Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Preeeecious...

I love my new phone.
It has so many functions, and it's pretty.
Did I mention it's pretty?
Oh yeah baby, it's pretty.

It's the same phone I used to have, except the 3rd generation. It looks like a blackberry to me, and I even spent $30 to get a cover for it.
I will NOT destroy this phone like I did all of the others.

In fact, I'm damn lucky I got a cover for it. I got home, went to show my mom something on it, and dropped it straight into the trash can. That just shows my luck with phones.

The camera is 3 megapixels, just one step down from my actual camera. (Pretty good for a cellphone.)
As well as normal shots, it can take panorama shots (which won't be perfect until I get better at them):It has a smile function, that will automatically take a picture when it sees a smile in the lens.

The way it sorts text messages is a little weird. Instead of sorting in sent and inbox, it sorts by person. Open your text message box, you see every person you've ever sent or received a message to. Go into their box, and it shows all the messages you've sent and received to them.

Yeah, it can be super confusing.

I didn't do anything else yesterday except write two articles about credit cards. Right now, I've made $61 writing articles. It's slow now, since two of the owners aren't working today, but I'm hoping I'll get a few more articles to write before the flood pours in. (They're starting a new website, which will create a lot more to do).

Wish me luck! And don't forget, check the freebies! I've found some neat stuff. And I've gotten a freebie every single day since I started signing up. Pretty neat!


Kristina P. said...

I always love getting a new phone. Looks like this article thing is working out really well!

Anonymous said...

That smile feature sounds cool. And good job
along money! So your paypal is set up to your new email?

Anonymous said...

I know a ton of people that have that phone. I don't really get attached to phones and I've never broken one before either. My first phone I've had, I had it for four years and I finally got the LG shine for my birthday last year. =] I feel responsible.

My mom couldn't mail your letter out this morning. I was mad. She completely forgot about it. Thanks a lot mom. I'll give her a bunch of post it notes in her purse and car & hopfully she'll remember. =D

Kelsey said...

I love love love the new layout by the way!
Also your freebie thing is saving my life. I entered like 3 of them. How did you find all those? Share your ways woman lol.

Tim said...

Good luck with that, I know how hard it can be t get use to all the new features on a new phone. Especially the ones on the market these days.

Love and Prayers,


Erin said...

What a cool phone. Too bad you dropped it in the trash can :( I'm glad you are still having fun with all of the freebie stuff.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you are enjoying your phone. The iPhone sorts texts the same way so that's the only thing I am use to. I actually like the sorting by name. Good job on your articles.

Wendyburd1 said...

Wow those are good pics for a phone!! Amazing actually! Does it have a flash? I love the keyboard!! Jealous!! LOL!

Wow 61 bucks already, lucky girl!! I know nothing of the subjects you write on! Now if they need movie or tv reviews, tell me!!

blueviolet said...

Ooo, that phone is super cute!

$61 is not bad at all. Before you know it, you're gonna be raking it in.

The smile feature will be fun to play with. You can see just how much of a smile it will take to set it off for a picture. What about lopsided smiles, etc. FUN experiments ahead!

Grand Pooba said...

I'm jealous of the camera on that phone! Dang!

I'm sure there is some way to arrange the text message thingy by date isn't there?

Sheri said...

Cool new phone!

I got one of the freebies! The one with the Tequila plate... lol it says Foxy Sheri - my gamer tag lol :P

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