Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Recap

On Friday my dad came over and took me to see Carrot Top.
First we went to "Dick's Last Resort", a lovely theme restaurant.
The theme?
All the waiters are complete dicks.
And I LOVED it.
But why wouldn't I? I've been known to be a dick at times.
I do what I do what I do what I do.

Our waiter was a swell guy, gave me a pretty hat to wear while I ate my dinner.After we left the restaurant, my dad told me I should put my hat back in the car.
What, I'm too weak to carry around a paper hat for the night?
We walked back to the car, but my girly high-heeled feet couldn't take it, so I waited outside of the parking garage while my dad put the hat away.
I took off my shoes, checked my feet to assess the damage (5 blisters, for the record), looked up from my bare feet, and BAM Carrot Top is standing right in front of me looking at me.
He waved at me, smiled, and said hi.
Here's the sudden wave of emotion that I experienced:I mustered a kind of muffled hi. It was warped by the giggles that I was trying to hide.
I've met plenty of celebrities. But I guess the fact that I saw him without my parent's help kind of made it feel special.
Plus for some reason I've had a crush on Carrot Top since I was 12.I never said it was a logical crush. Even I don't understand it.

On Saturday I was bored, alone, and in a productive mood since Drew was at work all day.
I decided to re-do my room. I finally put up my cork board.
You wouldn't believe how many bottles of wine I had to drink to get enough cork for it.
(I just drank it for fun.)

After I put it up insanely crooked the first time, and upside-down the second time, I finally got it up and decorated.I left space at the bottom to add things as time goes on. I rubber-cemented pictures of the Twilight cast onto it. The same hearts that were on my dinner table during my birthday.
I'm not obsessed. I'm infatuated.

I also put up a new Twilight poster... or should I say a New Moon poster.
You know what? Make fun of me all you want. No one else has a Wall-o-Twilight as organized as mine.
Most teenagers don't take the time to frame posters. They grab some tape and go to town. But no, no way. These posters deserve some respect.I've saved two spaces on the same wall to add the last two movie's posters. Plus maybe a couple extras if they come out with some amazing as hell New Moon ones.
And Eclipse.
And Breaking Dawn.
Okay, FINE. By the end of it, my walls probably won't have any white on them. "Oh, there's some! No, wait. That's just Edward's skin."That butterfly? Yeah, it'll probably end up being the Volturi or something.
Eventually Drew won't be able to come into my room because he'll roll his eyes so much he'll get nauseous.
But me? I'll sleep like a baby. "Thank you for watching over me Edward. *swoon*"
Shut up. It's not that creepy.

Today we went to the mall to visit Forever 21.
That's where my mom got me clothes for my birthday. The pants she got didn't fit. They were 7s, but they were way too big. I tried on a size 5, but they were still a little too loose.
I decided to just get a couple other clothes, instead of the same pair of pants.
You see, I believe in quantity. Get me a million packages of bubble wrap instead of an Ipod and I'll be happy just to have a million things to open.
This is what I wound up getting:I really loved this dress, and it was only 10 bucks. It's SO soft, and it's such a light material that I can wear it with some flip flops and go to the store.
Yeah, you heard me. I wear dresses to the store. I like to look high class in the 99 cent store. I want to look like a whole dollar.Pretty good considering I'm not wearing makeup. This is the other shirt I bought. It was 20 bucks. I like it because it swishes, even when I'm not walking. *swish swish*

I also got some really adorable sunglasses. We all know how much I love sunglasses.I spent my nights on Saturday and Sunday watching Rescue Me season 4. We actually got all of the DVDs through Netflix. 3 at a time, we've watched from season 1. God, this is a depressing show.
Makes me feel better about my life.

Now, let's hope the rest of my week is just as exciting.Don't forget to enter my giveaway!


TeeTee said...

i love your dress... and your hat!

Amander said...

I can't get over that you like Carrot Top. I'm not sure we can be bloggy friends. He's creepy.

Kimmy said...

Yep, went to Dick's when we were out there last month. Fortunately I didn't get a "name calling" hat. I rocked the Pippi Longstocking hat ;O)

Oh, I have to agree with you also about the posters. My daughter loves Hannah Montana and I refused to tape them on the wall. Framed, as it shall be!! Same frame as yours too. ;O)

Kristina P. said...

That restaurant sounds awesome. And your board looks awesome!

Erin said...

That restaurant does sound really funny!

Carrot Top is really funny. Kind of gross, but really funny.

And yeah, I like how you have decorated your room. (And I love the sunglasses!)

Sheri said...

That is cool you met Carrot Top (though I never had a crush on him). :) The hat is funny, did your dad get one too?

The dress and shirt and glasses are adorable! I'd totally rock that shirt too!

Love he Twilight wall art too and the corkboard. I used to have lots of stuff on my walls too. I'd have a Twilight wall now but I'm 25 and it might be a little weird if I did, ya think? If not I may just have to hahaha I'm so not kidding.

Anonymous said...

So funny, I would have had the same expression if a celebrity was right in front of me!

Your room looks great.

And I love Forever 21.

Me said...

I'm pretty sure that is the expression I would have had!

So...tell us, how was the Carrot Top Show?

Michelle said...

Oh don't you hate it when you have crushes that do not make sense? You wake up and go "oh my god...that was turning me on?"

Anonymous said...

I believe that there is a Dick's in Myrtle Beach, SC. I haven't ever eaten at it but it sounds like a hoot! I love your corkboard. I had one when I was your age. Good job on the clothes. They are way cute!

Wendyburd1 said...

You have a crush on Carrot Top?? Wow, did you get an autograph? Who else have you met celebrity wise??!

You did a great job on the cork board but the posters are my fave. I LOVE that you framed them!! For some reason the last few years, I can't handle having posters on my walls, and I used to have loads taped up.If I ever put them back up my Marilyn Monroes and James Deans are definitely being framed! And I find it fine to be obsessed AND infatuated...Edward...*sighs*

I LOVE the shirt!! It is so cute and I love swishy!!

Tim said...

How cool to meet CT! That guys is HI LA RI OUS! I DO NOT however get your crush on that though. I mean hes like a dude in drag or something right? I dont get it. He is still funny as all get out though. He just seems a bit confused.

Love and Prayers,


Bobby G said...

Best hat ever! You should ROCK IT always! Carrot top? really? WOW! I cant justify that at all!

Anonymous said...

They finally got a Forever 21 at the mall closest to me. Haven't gotten a chance to shop there yet though.

The Twilight posters are funny. My bf isn't into Twilight either so I bought him a Bella and Edward bookmark as part of an anniversary present!

Grand Pooba said...

Love the swishy shirt! You look cute. I think my walls were filled with Fred Durst in High School, or was that college?

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