Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fox News

You know what I'm sick of hearing about?
How I'm a Republican.
Why am I so sick of that?
I'm NOT a Republican.

People automatically assume that because I choose to watch Fox News, I'm a Republican.
"Oh yeah, I watch Fox." "Oh... so you're a Republican?"
No. No I am NOT.
I am just sick of watching the people with their lips all over Obama's butt all the time.
Yeah, I get it. You like Obama. I don't. Not because of his race (yeah, by the way, calling me RACIST is JUST as irritating), but because I do not agree with his policies.

I have never talked badly about the President. I have disagreed with his policies, but I disagree with a lot of policies. Everyone has their opinion. Stop giving me crap about mine.

When Bush was elected, I was cheering on the Democrats. I support who I believe in, not who fits into my political party.

I'm tired of everyone hating Fox News. They're somewhat biased, yeah. But they STILL show both sides of the story, even if they don't agree with those sides.
And I'm not the only one that watches Fox. It's been highest in ratings out of all of the news outlets for a long time.

Why is it that if I watch something enjoyed by Republicans, suddenly I am one?
If I watch a movie about gay rights, does that make me gay?
If I watch a documentary about legalizing marajuana, does that make me a pot smoker?
Seriously people, stop being so closed minded.


Kristina P. said...

I actually don't really watch news, but honestly, Fox News is the only website I read. Sometimes CNN, but really. I actually read it because it's visually apealling to me.

You can call me ridiculous, but don't call me a Republican! :)

Amander said...

I solve that problem by just not reading the news :)

Sarah said...

I only watch my local news. Unfortunately this is the World we live in. It will take years to fix it. I've also learned to keep my mouth shut when discussing issues with ignorant closed minded people. I have the right to speak, I CHOOSE not to because it's literally a waste of breath, plus it gets my upset and I avoid that :)

Anonymous said...

Fox is notoriously rightwing, and generally supports the "republican" point of view, you are getting stereotyped, everyone does, get over it

Wendyburd1 said...

I am nothing political wise, and don't watch the news unless some story intrigues me as I click on what am I? Who cares?!! Fox is biased but it is still JUST a news channel!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Fox news is bad, not because it is biased, but because it perniciously encourages a response favoring discord and hatred and discourages the idea that it is a acceptable for people of good will to have different ideas.

Mighty M said...

I hate labels! Watch what you want, I won't judge!

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't matter what news station you watch! News is news...yeah, I know there can be some biases, but still events are events and last time I checked news stations report events. Also, it's perfectly reasonable to identify yourself with one political party and not like all of their candidates. I have family members who are republicans and didn't vote in the last presidential election because they didn't like either of the candidates.

Sheri said...

I am for the person too, I don't really categorize myself into any one party, so I guess I am independent? I don't really get too into it anyways because in all honesty what we want as a people won't happen most likely anyways. Personally, I wanted Hilary to win presidency (and not just because she is a female) and I don't like Obama either.

Anonymous said...

I. Hate. Politics.

Grand Pooba said...

I hate all political labels. My husband is into politics and I am SO not. I know I should care more but I am one of those that things she has no control whatsoever so why vote and why care?

I know.

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