Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Day... Less Crap

Today was better at least.
By the time I made it to History class, I was exhausted. I could barely stay awake.
I sit in the front row, so it felt a bit mean to sit there yawning. But I really couldn't help it.

I got to run by the ATM and take out money for the first time by myself. I wanted $75 for the convention, but it wouldn't let me. Only multiples of 10. So I had to get $70.
So now I'll have $49 a day for the convention, which sounds good enough for me.

I went to the chiropractor today, which was nice. But we found out that they've been secretly tacking on money, so we owe them over $200 that they originally said we wouldn't have to pay.
Needless to say, we were mad.
Still are mad.

Tomorrow I'm just going to rest, and Friday sometime after ELEVEN Shelby is going to come sleep over so that she can be here for Saturday morning.
If she's not here Friday night... I'm going to kill her.
And then wear her costume myself.
So, neh.

Did you know that the chicken wraps at McDonald's are 350 calories apiece? I had two.
And then I found out. And I got pissed. I thought I was eating healthier.

Say la whatever.

Let's hope for a good weekend.Oh yes... the return of the mud mask.


Wendyburd1 said...

Teachers with morning classes should be fine with yawns. It is early! I hope you have fun, and that Shelby shows up as said!

The Head Eagle said...

Sorry about the crappy days! I hope all goes well and you have fun this weekend!

Kristina P. said...

Now that I know that the Chicken Wraps are 350, I'll just stick with the cheeseburgers!

Grand Pooba said...

They think if they add the word "wrap" it makes anything sound healthier! Jackasses!

Sheri said...

Ever since I saw on the news that most of the things in restaurants that say they are low calorie or low fat usually aren't.... I just order what I want. They had something from applebees I think it was that said it had low calories and it actually just about the same as a burger and fries.... yeah... sick.

Sarah said...

That's what sucks about eating out, you THINK you're eating healthy...I gave up when I found out that Ruby Tuesday's TURKEY burger pack close to 900 calories...and most of those chicken salads are over a grand. Screw that!!
(PS. On the RARE occasion that I do eat out, usually when on a road trip, I order a Happy Meal. I think it's under 500 for the whole thing).

Jessica♥ said...

does that mud masl even work?

Carmen said...

Yeah at fast food places nothing's ever quite as it seems...I hope everything goes well with Shelby at the convention!

Brandi said...

It's all that sauce and stuff they put on there. And tortillas really aren't that good...

Liz said...

I hope you had fun this weekend!

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