Monday, September 14, 2009

Self Control

I've lost my personal restraint.
I had over $300 in my paypal, and now I have $193.
Yep, yugioh cards.
I mean, they're something I'll use for a long time. Trade, sell later for the inflated price.
So I won't really lose anything.
Plus it was my paypal money. Nothing I could use on anything in person.
And most of it is for Christmas presents for my family.

But still. I don't want to spend more. I even saved myself from spending more for 3 days.
And then some of my cards got here, and they were damaged.
So I spent another $10.

I have a problem with OCD. I've been diagnosed with it. When I get excited about something, I can't stop myself.
I need to figure out some way to satiate this without spending anymore money, because I'm getting frickin' ridiculous.

Here's the good part though. I know I've somewhat turned a profit. I got $60 worth of cards, and then I did the math and I realized I had another $86 worth of cards.
So I have $146 worth of cards already, and those are two that I KNOW I have. I still have a BUNCH of cards left to come.

You can laugh at me, but that's not what I want. I want tips on how to cure this addiction.
Some of you are addicted to purses, others electronics. I know most of you have probably overcome some addiction or severe urge somehow.
How do I do it? I want this remaining $190 for Christmas presents!
Please, really, don't criticize me. I'm embarrassed on my own about it. I'm just so excited about playing this game, I wanted the perfect collection.

Update on my Grandmother:
She suffered one heart attack that sent her to the hospital this weekend. Her blood pressure was stable for about a day. The next night she suffered another heart attack.
They performed exploratory surgery. She has a 90% blockage in one heart artery, 80% in another, one is collapsed, and the artery leading to her kidney is 100% blocked.
They now suspect that she suffered a stroke yesterday, but because she won't wake up because of the medicine, they don't really know.
So that's how that is.

I'm really enjoying my classes now. Journalism and Anthropology are a lot of fun for me. It's a lot of story telling and class participation. I also enjoy my history class. Mostly because I've taken 102 already, so I've been able to answer certain questions that others don't really know.
My teachers are all very, very nice. So I feel like I have been very fortunate this semester.

Hopefully things continue this way at school.


Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry your grandmother is still doing so poorly.

And overcoming addiction is all about developing other coping skills and tools to train our brain into wanting something else. It takes time.

YOu might want to start by giving that money to your mom, and restricting your access to it.

TeeTee said...

I am praying for your grandmother.
I love your hair in that picture!

Wendyburd1 said...

I totally get the OCD controlling your impulses, and No, I have no idea how to control it either. I know that around May I knew I would be wanting to buy all my shows on DVD, and that they come out late August - October, so I had set that as my goal, to save my money for. Sure, I did find a few times, I wanted that tee or movie, so the next week I just had to save more or just be good. And now I am only 6 definite ones I need to own, and then my new goal is Christmas and Florida.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your grandmother isn't doing better. Hopefully things will look up tomorrow!

Maybe with the cards you can print out pictures from the internet and laminate them and pretend you have more cards? I know it sounds stupid but it's just a suggestion. Or maybe you could look ahead and price out Christmas gifts and break up your money accordingly. That way you could look at it at be like if I spend x amount then I can't get my mom such and such a thing or something.

Erin said...

I'm so sorry about your grandma! Have you gotten to see her yet? (I can't remember where she lives.)

I wish I had thoughts for the money situation. Maybe purchase all of the Christmas presents right now and have your mom hide them so you can't pawn them? :)

Amander said...

Good advice on the money from Kristina.

Sorry about your grandma.

Jillene said...

First--I am so sorry about your Grandma.

Second--I get obsessed about things too. I just have to re-train my brain. It's hard and takes a lot of work but I know you can do it.

Sheri said...

I'm sorry to hear that your grandmother isn't doing well :( I hope she recovers! ::hugs::

I'm glad that your classes are going well, that is awesome. :)

As for an addiction to stuff and buying it.... well I have that issue too sometimes. It used to be pretty bad. It wasn't really an issue when I had a good sized paycheck, but not having one coming in every 2 weeks really hurts. I guess just going thru life helps, I know not too helpful with you right now. :( I do however set aside x amount of money to buy whatever I want (not need) and I don't go over that. It seems to help. :)

Cat said...

I'm very sorry about your grandmother. Praying for her!

Anonymous said...

It's your money, you earned it, you can spend it. Don't feel bad.

Anonymous said...

I think it's easy to get obsessed with things. I live with an OCD husband so I can sympathize with you.

Still praying for your Grandmother!

Anonymous said...

eeww!! no yu gi oh!!! How could you? =p

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