Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow, You're a Jerk Dude.

Today I got up super early to go with my mom to meet her new dentist.
She's been having her dental surgery at a dental school, so every semester she gets a new dentist.
This guy seemed relatively nice, but he was sort of subdued.
I was used to the very gregarious doctors that she had had before.
He seemed more like he hated the process to become a dentist, so he was indifferent towards everything. He just wanted to get it over with instead of actually learning anything.

He did an exam on my mom's mouth, determined he needed to flush around my mom's metal posts in her mouth, to make sure they were clean.
Well, this involves filling a syringe with some antibiotic rinse, putting a plastic needle on it, sticking it inside of her gums around the post, and spraying. Now as you can imagine, this probably hurts like hell.
At least it hurt my mom after the first squirt.
He asked in a sort of mocking tone if she wanted a topical anesthetic. She said yes because, hello, she don't want severe pain just to get something flushed.

Some people come in an interrupt, we get caught up, and about 10 minutes later he rubs something on my mom's gums and then starts to work on her mouth.
She's yelling in pain, gripping the chair, almost crying because it's so painful.
Of course I think the anesthetic he put on hadn't had time to set up.

Nope. That prick was PUTTING IN the anesthetic. With a giant needle. For 3 minutes.
He knew damn well that he could've used laughing gas or any other number of pain killers. Instead, he used the most painful thing imaginable. It was as if he wanted to punish her because she wouldn't just let him flush it because it hurt her.
When the nurse came in, he mocked my mother in front of her. "Bet you thought you were coming in for a serious procedure, but I'm just flushing her!" And then they laughed and laughed. This is the equivalent of what was going on.

So you know what Mr. Dentist Man?
You hurt my mother again just to prove a point, I'll make sure you get to feel that giant needle.
And it WON'T be in your mouth.p.s. Whoever knocked my followers from an even 80's going to pay for it.
You know I hate odd numbers. *stink eye*


Kristina P. said...

Another reason why I hate going to the dentist.

Sarah said...

I wish she lived in Ann Arbor, I LOVE my dentist. I actually love her. What a *ick!

Wendyburd1 said...

He sounds like a turd. Though I get the big painful needle too, they don't offer laughing gas at my dentist. But I will say this, it numbs you up good. Sorry she got a jerk, tell her to request a different student dentist!!

Sheri said...

Wow I hate dentists! They so get off on pain of others. Did you two complain to the teacher or person in charge? I would have and severely yelled at that douche.

Kimmy said...

Your poor mom, what a pun intended! I hate going to the dentist too!

Grand Pooba said...

What a jerk face, he's got the pre med syndrome where he's not quite a doctor but feels like he should be respected like one.

Or he's just a Jerk.

Or both.

Lucy said...

Since this is Dental School your mom should report this, they need to know and she has a right to request anyone but HIM!

The Head Eagle said...

It was me...I'm the one that knocked your followers! Sorry! I didn't mean to. It happend when I changed over my blog!

Brandi said...

I would have kicked him in the balls while he was putting that needle in my mouth... just to prove a point. LOL! You should "accidentally" kick him next time...

TeeTee said...

I love that picture!

Anonymous said...

Sorry your Mom had a bad experience.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Ouch.

Lee, you look way too thin in this picture. Way too thin.

Erin said...

That guy definitely doesn't deserve to be a dentist. Man.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky you have 79 followers. I only have 28. =p

sounds super painful! ouch. I hate the dentist with a passion.

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