Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Tomorrow my mom is flying to Tennessee to finally visit my grandmother.
A week or so ago they moved my grandmother from the hospital back to her house, under hospice care.
Her kidneys, lungs and other organs are all failing.
Instead of subjecting her to dialysis, my family decided that it was better for her to pass on in peace at her own home.

She has been crying out for a while now about wanting to die. She's been asking different family members to "open the door".
She thinks heaven is behind the door, and she wants to go through it.
My mom will be gone from Wednesday until next Thursday.

In any other situation I wouldn't be advertising someone going away, but my dad will be here with me instead of my mom.
So no, the house will never be empty.

I figure I'll just throw this in here since I haven't said anything in almost a week:
For Christmas I got a sewing machine, new camera, and a few other knick-knacks.
It was a quiet Christmas, more stressed than anything because of the situation with my grandmother.

Hopefully once my mom sees my grandma, she'll be able to go in peace. (She's been crying out my mom's name the past few days.)

So that's how things are.

Oh, I re-dyed my hair.
Before:After:I missed my dark, dark red. Put me in a better mood to finally get rid of my nasty roots.

Also, final grades for the semester were posted.


--------------- --------------- ---------------





Oh, here's another picture, if you haven't seen it already:


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your grandmother will be able to pass peacefully. I love your new hair =] I saw it on facebook.

Erin said...

I like the new color! And that picture is gorgeous. I'm so sorry about your grandma - and I'm glad your mom will get to see her.

Bobby G said...

Love the Red hair!!!!! Sorry about your grandma, if u need to talk, u know how to get ahold of me.

RB said...

So sorry about your grandmother. Love your red red red hair! And way to go smarty pants!

Kimmy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma!! It's always hard when a loved one is very ill.

Love the red hair though!!!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I'm real sorry about your grandmother. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Kristina P. said...

It's such a hard time. You want them to not be in pain anymore, but you don't want to let them go.

Like the new hair!

Sheri said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, I hope that she can pass peacefully and it is very nice that your mom is going to see her before she does.

Great newly re-dyed hair. Love the fresh look of it too. :)

Wendyburd1 said...

I love the red hair and the grades! Sorry about Grandma!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your Mom is going to visit your Grandma.

Did you get my thinkgeek gift I sent you?

Love the red hair!!!

Amander said...

Great hair! Great grades!

So sorry about your grandma. Thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your Grandma! Praying for you & your family!

Good job on the grades!

Anonymous said...

I hope that your mom visiting your Grandma will help her in some way!

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