Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here's to You

I just read Izzy's blog.
Oh, wasn't that a pleasant little read.

Read it here if you want.

I'm going to post pictures tomorrow, but right now I feel like I need to address this because I'm disgusted.

The day started just fine.

Izzy showed up, picked me up, and we went and picked up Travis.We went to the Adventuredome, a theme park, and we met Drew there.

Izzy had taken diet pills before she came, which made he very jittery and she needed food.Okay, fine.

But food there is expensive, and we were on a budget and we also needed to buy lunch at some point.

I offered to buy something like a pretzel or some fries, but she wanted pizza.
The most expensive thing on the menu.
Travis ended up paying for it.

Then Drew wanted something.
That's where I got frustrated, because we had already paid.
But okay, I got him a hot dog and we went on our way.

Then Travis pulled me aside and said he may have to take Izzy outside, and I said okay, go for it.
I didn't care.

Then my biological dad, Paul, showed up. So I asked Travis to come with me to get him, because Drew and Izzy were eating.He was kind of rude and said "Uh, no Lee.

Remember what I told you?"
Fine, I grabbed Drew and we went to get my dad.

I didn't want to go alone incase I got turned around and lost.

Paul meets Drew, then we go back to the table.

We decide to go on the water ride, but Travis doesn't want to go on it because he doesn't want to get wet.

Okie dokie.
That's fine. He waited for us to get off.
But he wandered off, and we had to waste 10 minutes looking for him.
I was irritated, because he could have just stayed in one place, but we found him and went on our way.

We decided to go on the pirate ship ride, and we all went on it.
We had fun, and then got off and Drew wanted to go on Chaos.
After that, Izzy didn't want to go on the ride Disko because she didn't feel well.
I had NO problem with that.


Me, Drew, and Paul went on it.

Then we went to get lunch, and Travis got a beer.I was kind of frustrated because he was complaining about not feeling well, and then got alcohol.
I didn't say anything until later when Paul brought it up.

Every ride we wanted to go on, Travis didn't really want to.
I was getting more and more irritated because he seemed to be in a sort of sour mood all day.

Then Paul said something about how he was irritated about Travis drinking at the party, so I told him that if Travis didn't go on any more rides, I'd have to ask him to pay back his ticket because it was a waste of my mom's money to walk around all day and not do anything.

We started doing arcade games, and Drew and Paul won me a bunch of tickets, which was really sweet of them.

I gave Izzy half of my coins, and Drew and Paul the rest.

For some reason Izzy thinks that I thought it was a competition between us, and that I was pouty over her not giving me her tickets.

I never wanted her tickets, I never asked for her tickets, and I was happy that Travis got her tickets. I'm not so selfish that I would demand everyone hand over their tickets to me.

I don't know when you "heard" me complaining about that, but I never did.

We went on more rides, and then we went home.

When we got home, I didn't see any problems.

Izzy seems to think I was complaining about Travis, but I never said another thing until the problems that developed later.

Izzy and I set up the dinner table, and then we went and played the Twilight board game.

I thought we had a fun time playing, but Izzy apparently seems to think that I causing animosity the entire time.

Travis started asking if he could have medicine for his tooth, and I told him to ask my mom because she knows the things that we and where they are.

My mom told me later that she saw him in my bathroom looking around, and that when she asked what he was doing, he said he was looking for something for his tooth.

My mom never knew he had a toothache, so she couldn't just make that up.

Izzy seems to think that I lied about this to make Travis look bad.He shouldn't have been looking in my bathroom, and he should have asked my mom like I told him to.

Later during the party, Izzy broke up with Travis.

(Or, she did at the time.)I don't know exactly what caused it, but she just snapped.

I was a bit frustrated, because I knew it was coming, but I wished she had waited until after the party.

I never get to see Paul, and barely Drew, and I wanted to just enjoy my time with my friends.

Is that so selfish? Wanting a drama free day to enjoy for my 17th birthday?They went outside, Travis said he was walking home, and Izzy came back in crying.

I gave her a hug, said it was okay, and started fixing her dinner for her so she could just eat and calm down.

10 minutes later, Travis comes back through the door without knocking, surprises us all, and sits down as if nothing happened.Okay, I fixed him a plate and we went back to eating.

Travis kept trying to talk to Izzy about what happened, and she was getting angry.

