Monday, December 7, 2009

Lazy Monday

Haven't really done much lately.
I went over to Drew's house on Saturday. We played games for a while, I got a piggyback ride.
I made him a biiiiiiiiiiig cake, and took pictures.
But I'm at work right now, and I can't really download all the pictures to upload them.

I've set up my hours for the Christmas holiday at work.
9-5, Monday-Thursday.

28 hours a week. So that's more of a workload than I'm used to.
And yes, we are working through Christmas. Christmas Day off, but that's it.
It's going to be harsh, but if I request a couple of days off they won't freak out or anything.

I showed off my new hair and outfits today.
Oh, yeah. I went shopping this weekend. Bought a bunch of new clothes (while we still have the money.)
Everyone said I looked grown up. Which was what I was going for, so perfect!
I'm hoping that I can get home tonight and sleep well before work tomorrow. I haven't been sleeping the greatest.
Drew's been trying to comfort me at night, but it hasn't been working as well as I hoped. Usually I pass out before he can even call me. He's been working until 12:00 am every night.

I've got my classes for next semester sorted out. I'm excited about the radio class. I've always been interested in radio. I would much rather hear myself reading the news than see myself. Television is a no-go for me.
I got 50/50 on my interview project, so that's a load off my shoulders.
Hopefully things start looking up for me.

My grandmother has been rapidly declining. Overall she has suffered 3 heart attacks and 15 strokes within the last couple of months. We don't expect her to last much longer. She's a fighter, but she can only fight so long.

That's been my weekend and a bit of a ramble if I do say so myself. Hope it wasn't too boring.


TeeTee said...

i love your new haircut and your shirt!
congrats on your project!

Kristina P. said...

I hope your grandmother doesn't have to suffer.

You look so cute!

Amander said...

You look cute in the bottom picture!

And again, sorry about your grandma. It's always hard because you don't want them to suffer, but it's hard to let go.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that prospects aren't looking good for your grandma. :( I hope that no matter what happens she doesn't have to suffer. :(

Your hair looks very cute, btw :)

Wendyburd1 said...

I hope your Grandma can go peacefully if it is her time.

Mighty M said...

Cute pic of you - I am sorry your Grandma is so unwell! I hope she is not in any pain!!

Sheri said...

Very cute hairstyle and top.

I hope that your grandma is able to make it through the holidays.

Erin said...

A radio class sounds really fun! Good luck with the Christmas work schedule.

Anonymous said...

Your Grandma has been in my thoughts. :(

I love your hair!!!!

Did you make a rainbow cake??

Anonymous said...

Your haircut just gets cuter and cuter with every picture you post! I love it!

Praying for your Grandmother!

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