Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anime Vegas - Day Two

Anime Vegas 2009 Pictures Day One
Anime Vegas 2009 Pictures Day Two
Anime Vegas 2009 Pictures Day Three

So here's day two's pictures.
There may be more, because I began getting super camera-happy around this time.
The first day I was more worried about keeping Shelby entertained. Sunday and Monday was "HOLY CRAP CAN I GET YOUR PICTURE?" day.
But I had the added bonus of "HOLY CRAP, CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU?"
Because I wanted to be IN them.
I'm just that vain.I started out Sunday with heavier eye makeup in a panel with Drew. Oh yeah, his makeup's heavier too.
Same guy as yesterday's panel, Yuri, and his wife
Watching videos and doing commentary, it was pretty funny
Me and Sonic the Hedgehog (with a special surprise inside!)
Drew attacking some innocent... OH MY GOD HE HAS A GUN
Me and Pyramid head... yes, that's a suitcase of rape. In the game he's from, he's like the representation of sexual frustration. At one point you see him raping something. Not a person, another monster. Yes, it's gruesome. But yes, the costume is freaking hilarious when put into that context. His clock has "rape" as all of the numbers, and that sign he's holding up says "Oh good heavens, would you look at the time?" Next year, I'm gonna be sexy pyramid head. For kicks.

This is the reason I FREAKED OUT on Sunday. Recognize them? No? How about now...

I was so scared to ask them for a picture, so Drew asked for me. For those of you that didn't watch the video, it's the cast of The Hillywood Show. Those guys that made the AMAZING Twilight parody. I was freaking out, I LOVE them. I also hated my makeup in that picture... which prompted a change soon after.
Look, Sonic without his... skin. Wow, he's buff.
MY GOD, HE'S STEVE. Who you guys don't know... well. I know him. That's what matters. He came to my birthday last year.
The coolest hunter at Anime Vegas.
Pyramid Head and... I forget. Neat costume though.
Me hugging Weighted Companion Cube. Awwww. Also... the entrance of... THE MASK. MUAHAHAHA.
It covered my makeup. That's what was important.
Look, I match the panda!!!
Some neat costumes from... something.
Me and Drew waiting for a panel to start, sitting in the hallway.
THE most nauseatingly cute thing I have ever seen. They literally stood there in that pose for five minutes practically cooing at eachother. It was adorable. I was squeaking it was so cute.
Me and... *asks Drew who he is* Vash. Whoever that is. I liked his costume. And dedication to detail, because I'm assuming he bleached his hair for it.
Me and Tobi. As Drew says, "Tobi's a good boy." Tobi was sweet, actually. He got all up in that picture-hug thing.
Me and... Objection Girl. I told you, I know nothing about anime. I know less than Shelby. "OH MY GOD, DRAGON BALLS."
The super emo "I don't want to be here" mario and luigi girls. They even have matching dead eyes.SEE? This is how you do it girls! Stop looking so depressed! Have some fun with it, like these guys!
At the Hillywood panel. They showed their two newest videos, (Twilight and Dark Knight). We chatted with them afterward. Hannah (Alice) wants to use Drew in an upcoming video. I gave them $10 because they don't have funding, and had mentioned that sometimes fans just hand them $5. They all hugged me and said I was sweet, and I got all excited. We got their autographs, and I got another picture.
I like this one a lot better. No stupid eye makeup. But... THE MASK. MUAHAHA.
I was the Alice with the mask... since there were 5 other Alice's there.
Me and a cardboard Transformer. Which is pretty wicked if you ask me.
Sitting in the theatre waiting for the costume contest to start.
Izzy and Travis up on stage.
As I dubbed him, "loin cloth boy." And as I said to Drew, "I swear, he can't have a penis. There's nowhere to freaking hide it under there!"
Zoey and Bill from Left 4 Dead.
Zoey getting Smoked. Pretty neat actually.
After the contest, we went to a rave. It started out pretty tame.
Then the drummer started up...
Then the dancing started...
And then it got wild.
And then we left and played Yugioh in the hallway... we're squares.
I'm so square, I made that hand thingy... I think it's a gang sign. Don't shoot me.
We ended the night with Drew groping L from Deathnote. And what a note to end on...


Kristina P. said...

What a cool event! And that Twilight crowd looks pretty good, I must say.

Brandi said...

Awesome pictures from both days! Looks like a lot of fun, and I love your costume. :)

Erin said...

I love the cardboard transformer. And the Sonic without skin IS buff! How fun to know him.

TeeTee said...

Looks like so much fun... those Twilight people are awesome!

Jessica♥ said...

haha. The pyramid guy.
Looks like a ton of fun!

Yaya said...

Sonic woot woot!

The girl Mario brothers is a cute idea. Too bad they suck.

Liz said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Ralph said...

Oh man, those are some amazing pics. Happened to come across your blog along the nets. So -you- were the bank robber Alice. You looked great. I was the business Pyramid Head. I apologize for my picture, I blinked. And I was readjusting the sign too! Permission to steal the picture, madam? How time flies when you're having fun. =P

Carmen said...

The Mario and Luigi girls made me crack up! And that Twilight Parody was amazing! Best use of 9 minutes yet today! :)

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