I kept my mouth shut, held Drew's hand, and ate my dinner.

It wasn't my place to get in the middle of any of it.

Travis decides he wants to leave, and asks Paul for a cigarette.He goes and smokes, and then just sits there kind of sulking.

Which I understand, he's upset.

I wasn't pissed off about that, but I thought Izzy was.

That's how she was acting.She said something, and I said maybe she should just take him home if he was causing that much trouble for her.

I didn't force him home, he could've stayed if he wanted.

He didn't do anything wrong.

He got dumped. If I got dumped at a party, I would be upset too.

When he left, he took my mom's lighter with him, so I called Izzy and asked her to get it back.

When she got back, we just talked for a bit, and I gave her my opinion.

I said that she's young, and that if she has those problems with Travis, she should just move on.

That was my opinion, take it or leave it.

So today I wake up and read this nasty blog of hers, and I'm really f*cking pissed off.

She says I spent the entire day complaining, which wasn't true.

She referred to me as "princess" and "her highness".

It was my birthday, so yeah I got a little more attention. How f*cking selfish of me.She said that I lied about her boyfriend.

I never once lied, I just told her what my mom told me.In other words, she ruined a day that I had thought was fun for the most part.

If you wanted everything to be fine, you shouldn't have dumped Travis in the middle of my party.

You caused a scene and made the rest of the night tension-filled and awkward.

Yeah, I split up Travis' goodie bag and gave it to everyone else.

I figured he wasn't coming back,
and he didn't need it.

So thank you for insulting me, hurting me, and tarnishing the memory of a day that was happy for me.
I never had any plans to vent about anything, but what you did was nasty.I'm not bringing this up again.
And you need to apologize.And you expect ME to apologize?
You ruined my birthday party,
and I have nothing to apologize for.

Since I wrote this, and deleted it, some stuff has gone down that warrants it being reposted.
A.) Izzy posted my post on her blog.
B.) Izzy deleted the videos of my party that I had asked her for.
C.) Izzy called MY boyfriend when I told her not to TALK to him at all. She then lied some more.

She says I need to apologize for what I said about Travis.
Here's the thing. My friend was upset, she was venting about her ex-boyfriend, so what was I doing?
I was reassuring her that she had done the right thing.
I was doing what any person would do.
Now she's mad because what I said was "generic".
F*ck off. I said my opinion, I tried to cheer you up. Get over your damn self.

You lied about me. I never, ever, ever, EVER said ANYTHING about the tickets. I was happy you had some of your own?
I NEVER thought the tickets were a competition.
Let's see who DID:I was just happy that I had gotten that many tickets. YOU were the one paying attention to the fact that you got less than me.

How dare you try to smear me in my blogging community, when you were the one that DESTROYED my birthday?
How dare you dump your boyfriend in the middle of the dinner that I spent WEEKS planning? How dare you use me, and let me spend money on you, and whine about the fact that I got more prizes than you.

I have plenty of witnesses, Drew, Paul, Mom, Dad, that say you two are CRAZY. That you two destroyed my birthday.
And you try to make ME apologize?
Stay OUT of my life. I have enough to deal with.
Drew is not your shoulder to cry on. That's why you have your "boyfriend". Leave mine ALONE. Why do you need to contact him and whine about me?
What you did was vindictive and nasty.
And how dare you send me back text messages that I had sent you when Drew and I were fighting a few months ago? To prove you were "right"?
And why the hell would you SAVE those? To use them against me later?
What is WRONG with you?

(Oh, and nice little lie about deleting the blog.)

This is it, I'm not addressing it again.
Sorry you guys had to read all of this, but I felt that I needed to defend myself against vicious lies spread by someone that did something nasty to me out of spite and jealousy.

My mother has written a comment on Izzy's blog, and I thought I would share it with all of you.

I’m Lee’s Mom. I’ve read your blog and what a load of crap! You have so eschewed the events that I’m now wondering what you were on at my daughter’s birthday party. Lee was only 16 when she made your acquaintance. I was very dubious about a 23 year old woman becoming friends with my sixteen year old. Why don’t you have any friends your own age?

