Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Brief Post

I'm being rushed off by my friend to go turn on my xbox because he has to teach me how to play on Live.
But I thought I'd say that probably later tonight I'll be coming back with a longer post. I wanted you to know I haven't deserted you! I've just been somewhat preoccupied.
I love you all! Be back tonight.
Don't judge me too hard. But xbox is like a sexbox.
It's just that awesome.

Well technically I'm a virgin, but I'll take television's word for it.
It's just that awesome.


Anonymous said...

Have fun!

Mary said...

My gamertag is "Rangerette"

I have let my live account expire, but I hop on with my hubby every once in awhile...and you can still send me a friend invite!

Wendyburd1 said...

Love at first sight~!LOL

Angela said...

hey girl...I'm wanting to do a fun tropical theme on my blog for January since I will be sailing in the South Pacific. What do you think of this background? Can you make a matching header for it? I need it for Jan. 2/09.

Nickie. said...

Hope you're enjoying the Xbox!

My Gamertag is oOChronicLiesOo. I'm usually on about 3x a week! So shoot me a Friend Request! I'd love to play some games!

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