Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Back at College

... I don't want to talk about it.

But I have to.


Seriously, what the frickity fudge is wrong with my school?
My first class went by just fine. Journalism 100. My teacher is cool, but he LOVES to give busy work.
That doesn't fly so well with me. I like being busy. With ALL of my classes. Not with just one of them.
Then I went to my Anthropology class. That teacher is awesome. She does NOT believe in busy work, and specifically said so.
There are two exams, and two projects. No homework, no quizzes. That's it.

Then, I went to History 101.
*wanders in* Wait... who the hell is that guy?
Yep, that's right. My school switched my History teacher.
I paid for one professor and chose him specifically. I paid for the books for this class already and rented them. I didn't buy them from the school bookstore.
And they switch my professor.

Turns out though, it was the teacher I had originally wanted. But now I'm mad because I have to RUSH my rented books back to the company, and find a way to buy the right book for the class.

Then, I get a call from "Financial Services" telling me to come in anytime before 6:00, because I need to sign something that was signed in the wrong place for my job.
So I go down to financial services, and guess what?
They had called from the OTHER campus. The one across town.
So tomorrow, the day I was planning to sleep in, I have to get up early to run across town and sign something.
They never told me I would ever have to go to that campus. So I am furious. This means it will still be weeks before I can start working.

Thanks for throwing me under the bus.

So yeah. Worst first day of school I've ever had.
Way to totally stress me out.

The upside is, apparently I accidentally signed up for the online class that doesn't start until October 27th.
I assume this means everything will be packed into a month and a half... but I get some time to just enjoy 3 classes.

At least I have this weekend to look forward to. My mom is letting me go to the convention all three days, instead of just Saturday.
Which is really great, it means I won't miss anything. But it also means I get to enjoy even more acne on my face than the 3 pimples I have, because of my makeup. Oh well. At least I'll be having fun, even if I'll be excruciatingly tired the next day.


Sheri said...

Really sorry to hear your first day back wasn't good :( At least it will get better. :) Anthropology rocks and so does journalism. Those teachers do LOVE busy work though. Some of it is useful though.

Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry your first day was stressful! School is stressful enough!

TeeTee said...

Ah, the first day of school for me is tomorrow!

I hope everything gets better!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your day wasn't that great :( hopefully the rest of the semester will be better!

Wendyburd1 said...

Sorry it sucked, I hope the next day is better! I don't understand, if it WAS the teacher you wanted why do you have to get new books??

The Head Eagle said...

Oh man, I'm sorry your first day was a bit rough! Keep your chin up! There will be better days!

Anonymous said...

ugh. I hate first days. They're always rough.

Grand Pooba said...

That sucks, I always hated the first day of college too!

Hey, what happened to your blog roll? I wanted to go check out Drew's blog to keep up on both sides of the drama but I can't find your blog roll??

How can I properly stalk you without your blogroll?

Bobby G said..., thank god I graduated college in 2001 lol

Fiauna said...

I haven't been to college in this century--make that this millennium. Thanks for reminding me about the school nightmare. Ugh.

Erin said...

I swear to you I left a comment on this post yesterday. Either you deleted it, or I clicked publish and then accidentally clicked "x" before it completed.

Anyway, sorry that yesterday sucked. I really hope today was better!

Anonymous said...

I always waited until after the first class to get my books because I was so mad if I got the wrong one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry your first day didn't go so well! I hope it gets better for you!


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