Thursday, July 30, 2009

Movin' On Up

You remember how like, 2 weeks ago I made a new blog layout?
Yeah, well that was sooooo two weeks ago.

Actually, after using it for a little why, I decided I just didn't like it. It was too... unprofessional?

Tonight, while looking for a template to use to make Sarah's blog, I came across this template.
So I found an image, did a lot of tweaking, and voila, I have a new layout.
I like this one a lot better. It's more open, spacious, airy.
It's more... me?

I've also decided to create new sections of the blog. Once I get them set up, there will be a section for freebies, a section for contests, and a section highlighting my book reviews. (Once I do some).
I'm pretty freaking excited. I'm tweaking with excitement.

As for what's been going on today, I went to see my eating disorder psychologist.
I never thought I could see humor in a situation like that, but leave it to me...
Imagine my surprise when I watched them march a group of anorexic girls out of the clinic, into a van, to take them to get pizza.
And imagine how hilarious it would be too see these anorexic girls looking extremely pissed off to eat pizza.

Not funny?

I guess it's just funny because I know exactly what they were thinking.
And I was jealous of those little skinny witches. Why couldn't I go to get pizza? I deserve pizza!

I also went to the DMV today to renew my identification card.
We got there at 12:00, got out of the first line at 2:00, got out of the second waiting area at 4:30, and finally left at 5.
5 hours at the DMV. The one perk? I got a guy's phone number.
Of course, I have no use for it. But it did make me feel pretty! And who wouldn't like that?

As for tonight, I'm just working on the kinks in my blog. Tomorrow I'm going to the Farmer's market, and hopefully back to the clinic to sign up for my meetings.
They want me to come 3 times a week, 4 hours each time for group therapy. They'll feed me dinner while I'm there.
Originally they wanted me to go for 5 days a week, 12 hours a day.
They just stared at me blankly, while eating a piece of paper and growling.
Okay, I made that up.

For those of you that want freebies, I'll be posting some in the sidebar everyday, so check back everyday for updated freebies.

As a starter freebie, click the following link to get a free shamwow after you fill out a survey:
Who wouldn't want a shamwow, I know I would. You'll Say Wow Everytime!
Or you'll say eh, this is kind of a mediocre towel. But it was free, and that guy that had his tongue bitten off by a hooker promotes it, so Wow!


Wendyburd1 said...

I LIKE the layout a lot!! Very cool, and it is more airy or something. Soothing too!

So things went well then at the clinic? How did you talk them from 5 12-hour days to 3 4-hour days?!! Wow, are you like a Negotiator? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!

Wow, 5 hours at the DMV? Crap. And I cannot believe you got a guy's number, lol!

That's great about the new therapist. Sounds like they are proactive.

Laila Of Course! said...

OO I love the new template! :) It's a lot more roomy and spacey. hehe. HEY! You forgot my giveaway! :P Ah well.
Be sure and re-enter/feature the blog for two more entries!


TeeTee said...

I love it so much!

Jacky said...

I like the new layout. The only thing that I'm not so sure about is the smaller type. I can read it because I have excellent eyesight, (smile), it just takes a little more concentration. =)

Laila Of Course! said...

Yeah, I guess people HAVE been asking for that! And ohmigosh, WOULD YOU?! I tried to make my own but it just takes a long time and I usually end up with a frigging headache and nothing to show but a couple of ugly pictures. Soo yeah. Would you really??!

Kristina P. said...

The new layout is so fun!

And you know how I love me some ShamWows!

Bobby G said...

SHAMWOW! That was a short survey!!!!!! THanks girl!

Anonymous said...

ooo! I like it. =]

Anonymous said...

hey!! check out these freebies websites. (I'm adding to your addiction =O!)

Anonymous said...

I like the new layout a lot! And wow that's a lot of therapy...good luck!

Sheri said...

Great new layout! I think adding in the freebies and contests and reviews is a great idea. :)

passions and soapboxes said...

I did not know that and I shouldn't laugh at someones pain but I can't seem to help it.

Anonymous said...

I love the new layout!

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