Monday, August 3, 2009

Boy, Do I Know My Man.

Sunday was a good day for me. For the most part at least.
It seems like a day out isn't complete without blisters the size of Alaska on my heels.
It comes with the territory I guess.
Especially since I wasn't wearing socks.
My bad.
At least I looked nice, even while limping.My mom and I had plans to go see Transformers. I had already seen it, but my mom really wanted to see it with me, so I was like "Eh, what the hell? Let's go watch some robots pew pew."

My mom had also been talking about getting me a new pair of shoes. Specifically, a pair of chucks.
For those of you that don't know what chucks are, you're losers.
I'm kidding. Most people go, "What the frick are chucks?"These, my friend, are chucks. Named after Chuck Taylor, the creator. I think.
I know they're named after Chuck Taylor. Give me credit for that at least.
Their brand is probably more recognized by ya'll, Converse.

These shoes are not cheap by any means. A pair of high tops will run you $60.
I didn't get high tops though. Instead, I got the ones that normal people wear.This pair will run you $45. They're really comfortable (AS LONG AS YOU WEAR SOCKS which apparently I'm too stupid to do), durable, and they look nice with any outfit. Well, mostly any outfit.

I was so excited to get my new shoes, I did what any sensible teenager would do. I wore them out of the store.
I walked down to Hot Topic, which is where the title of this post comes into play.

I went to Hot Topic with the goal of getting Drew a spontaneous present. Just for the heck of it, ya know?
What, do people not usually do that?
Huh. Guess I'm weird.
Anyway, I was in a hurry, so I ran through all the clearance shirts, and there was nothing. Then I noticed the chain wallets.
I thought I'd look really quick, since I know he likes chain wallets. I knew he already had one, but... this one would be special? I think? That was my logic at least.

I was about to grab a Transformers wallet and pay when I noticed a Zelda wallet. Zelda's this video game that Drew talks about from time to time.
I thought eh, why not? Picked it up, paid (TWENTY BUCKS), and then left the store.
Since it wasn't a surprise present or anything, I let him know what I get.
He got SO EXCITED. Apparently that wallet was the exact one he had been eyeing for himself the last time he was in Hot Topic.
Am I good or what?Yes, those are my pasty legs.
Those of you that know Zelda might think that wallet's cool. For those of you that don't, you probably went "Hey a picture, okay moving on."
Which is fine. I'm not that impressed either. If that picture was on your blog, I'd probably skim past it.
Shh, I didn't say that.

After my awesome choice of gift, we went to Walmart to exchange some things before the movie started down the street.
I started to notice my foot sticking to the ground when I walked.
And then, I lifted up my foot.
My BRAND NEW SHOES, and I STEP in some nasty person's GUM.
I hate people that spit out their gum. How about you put it in it's wrapper, or throw it in a trash can, or CHOKE YOURSELF WITH IT?
Now I have to take a toothpick to the bottom of my expensive shoes because someone can't dispose of their gum properly.
I hate people.

Once at the movie, I got super excited during the previews.
I even took a picture.
Shut up, I know they tell you not to use your phone. This was an emergency.It's the New Moon trailer!
It was beautiful on the big screen. Stunning, amazing, marvelous, fantastic.

That was my Sunday.
I spent Sunday night looking through Twilight merch. My friend Anne wanted to get me a birthday gift.
I finally settled on a Twilight backpack. With school coming up, a new backpack would be nice.
Plus, it's cuuuuuuute.

Anyway, I should get to bed. I'm writing this in advance, and it's 1:30.I know, my hair looks wicked.

I accidentally posted something meant for tomorrow today. I deleted it, so just comment it tomorrow! But still comment this!


Kristina P. said...

I've actually been thinking about getting a pair of Chucks myself.

I had a mom come into our center last week, because she and her daughter had been fighting over the ones that lace all the way up to the knee. They are contentious!

Anonymous said...

I don't like chucks. they don't go good with my body shape.
Yeah, I just found this nasty blister on the left inside of the second toe on my right foot. It feels so awkward. =/

Erin said...

I love the Chucks, and I love your hair too. Boo for stepping on gum.

Grand Pooba said...

Actually, your hair rocks. I love when I pick something out for the hubster all by myself and he absolutely loves it!

I can't wait to see New Moon! Eeeeek!

Laila Of Course! said...

AHHH! CUTE CHUCKS!! I really want a pair right now-- I think I'm going to ask for a pair of black hightops for my birthday. We're just gonna have to wait and see, aahah..

And poor you and that stupid carpal tunnel!! :( That sucks.

NEW MOON, NEW MOON, NEW MOOOOON. ahahha. I WANNA SEE IT! Are you going to be going to the premiere? Have you read the books??

Also, I was hunting around for a bloggers book review site but CAN'T FIND ONE. Pweeasee share your wealth with me! :) I would really appreciate it and aHEM to use my stupid newly gotten power I just got an award. heheh.


Jillene said...

I just bought H a pair of Chucks. She wanted them so bad so I got them for school.

Stepping in gum SUCKS big time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... can't believe that Converse is back in syle. I guess I'm showing my age. I'm not crazy about the 80s style (I was there- I remember). But enjoy your shoes. Good job on the wallet! Glad that he likes it.

Sheri said...

Glad he likes the wallet! I think it is very nice to buy spontaneous presents, I do it too. I guess we're weird... lol

I had a pair of converse back in the 80s I think... lol I like the style but I'm more of a simple Nike person myself when it comes to tennis shoes. It sucks that you stepped in gum while wearing them! I hate hate hate when people don't throw it away in a trash can and then it is on the ground of people to step in. >< Grr!

Wendyburd1 said...

Good going on the BF gift! Who does not know that Chucks are Converse?!! Okay I admit I don't own any REAL chucks by Converse. The Chucks I have are from Pay Less and Target but are way cool and just as comfy as Converses. Plus I was able to get 3 pairs for the price of 1. I am happy I will show them off once I wear shoes again. It is summer, only flip flops dahling!LOL

Anonymous said...

I got a pair of the hitops for a show I was in once. I found them too much trouble to be worth (like putting them on and taking them off and stuff). My little bro has had a couple of pairs. I can completely sympathize with the blisters thing though...

Anonymous said...

You're so pretty!

I can't believe you stepped in gum. The only thing worse is stepping in poo.

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