Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to Throw a Twilight Party

I thought, since I have followers that like the book Twilight, and since a lot of people on the internet want to throw Twilight parties, I thought I would do a How To post for a Twilight Party.

Red/Black/White Basic Supplies (i.e. Tablecloth, napkins, balloons, streamers)
Red/Black/White Candles
Strings of mini white lights
Twilight pictures/posters
Apples, lots of apples


String apples on black/white thread, different lengths, and hang them from the ceiling. The effect is simple, but very pretty.Print out apples on red paper, and then cut them out and post them around the room. You can also string them up and hang them on ribbons.Hang posters prominently throughout the room, and if you own any Twilight cutouts, make sure to display them too.Display the books prominently, either spread around the room, or all in one place.Print these apples to use however you wish:The Dinner Table
First, set out a black or red tablecloth. If you want, you can get both and layer them for a pretty effect.
Cut out Twilight related pictures, like pictures of the cast from magazines, and spread them across the table. Also spread any kind of glitter or confetti, to add to the look.Try to use red, white, or black plates.
Make place cards for each person. You can use pictures of different Twilight characters to label each person.If you want, create a menu and place it on top of the plates.
Wrap the silver wear in either red, black, or white napkins, and tie them off with a red or black ribbon.
Put a wine glass at each setting. These can be plastic or glass. You can also tie a ribbon around the stem of the glass.For the centerpiece, use apples. You can put them in a vase or any other container you feel is appropriate.
For an added look, sprinkle glitter and little apple confetti underneath the container.
Place candles on the table for a more romantic feel.
Food and Drinks

In Twilight, Bella's first romantic meal with Edward was Mushroom Ravioli. If you, or any of your guests are not big fans of mushrooms, just serve cheese ravioli in whatever sauce you prefer.

Here is the recipe that I used (Sauce only, we bought pre-made ravioli):

---Sun-dried Tomato Sauce---
2 Cups white sauce, see below
8 ounces smoked Gouda cheese
2 sun-dried tomatoes, chopped (2 to 3)
---White Sauce---
2 Cups milk
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup flour

1.) Heat butter in a sauce pan until it melts, whisk in flour and cook over medium heat for about 3 minutes. Whisk in milk and cook for about another 2 minutes until thickened.

2.)Add 8 oz smoked gouda cheese and 2-3 chopped sun dried tomatoes. Mix on med-low heat until cheese is melted. Pour over mushroom stuffed ravioli. Top with chopped green onion and tomato.
For drinks, gets bottles of strawberry crush.
Print out labels and place them around the bottle. Labels can be downloaded here.Try getting a Twilight image screened onto your cake. You can use the twilight book cover, or any other image you can think of. Entertainment
Play the Twilight movie in the background, and play the soundtrack to the movie to add ambiance.
For games, play the Twilight board game. With a lot of people, it's fun. And it fits the theme of the party.Play Twilight "Bingo", which is actually called "Forks". I created the bingo cards, and you can print out each piece and use them for your own party. (Limited to 4 players)
Bingo Cards: Here, Here, Here, Here
Bingo Calling Pieces: Here
Bingo Place Markers: Here

Gift Bags

Every good party features gift bags, especially Twilight parties.
Try to use things associated with Twilight.
Buy Eclipse gum (the book Eclipse). Also get licorice (blood), red glow sticks, strawberry shampoo (It's what Bella uses), apple shaped post-its, and gummy bears (Irritable grizzlies).
You can find the irritable grizzlies label here.
Throw in some twilight bookmarks, jewelry, and if you feel generous, you can even throw in the action figures.You can tie off each bag with a nice thank you note, like the one I used below.These were the basic of my Twilight party. I hope it was helpful to anyone that needed it!


Kristina P. said...

YOu did such a great job! I am very impressed.

TeeTee said...

awesome... i love it!

Jillene said...

You did an AMAZING job. I am really impressed with you attention to deatil. AWESOME Twilight party Lee!!

Grand Pooba said...

I love love love the type A label!!

Sarah said...

Very cool. I don't know many that read the books, I'm on Breaking Dawn!! Woot Woot! This walk through could easily be changed to fit ANY obsession :) Thanks Lee!

Grand Pooba said...

I just read your comment on Izzy's blog

"At least I can write coherently"

Cracked me up!!

Sheri said...

Great job on the party decorations and really good idea for the post too. I'm sure it will help out a lot of people! :)

Me said...

Such GREAT ideas! You really did a GREAT job. Very impressive!

Erin said...

You went ALL out. That is amazing!

And I love your new background. It's great.

Kelsey said...

Your food ideas are adorable!! And they look sooo yummy!
I just "got" the Type A on the soda bottle. Love it!

Wendyburd1 said...

That was a GREAT How To! And I love the Type A labels. I didn't notice them before! Very cool and creative!!

And this background is so cool, nice job!!

Anonymous said...

You did a really good job decorating for your party!

Anonymous said...

I really like those decorations!

Angela said...

awesome party!! you rock! :D

Glenda said...

I am a fellow Twilight lover and I have a craft/activities site. Today we posted 3 new Twilight party ideas -- a custom t-shirt you can make yourself and 2 party games. We also have lots of recipes, decoration ideas, trivia, quotes, and more in our Book Club section.

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