Monday, August 24, 2009

Mmm... Ice Cream

The Schwan's guy came today and delivered my free fruit punch ice cream.
That was one of the best freebies I found. One free item, up to ten dollars, for the first 500,000 new customers.

Click here: FREE FOOD
You don't pay a delivery fee or anything. They just deliver whatever you picked out.
The night that I ordered I was CRAVING sorbet, so I went with the fruity ice cream.
Or sherbet. I always thought it was sher-bert. Not sher-bet.
Learn something new everyday.

I've started playing games online on
Got a free 14 day trial of a premium account, so I'm taking advantage of it.

Tomorrow I'm taking Shelby to pick out a costume for the anime convention.
If she'll answer the phone.
I don't want to plan on taking her, and then have her not go last minute.
Because we really have to get her a costume. And I have to go with her... because she knows nothing about anime.
I also bought some KILLER shoes for my costume, and it really excites me.
And terrifies me.If those don't scream "I'm going to fall flat on my face", I don't know what would.
12 hours in these. I'll be wearing stockings, so no blisters, but I can't imagine how much pain I'll be in.
I'll eventually be crawling across the floor screaming "GO ON WITHOUT ME" while trying to pry my shoes off.

Just went out to the mailbox. Had more freebies.
I love opening my mailbox and having something EVERY DAY.
Here's what I got today, in the form of my closing picture:Hat! And a keychain.
And a duck shaped window decal.
Completely awesome.
I love free stuff.


Grand Pooba said...

I love the shoes, they will go great with your costume! I love the look of sling backs but I can never wear them because the backs slip right off my feet!

Dude, you are queen of freebies!

Anonymous said...

You and your freebies! Lol!

I love Schwann. Try their frozen pizzas, they are the best pizza ever.

Kristina P. said...

Those shoes are hot!

Did you get a sales spiel from Schwanns?

TeeTee said...

Cute shoes!

Oooh... something everyday in the mail?

How awesome!

Anonymous said...

All that free stuff sounds pretty cool! Good luck getting in touch with Shelby...I can sympathize with having hard to reach bffs...

And as for the blanket thing I did call the same hospital before I started and actually spoke to the lady I've been trying to get in touch with now...I'm just hoping nothing's changed about them accepting the donations since it's been a couple months since I called...

Sheri said...

Very cool, I signed up to get some free healthy ice cream from them but they are charging me .03 cents for tax lol Pretty much free though hehe. Free stuff is great :)

Love the shoes, but you're right they will hurt after awhile. Maybe check out some of those inserts for them before you go?

Oh I play pogo too! Add me as a friend: starry943

Anonymous said...

Yey for free stuff! I still haven't gotten any of mine yet...

Erin said...

Those shoes are so stylin'. I wish I could wear them, and not fall flat on my face.

How fun to get all of your free stuff too!

Wendyburd1 said...

Those heels look killer. Doesn't Dr Scholls have a line for heels now? That Stacey London does commercials for? You should check, might help the pain!

Bobby G said...

Free stuff rules, but not when its NASCAR, epic fail...

Jillene said...

Yay for ice cream, hot shoes and free stuff!!

Laila Of Course! said...

oooo I love those shoes. hehe it doesn't matter if you can't walk in them, although that would admittedly be a perk! :) And for the contest, well, do you have any funny pictures or epic pictures of any type? They dont only have to be animals.

Be sure to pop by & leave a note!


Laila Of Course! said...

okay, try and find the photo if you're able: I would be oh so happy. :) hehe.

Brandi said...

I love your shoes!

Anonymous said...

Whew.... I would break my neck in those shoes!

Sounds like you've gotten some awesome freebies!

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