Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanks a LOT Sheri!

I blame you for this, Sheri.
Because of your review of the Sims 3, I went out and bought it.
And now I can't study for finals, because I'm addicted.

Oh well.
I've done the math. I can miss up to like 40 questions on my Journalism final and leave the class with a passing grade, a B+.
But I refuse to miss that many. 20 at the most, but his questions are HARD.
I have done studying, by the way. Just not the crazy sitting there staring at a book for hours on end kind of studying. More like I read my stuff once and then considered myself done.
It actually works more for me than intense studying.

History is an essay, and I feel plenty confident about the material, so I'm not worried.
Anthropology we get a double-sided page of notes that we get to create. So I'm really not worried about that. She also gave us a review guide.
I love my teacher.

Hopefully I don't start answering all of my questions in simlish...
Have any of YOU ever played the Sims?

Also, if you still need gifts for Christmas, check out
I had issues with certain products that came, and they were happy to let me send them back and refund me my money.
Then I had an issue where I had to receive store credit (through no fault of theirs). I found that I didn't have enough money to replace the item and pay shipping with the store credit, so they gave me an extra $10 to pay shipping.
How cool is that? They were super helpful and resolved my problem in a snap, so I would highly recommend them.
Plus they have some REALLY cool stuff.

And if you just happen to want to get your favorite blog-girl a gift...

Where were you guys yesterday? 4 comments? Jeese! You guys must've fallen off the face of the earth! (I'm not offended, just wondering where ya'll went!)


Kristina P. said...

I am so old. All I want to do is play the original Mario Brothers, not these newfangled video games. Kids these days!

Mighty M said...

Oh man, those are addicting! I have to avoid them because I would have a hard time stopping too!! :)

Erin said...

I've never played Sims. I have heard it's addicting though, so it's probably good that I don't start playing it.

Good luck with finals!

TeeTee said...

i have never played sims, but my sister is addicted!

Amander said...

Never played the Sims, but I did just check out that Alarm clock thing you registered for. That thing seems amazingly annoying!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I totally dig sims! I've got a sims game for my wii. Now I want to pull it out!

P.S. Sorry..I haven't been commenting, because I have been REALLY busy!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the Sims! I only have the Sims 2 though...My bf got it for me like right before midterms and I tried to not play until after the tests, but then we had a snow day...yeah...

Sheri said...

The Sims 3 is awesome. I am very glad you aren't disappointed with this version. :) Post a picture of a character you made too. Oh, and did you find the Edward or Robert Pattinson sims available from the exchange? It is awesome :)

GL on the exams, I know you will do great.

Wendyburd1 said...

I so want the shirt, I may get it for myself since I already gave my Christmas list like on Halloween. Just need my check to get in, lousy Vanguard!!

Anonymous said...

My boss is obsessed with Sims.

Anonymous said...

I have never played Sims!

I am terribly behind on my commenting. I have a good excuse though. I am no longer allowed to read or write blogs at work anymore and that's where I did most of my blogging since I do sit and watch people sleep. I don't understand how I can read a book but not blogs. Well, I need my job so I have to follow the rules. So, I will always be behind during the week. Ugh!

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