top hat, and a monocle. Oh, and don't forget the cane. "Tweet tweet good sir". Aw, he's a gentleman.
Plus a dolphin with a top hat, holding a knife. Why the knife? I have no clue. Just one of those things.A tree with a noose... and a top hat. I have to say, I'm rather proud of the tree.
Grapes... wearing a top hat.A pencil wearing a top hat. And of course, a top hat wearing a top hat. Who could resist?

Now I know this makes me look crazy, but this is just a small look into my strange mind. But this embodies me so perfectly. Everything has to have a top hat, because top hats make everything classy!
In honor of this odd doodling session, I created a few t-shirts that you can buy with my doodles and my new saying.It looks better on the shirt, trust me.
You can purchase it by following this link:
I'm going to hold a contest soon involving pictures of people in my shirt.
Because I want people to buy it, and getting something free is good incentive.
It'll be hand-chosen by me, and yes, worth more than the shirt. (It'd be stupid if it wasn't).
By the way, the cheapest shirt happens to be this one:
So you can be snazzy, and not spend loads!

Go ahead, buy one. Or three. Or a thousand! You know you want to.


The Head Eagle said...

Cute doodles. You really are just the all around artist, with great talent!

Speaking of your talent...I've been looking at my blog layout..and I've been tempted to contact you. I just haven't made up my mind, and I know you are a busy gal!

RayeLee ❤ said...

Those are so cute! :)

Kristina P. said...

Top hats are adorable!

I wish I could draw.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh you crack me up!

ramsam said...

I love doodles! They are one of my favorite things ever, and I read that they actually help the doodler to retain what they were listening to. DO you believe that?

Sheri said...

Love doodling! Very classy :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, your doodles are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your doodles are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Wow... you have a great talent!

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