Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time for a Change

There's always a point every couple of months where I decide "Let's make a new blog layout. NOW."
I guess after all the major changes that have just happened in my life, it was time for a new layout.
But not only did I want a new layout. I wanted something I had never done before.
So I searched around until I found a layout template that looked neat, and then I screwed around with it.
The only thing that was there originally was the code. Everything is completely different now.

Sure, the octopus was frickin' adorable (just like me), but now that I'm 17, I needed something just a tiny bit edgier.
I could have just put a bunch of naked dudes everywhere, but that's a little too edgy.

I miss having 3 columns like you could never imagine, but I like my new layout enough to look past that flaw.
*dwells on flaw*
Okay, fine. I tend to dwell on things when I don't think they're right.
This blog took me about 4 hours to make, because I kept having to tweak every teeny tiny itsy bitsy thing.

For a while the border around everything was blue. It drove me FREAKING INSANE.
I kept editing the code, but noooo, it stayed blue.
Then I made it black, but it looked too harsh.
And as we know, if Lee thinks something is off, she has to fix it or else she will end up carving things into her skin out of frustration.

This is exactly why I stopped my layout business. I was such a perfectionist that I drove myself INSANE.
"That flower is too big... now it's too small... now I need 3 flowers... now I need to kill myself because this is TOO HARD."

But, I am proud of myself. My layouts have evolved so drastically that my new ones don't even look slightly similar to my old ones.
Looking back at old ones, I'm almost embarrassed.
And I can't believe people actually WANTED them.

Originally I was going to make a Twilight layout, but on the off-chance I end up getting tired of Twilight (HAHAHA, CAN YOU BELIEVE I SAID THAT?), I wanted something that I wouldn't have to change out too soon.

I hope you guys like the new layout. I'm happy with it, and isn't that what matters?Anyone ever notice that in a lot of my end pictures, I'm wearing this shirt?


Yaya said...

No I never noticed that~

LOVE the new look. It's awesome. Love everything about it. Just grabbed your new button!

Halftime Lessons said...

Hey thats a good one, Lee! And smart to stay away from'll be yesterday's news soon.


RB said...

I like the new layout! Very cute.

SO said...

I think this new layout rocks!!

Jillene said...

It looks AMAZING Lee!!

Kaitlyn and Daniel said...

I'm 21 and if I ever get tired of Twilight, well, I'll probably cry. Cute layout!

Sheri said...

Love the new layout! Very very good, I can see how it would take a long time to edit and re-code how you wanted it. :)

Bobby G said...

Like new layout!!!!!! Looks great

Kristina P. said...

I love it! It's so fun!

And honestly, I really dislike 3 columns, so this is much nicer. :)

TeeTee said...

I am in love with your new layout!

I've never noticed your shirt... but I am really unobservant!

Kelsey said...

I wouldn't have minded a bunch of shirtless guys all over the border...maybe it's at 18 you get to that stage :)

Regardless I love the new layout, very chic. And HEY your layouts that you made were cute!! Don't knock them!

Carmen said...

I've noticed lol and I like this new layout! It's a different kind of cute.

Liz said...

I love it! It looks great!

Wendyburd1 said...

It's really cute...but yours have always been cute...

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