Thursday, July 23, 2009

Frick and Frack

Shelby and I went to Laserquest yesterday, because we didn't really know what to do to kill time.
I mean, there's only so many times you can sit there and say "What do you wanna do?" before the whole day goes to crap.

For each game you have to come up with a codename, so Shelby and I wanted matching names for each round.
The first round we were "Frick and Frack" at the suggestion of my mom.
The second round was "Mac and Cheese".
The third round, which sucked balls, was "Lion and Lamb". Which we kind of regretted. It wasn't that funny.

I got second place as "Frack", and third place as "Mac".
"Lamb", I got seventh place.
We won't be talking about that.

We ended up liking Frick and Frack so much that we decided to keep those nicknames.

We got home and decided to decorate a tote bag with iron ons. Yeah, our lives are exciting.It says "We Love People" because we saw a car driving by yesterday that had "I love people" written on both sides. It was a trashed car, but seeing that phrase was hilarious.Of course you know why it says "Frick and Frack".They give you very limited felt iron-on letters, so all we had enough for left over was "Woot". I guess it works, right?

That was pretty much my day. Now I have a headache.There's only a couple days left to enter my contest, don't forget!


Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry Drew is so busy!

Love the bags!

Jillene said...

I love Frick and Frack. What great nicknames!! And the bag looks AWESOME!!

As for Drew--boys just don't get it. They always think it's about them. You are obviously more mature that he is and it seems like he needs to get his priorities straight--again.

TeeTee said...

I am in love with those bags!

Me said...

You two are funny!

Sheri said...

Great bags! Sounds like a good time. That sucks Drew is spending so much time at work or with his friends, he should balance it out more evenly imo.

Erin said...

Frick and Frack is awesome. I love those names.

And I've never done iron ons. I will have to get some so my boys can do them!

Wendyburd1 said...

The bags are awesome, I am glad you and Shelby had fun!! I call my sisters that sometimes, Frick and Frack, plus I had 2 stuffed giraffes I named that, but I left them in Florida!

Bobby G said...

I know that face AALL TOO well! Frick & frack RULE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh just looking at that picture I can feel your headache. Ouch.

Laila Of Course! said...

Hehe, Frick and Frack! Love the nicknames!

Be sure and stop by and leave a note & follow.


Anonymous said...

Cute bags and nicknames. Glad you had a good day!

Anonymous said...

I <3 friends and codenames!

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