Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anime Vegas - Day Three

Anime Vegas 2009 Pictures Day One
Anime Vegas 2009 Pictures Day Two
Anime Vegas 2009 Pictures Day Three

So this post wraps up the ungodly amount of pictures I took this weekend.
I hope you've had at least a little bit of fun taking a peak at the weirdness that went on, and the fun too.
If not... too bad. It's my blog, it was my weekend, and you have to LOOK AT IT ANYWAY.
Or just leave now, I don't really care.
yes i do...
Anyway... enjoy the last of the pictures, tomorrow I'll be back to my regularly scheduled talking.
Here's a little story about this panel. This was the "Let's Make a Deal" panel. I went to it without Drew. While I was there, this lovely girl named Rebekah walked in. I have never met Rebekah. Rebekah can go f-herself because of things she did two years ago, the first time I was dating Drew. She ruined my morning just by breathing near me. I ruined hers by glaring at her the entire time until she left the panel. And I'm pretty sure she actually left the convention because of the lust for her blood in my eyes.
And if you knew what she did, you'd know she deserved it. But I'll never tell you guys.
Me and Link. The irony is that Link is supposed to be tiny, and yet I'm the tiny one.
I forget who this is, but they have a neat costume.
Me and two really neat guys. I always try to just stand at their side, because I don't want to try to be all buddy-buddy when I'm taking the picture. But they were like "Get in the middle!".
Me laying on Drew while we waited to get an autograph from Steve Blum. A famous voice actor. It was an hour wait, and it hadn't even started yet, so I HAD to lay on someone.
Drew in his goggles
My reflection in Drew's goggles
Looking back at Drew and the camera accidentally goes off
My shoes waiting in line. See those people? They're in line too. Ahead of us. The line curves. A lot.
Me and Steve Blum, who is eating my ear.
Me and banana guy!
Me and... that guy from Yugioh.
Neat costumes... I forget what they are.
Me and loin cloth guy! He looks awfully happy...
I swear, it looks like he's groping me. Completely.
Me and Drew hanging out playing Yugioh.
Our cards mid-game.
Hmm... how do I beat him?
I know! With these cards!
The picture that started it all... the adventures of my "Gloomy bear".
The last panel of the convention... awwwww....

Gloomy bear at the panel
Drew and gloomy bear
Gloomy bear and the crowd... I love this picture for some reason. Plus banana guy makes a cameo.
Gloomy bear and the stairs.
Me and gloomy...
Me and Drew waiting to get picked up
After Drew got picked up, I watched some people in a circle playing video game charades. This guy was acting something out, and I caught him mid jump.
Gloomy wanted to watch the action.
Gloomy in the car on the way home
Gloomy snapping a picture in the car mirror
Me biting gloomy, before he can bite me
Gloomy posing with my anime vegas swag.
Two ramune bottles, and a mini-sword. The sword was only $10, and I thought it was really neat.
The deathnote shirt that I bought on Sunday, and wore all day Monday.
The white rabbit necklace I bought on Saturday and wore both Saturday and Sunday.
My Anime Vegas section on my cork board.
My Hillywood autographs.
And, of course, the manga I won at "Let's Make a Deal". Manga is a type of japanese comic book. It reads from right to left instead of left to right. Even on the inside, you go from the right corner to the left. It's pretty weird to get used to.

So, that was the entire convention. Hope you liked it!Oh, and my cat ears hat. Can't forget that. And Gloomy... he was swag too.


Kristina P. said...

I have those same pair of Chucks!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, loin cloth guy? CREEPY!

Lucy said...

O.K. so did you love it?? I mean you were sooo excited to go. It looked like you had fun and you snapped away and you came home with goodies, so I'm thinking success but just wondering if it lived up to expectations??

And, Loin Cloth guy, yikes and the other one did look like he was groping you, for sure!!

Anonymous said...

those bears freak me out. haha
My brother got me a Munny for christmas so I decorated it like one of those bears but made it nice and pretty. =]

Love the hat! haha.

Brandi said...

The Gloomy Bear pictures are awesome!

TeeTee said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend!

Sheri said...

loved the pic recaps from all days, glad you guys all had a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

I would totally party with orange loin cloth dude.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you had lots of fun! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

The pictures you took are all really nice! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! And gloomy bear is soooo cute!

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