My daughter is a sweet and overly generous person and often gives away things we provide her to others. You came in with what now appears to be a phony friendship. I went along with my daughter’s friendship with you and your boyfriend despite my better judgment. I was kind to you and your friend and welcomed you into our home. I even gave you herbs and fruit from my garden. I thought it was nice of you to offer to help her with her birthday party.

However, in retrospect, I now realize it was a huge mistake. You apparently have some jealousy concerning my daughter. You had no business coming to our home under the guise of friendship and ruining her birthday party by “breaking up” with your boyfriend in the middle of dinner and causing all kinds of tensions. Especially since it turns out you weren’t really breaking up with him….so basically you were a drama queen who was lying. All I know is the final result was you ruined the party that I planned for my daughter.

If you and your boyfriend had so many issues with the Adventure Dome and your other problems why in God’s name did you bother coming at all?! Apparently you didn’t like Lee being the focus of everyone’s attention either. HELLLLLO! IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY! Not yours and not your boyfriend’s. You accepted our hospitality and then you have nothing to say but lies and jealousy.

And what the hell was your boyfriend doing drinking beer at a minor’s birthday party…..even if you were in a casino?!

When you left our home last night you were all sweet and sad that you broke up with your boyfriend. You accepted more things from me and you left. As far as we knew everything was nice between you and Lee. What a lying phony, back-stabbing creep you are!

So you go home and then write your poison about my daughter and the party?! You have serious problems with reality and the truth. You need help. Do not ever contact my minor daughter again. I am disappointed and appalled at what kind of person you turned out to be. You need to take a long look at yourself and get yourself some help.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, what a mess.

Sarah said...

yuck yuck yuck...stinky drama.
Okay, so it looks like stuff blew up while I was on vacation? I'm sorry about that. About Drew, I think I told you before to do what you wanted and that I respect that. I still do. I remember SO clearly being your age and how confusing and tricky relationships were. My only concern is that you MUST be guarded with him. How can you not be? I would just worry about how good it can be if you're not sharing your whole self due to fear. I'm not saying that's the case, how the hell do I know, but if I were you, I would be a little cautious and that can hurt a relationship. Either way, do what makes you happy and if things take a turn again for the worse, you know you are strong enough to handle that :)

PS: I like Shelby better than Izzy. Anyone that is 23 and dumb enough to take diet pills gets low marks in my book, not that it matters :)

Wendyburd1 said...

This is just horrible, I am off to write to you personally through email Lee.

TeeTee said...

wow! that is a lot of drama!

i'm so sad that a friendship had to end so badly... i've been through it all, including nasty, nasty emails! i'm glad your mom stuck up for you... our moms sound a lot alike!

Liz said...

Good grief,Lee! I really don't even know what to comment. I will say that I am so sorry that your birthday didn't turn out well. It sounds like to me that you need to find you some new friends. A real friend would have never done this to you.


Bobby G said...

Jesus, that fuckin sucks...i dont even know what to say...

Me said...

Wow! I hope for the sake of everyone involved that everyone is able to work out their differences and or walk away peacefully!

Erin said...

I'm sorry your birthday turned out pretty rotten. I hope you can take care of yourself and do what you need to do to be happy!

Sheri said...

When it rains it pours! I'm very sorry you are going through this. I am glad you had pretty much a good time at your party despite the drama that went on. It looked like it would have been a lot of fun and the decorations were great! :) It really sucks losing a friend or bestfriend. I'm in a similar situation this week, long story I won't get into there, still deciding if I even want to share it on my blog it is so messed up. :(

::big hug!::

Grand Pooba said...

Holy friggin crap! I just went and read Izzy's post and your are totally justified to be pissed at her.

So much drama! Entertaining to all of us innocent bystanders but not so to you who had to experience it!

I'm sorry your 17th bday was ruined, you don't deserve that.

We still love you Lee!

Yaya said...

Oh Lee. I'm so sorry. I guess I should have read this post first. Argh. What a mess is right. This is so wrong. She should not have broken up with him at your party. That's just weird. And I don't understand what you said bad about Travis? Were you just saying the typical 'he's no good for you' line that everyone says to their girlfriend who just breaks up with their boyfriend?

Sounds like she (and Travis) have some personal issues right now and you need to keep your distance.

I'm so proud of what your mom wrote.

AND I declare that next year for you bit 1-8 all use bloggy-girls come to Vegas to party it up at the clubs with you!!! Woot Woot!

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