Monday, December 21, 2009

Shameless Promotion? I Think So!

My dad's website is officially up and running.
It took a couple of weeks of planning, and coding, and editing, and blah blah blah.
But the website is up, and so far I think it's off to a good start.

We got him a digital camera so that he could take pictures of all of the stories he decides to cover.
I posted the "grand opening" link of his website to his facebook page, and even created a fanpage for it.
So far it has 24 fans, and it's only been up about an hour.
I feel accomplished.

I went with my dad today to cover his first story for the website. I was the designated photographer.
I took all of the pictures, and the videos, that are seen on the website. Pretty nifty, huh?
I'm posting about the website everywhere I can. If we want to receive advertising money, we'll need a website that's actually got traffic coming to it.
So far I think we're doing pretty well. I'm hoping that people will come back, though. Not just visit it once and be done with it.

So if you guys want to help me out, which I really bet you do, visit my dad's website:

I designed the whole site by myself, with a little help from borrowing certain codes from certain templates.
"Borrowing" is probably "stealing", but I'm not taking their graphics... so I don't exactly know the etiquette behind that. Still took me so many hours to design.

Once you're done there, hop on over to his fanpage on Facebook:

Really, I'll appreciate it so much. Every since my dad was laid off he hasn't been doing any reporting. This is his outlet, and hopefully a new way to supplement our income.
Thanks for the support!


Kristina P. said...

You are such a great daughter.

Mighty M said...

I'll be sure to check it out!

Anonymous said...

That looks awesome!!!

Sheri said...

It looks great, I joined and bookmarked it. :) I hope it works out amazingly well for him.

Wendyburd1 said...

He must be so happy to have you as a daughter!!

Amander said...

It wouldn't let me access this from work - said it was dangerous or something. But now I've looked at it - and it looks great! You are a great daughter.

Grand Pooba said...

That's awesome! I'm going to go check it out!

Erin said...

It looks really cool! And I joined his fanpage too.

Brandi ❤ said...

Awesome website! I do intend to fan him on facebook when I get on there again. Oh, and get me an autograph of Gary Allen! :P

Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

I hope the website is able to help him!

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