Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 Things...

My post from yesterday was made the day before.
This post was made... yesterday.

So let's go with that.
Sunday night, my cat at tinsel off the Christmas tree.
Late Sunday night, my cat projectile vomited all over my room.
And then flung her head around and vomited on me.
And my sheets.
And my floor.
And my wall.
And my cellphone.

EARLY Monday morning (3 AM), my cat woke up to vomit on me.
(5 AM) Said cat woke up to puke on me AGAIN.
And my sheets.

She is the devil.

The smell was so horrible that I plugged my nose, ran into my mom's room, and yelled about how "Tiffany is puking EVERYWHERE. YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!!!!"
I felt bad for the cat. I bundled her up and slept with her in my arms. She felt so sick she just passed out.
I, on the other hand, got no sleep because I was waking up in intervals to clean up her vomit.
So that was great.
Sorry if that was gross.My day wasn't great, since I was exhausted.
Until I bought markers.
I bought expensive markers for the soul purpose of coloring.
I wanted to color, and damnit all if I wasn't going to color!
So now I'm sitting here coloring like a child, but you know what? I like it, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.Twelve dollars well spent. (They are NICE markers.)


Kristina P. said...

Pet vomit. Ick.

Mighty M said...

Picture: pretty

Cat vomit: Poor you. :(

Anonymous said...

Penguin! I love penguins! And I love coloring. It's so peaceful and relaxing.

Ew about he cat puke. Is she ok? I hope that tinsel isn't backed up clogging her intestines or anything? You might want to take her in. :(

Amander said...

Coloring is nice. Pet vomit is not.

Sorry I haven't been commenting as much. Your blog is blocked at work now, which is where I read most of my blogs, so lots of times I forget to comment by the time I get home.

Sheri said...

Poor Tiffany :( I hope she feels better today.

Nice markers to color with! Coloring is fun no matter what age you are!

Erin said...

Cute little penguin.

And THAT'S why I don't own a cat. Gross.

Brandi ❤ said...

Aww, poor kitty. Hope she's feeling better now.

Coloring is awesome! I love that I have kids and can use them as an exuse to buy crayons and coloring books all the time. :)

Anonymous said...

Poor Tiffany! I hope she is feeling better!

Nothing wrong with coloring. My mother still colors and she is 59.

Anonymous said...

One time my cat puked all over the kitchen table as my bf and I were eating dinner...

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