Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Should I Justify This Stupidity? (Oops!)

I accidentally hit "enter" and it posted this blank.
Which was stupid.

OKAY, here we go.
I have turned off anonymous commenting. NOT because of what I'm about to justify, but because I've been getting a rampant amount of ads posted in my comments lately.
I don't know who got a hold of my blog address, but I seriously don't appreciate it.

Now another anonymous comment I got needs to be addressed.

Anonymous: Thats awesome. How many times did you have to trow up to get yourself into those pants? Bet self respect taste good coming up.

First things first, "thats" should be "that's".
Secondly, I never had to "trow" up. If I did ever "trow" up, at least I would know that it is spelled "throw".
And finally, self respect can't "taste". What you may have been going for was that it "tastes" good, but you seemed to drop the ball there.

I'm skinny because I work my ass off, literally, at work all day. When it's busy, I never sit down. Because of this, my metabolism is constantly going.
You're jealous because I'm thin, and you're stupid because your grammar is horrendous and you're too cowardly to come out and let me know how jealous I am without hiding behind an anonymous comment.

Sure, if I puked to make myself thin, that comment would probably make me cry.
Except I don't, so it makes me laugh. A lot.
I wasn't planning on justifying that comment, but the bad grammar and absurd accusation made me laugh so much I wanted to share it with everyone.
So anonymous, come out. Show your face.
I want to know who I'm laughing at.

(OH, I got Left 4 Dead 2. I can't wait to play it... when I'm not EXHAUSTED.)


Kristina P. said...

Boo to anonymous comments!

Amander said...

Before I read the read of your post I was really confused as to what "trow" was - I thought it was something dirty! Lame anonymous commenters suck.

Anonymous said...

First Yaya, now you... I don't know who the hell these anonymous assholes think they are.

Sheri said...

WTF with the annonymous smack talking! If someone has something to say they should just say it and not be afraid of saying it directly. Grrr ::shakes fist::

TeeTee said...

I cannot people who comment anonymously. I have only come across one positive anonymous comment in my one and a half years of blogging. It makes me laugh when they do not use proper grammar, too.
You're beautiful, never forget it!

Wendyburd1 said...

Wow that was really mean, when I scrolled through posts real quick to make sure I didn't miss any bad news or good, I saw that and it was so mean I had to make sure you were okay. This kind of comment can't help.

P.S. Have you seen your counselor on how to add weight since you are down to 110? I don't think you want to start passing out at work and I worry about you.

The Head Eagle said...

Boo to anonymous!

Have you heard the Sister Salad "Yo Comments are wack". It's on Youtube! Maybe anonymous needs to hear it!

Mighty M said...

So annoying!! What a whack.

Two days ago I wrote up a blog post with pictures in Live Writer and had it all ready to go and then I mentally moved on to the next post, forgot to save, and oops, bye bye post. Had to redo it. Hate that too!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand anonymous commenters! I think you did the right thing by not allowing them anymore. If people don't have anything nice to say then they need to just keep it to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Comments with grammatical errors can't really upset you anyway since the meaning is too lost behind all the mistakes...

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