Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My New God

His name is Dr. Gerber.
And he is my chiropractor.
I've always had horrible joint problems. My shoulder burns a lot when I sit at the computer, and it's hard for me to be comfortable with my body because I slouch.
I'd never been to a chiropractor before, and I'm SO GLAD that I did.

He was practically freaking out when he touched my shoulders because they were so tense, and said "Wow, I expected you to be the easy one and your mom to be the problem. It's the opposite."
My mom can bend down farther than me. How sad is that?
When he laid me down on the table, he warned me that he would have to snap and crackle my back. To be honest, I expected this. In fact, I was excited about it.
He did some basic dexterity tests and such, explained that my body is completely effed up for a 16 year old, and went from there.
So I laid on the table on my stomach, and he felt up my spine to check my bones, and once again was just aghast with how horrible my back and shoulders are. (And my knees are messed up too.)

He first started with my back. He folded me up, leaned over me and CRACK. It felt SO GOOD.
He did it in a couple more places, but that's where the least of my trouble is. Then he went back to my crazy tense shoulders and neck. He goes "Okay, this will probably be loud since it's right by your ear." and so he moved my neck into position and was just about to apply the pressure when I hear CRACK. He goes "Jeese, I didn't even crack that! It was so tight it cracked itself just by me moving it!" That's right. My neck is so tense, the doctor didn't even do it yet and it cracked.
And then he did apply the pressure, and it cracked some more.
Did the same to the other side of my neck, cracked some other parts, and then I was done for the time being.
He takes me into a back room and has me lay on a table that has a dent in it, where it's just fabric over the hole. And then he turned it on.
I nearly died and went to heaven. It has a function where something inside of the table does a "wave" and waves up and down your back to realign your spine. I could've laid there all day.

Then he adjusted my mom, and when she went to the table he noticed that I was still rubbing my shoulder.
He goes "Is that still hurting you? Here, let me see if I can help that." So he took me back into the room and felt around and said that it was my rib. My rib hurting my shoulder? Imagine that.
He tried to crack me while I was on my stomach, but it wouldn't go. So he flipped me over and pressed and CRAAAAACK.
And then, all of the pressure, burning, and pain was gone. My shoulder was perfect. For the time being at least. He said this is the first in a long line of necessary appointments, which doesn't surprise me.

So today was a good day. I never realized my back could crack in so many places. And he said he can make my migraines go away. And I totally trust him. Why? Because he touched a spot on my neck and I realized that it hurt REALLY BAD just to have it touched. I didn't say anything and he goes "And there's the spot causing your headaches." So, I think he can really help me.

I love Dr. Gerber because he takes the time to explain things so that you understand. He saw me looking at my mom's xrays and said "Hey, I noticed you were looking at the xrays. Anything you want me to explain?" Most doctors don't want to take time with you, so I thought that was great. And he just has very kind eyes, and a lot of humor.

Hopefully with future visits (I'm going back on Friday, woo!) I can get a better posture and just all around feel better.
Until then, I long for the amazing feeling that follows the CRACK.

Here's the electric table they put me on that felt AMAZING.


Kristina P. said...

I haven't been to a chiropractor in years. And I really need to go. I have had lower back problems since I was 19. And I pop my own neck all the time.

Liz said...

Glad that you feel better!

Jillene said...

I have never been to a chiropractor. With all of my silly back problems you would think I would get my butt into one. You would think....

Me said...

I worship my chiropractor monthly if not weekly on occassions. I too slouch and have tense shoulders..especially while sitting at a computer! I couldn't live without my chiropractor visits. My body has never been the same since I got hit by a car walking home from school my freshman year.

Yaya said...

My God is my acupuncturist!

Angela said...

I use to go to a chiropractor for a while...helped me a lot. Hubby still goes about once a week.

Wendyburd1 said...

OKAY I WANT that table, and if he solves migraines to you, TELL ME!!

I should go to my chiropractor. Period, I never go. And only he can crack my back, if anyone else tries I scream in pain, plus my big boobs are in the way, LOL, so it hurts!

I do the neck cracking all on my own, sure I do worry I will accidentally kill myself through breaking my own neck, but I can't help it, it releives tension!

I have scholiosis and subluxations in my back so I never have good posture. Plus my hips are screwed up, so technically 1 leg is an inch or so shorter than the other. He gave me an insert for my shoe once, but it was hard and hurt so yeah I never wear it. Now my back is itching for the heat pack he uses and is attached to electrodes that buzz...*sighs*

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