Friday, November 20, 2009

The Evil Doctor's Scale

Everyone knows about the evil doctor's scale.
The one that makes you seem like a cow, even when you don't feel like you are.
The one that you SWEAR has got to be 10 pounds off.
Yeah, that evil doctor's scale.Well, I had to come face-to-face with that scale yesterday.
I put on my lightest clothes, ate my normal food (bagel, sandwich for lunch, etc.).

Once I got to the scale, I took my shoes off, because we all know shoes add 10 pounds.
I got up on the scale, held my breath, expected the worst.
*scraaaaape* Goes the metal weight. *scraa...* *thud*
That would be my jaw dropping.

110 Pounds.

What. The. Eff.

Yeah, I didn't want to be 130 like I thought I might be. I felt heavier recently. But I mean, 110?
Come on. Even I, the perpetual weight-loser, knows that that is too thin.
Last time I was there, I weighed 119 on their scale. And that was when I was weighing around 115 on the home scale. I do not even want to TOUCH that home scale now.

I've been eating! I had tacos for desert a couple of nights ago. TACOS. I had dinner, and then TACOS.
I had LOADED FRIES and a PULLED PORK SANDWICH for dinner last night.
For the record, if I HAVE to die, I want to die with one of those fries in my mouth.
Because they are heaven.

Anywho, how in the WORLD did I get down to 110 pounds? I've never weighed that! Even when I was born I was... okay, 11 pounds 7 ounces, but still! For a baby, I was huge!
My doctor gave me the whole speech about how I need to be eating calories because I'm working now and burning more than I eat, yada yada.
But how can I eat any more? I eat like a garbage disposal as it is.

I guess it's a task I'm willing to conquer... bring on the food.Halloween Candy, doctor's orders.


Kristina P. said...

Can we somehow trade metabolisms?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Get some meat on those bones girl.

Mighty M said...

Enjoy that food!

The Head Eagle said...

Too bad we can't swap weight, like a good pair of shoes. I've got plenty to spare!

Jillene said...

Maybe there is a machine that we can be hooked up too that can suck the weight out of me and put some in to you.

TeeTee said...

i hate the scale at the doctor's office as well.
i am so jealous that you still have your halloween candy left.
all mine is gone!

Tina said...

I went through stages like this when I was younger where my body would just drop weight (before my baby makin days). Now, I just wish it would.

RayeLee ❤ said...

Wish I had that problem! I'm withering in jealousy right now. LOL!

But seriously...

Eat more pasta. And send the french fries to me.

Anonymous said...

I kind of wish my body was like that! I lost close to 20 pounds and then my weight kind of plateaued...with going to the gym a lot...

Sheri said...

Enjoy the food and try not to worry about it too much, hard to do I know! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd give anything to be back at 110 pounds! I have gained so much weight and I'm not thrilled about it. But I am 34, not exactly a spring chicken anymore. Things change when you hit your 30s so I've learned. Enjoy youself and don't worry so much!

Erin said...

I wish I had your doctor's scale. Mine told me last week that I have already gained six pounds since I got pregnant. Yikes!

Constance Marie said...

Just found your blog through a friend, and I like it! You should check mine out, too, if you want. Good luck gaining the weight back. That should be fun.

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