Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping and my Heartfelt Plea

I went Christmas shopping for my mom today. My dad took me and we ran by Kohls.
I love that store. I happen to be a clearance rack ravager, and they have 75% off racks all year round. (This is my heaven. When I die, I hope that heaven is like Kohls, with clearance racks everywhere and unlimited money. Then you can always feel that amazing rush that you get when you find a steal.)
So I helped my dad navigate to the store (which is amazing because I suck at directions. Although the directions consisted of turn, turn, straight for 10 minutes, turn, we're here.)
We got to the store, picked out the watch (I knew I was going to get a watch, the second gift was a surprise even to me! I love surprises! Like the one that took the cash right out of my hand! Wee!)

Here's the watch that I picked for her:
For whatever reason it looks kind of pink in the picture, but it's just gold with a crystal accent. I knew she didn't want anything fully encrusted in diamonds. She's not Beyonce.I went looking for the next gift after getting the watch that she fully knows she's receiving. "Dang I need a watch. Hmm hey look at this watch. Look it's 15 dollars. Look it's at Kohls. Hey look, watches." (They didn't have the watch she wanted. So mreh. At least that's a surprise.)

I looked all over the store. I almost settled on this fountain that they had. It was 20 dollars and had a ball that rolled around in the water that poured into the pebbles. I thought it was very pretty, but pretty just won't do for my mommy dearest. I wanted sentimental, I wanted heart-felt, and I wanted pizazz. No not pizza. I said PIZAZZ.
We walked over to the shiatsu massagers. I was so tempted. They had one running on display and all I could think was "Why? Why put me through thi... oh god it feels so good."
After choking on the 180 dollar price tag, we wandered aimlessly through Kohls avoiding the teens that were obviously showing off for whomever (it could've been me, I was the only girl around and I did look pretty damn good.)
We stumbled upon the section that was covered in animated Christmas display thingies. Animated decorations? Whatever you call them. I'll call them skews.
Because I can, that's why.
So we were looking at the skews, and I saw an adorable 50s diner themed one. I almost got it when something caught my ear.
There was music coming from behind a divider that separated the wall I was looking at with the one next to it.
I stepped behind the divider and bam, I found my perfect gift.
Sitting on the shelf placed among the many different skews was a skew that my heart fluttered for.
It is a little ice rink with magnetic ice skaters spinning and skating on the ice while music plays.
I took a picture of the box when I got home, which is why my mommy isn't allowed to read my blog until after Christmas.We have been collecting animated Christmas dec... I mean skews since I was born. Most of them have long since broken because they're old and had been packed away. So I thought it would be a sweet gesture to bring out a new one for our collection.
Butter her up for the xbox. My plan is nearly complete. MUAHAHAHA...
Crap she's gonna read that at some point.
The gift is full of love with no other meaning except that I love you and... love love lovidy love.
So those are the two presents I got for my mom for Jesusmas.
Oh, and I forgot to mention something. That ice-rink? It was 100 dollars, marked down to 30.
My love for it shot up quite a bit when I saw that.

Now that I've discussed my whole Jesusmas extravaganza, I'll begin my heartfelt plea that was earlier mentioned.
Not interested? Too bad. I'm going to lure you in with puppies.Now that I have your attentio... okay stop looking at the puppies.
Now that I (hopefully) have your attention, I have a plea for you, my bloggy-world friends.
I love each and every one of you equally. Unless you're weird. Then I don't associate myself with you.
Kidding. I love you too, weirdos.
Anyway, as you may know I have been on a conquest to become a successful blog for a while. I'm well on my way, now standing at 17 followers.
Compared to the 2 I used to have, this is great. But two nights ago, I commented on 70 blogs.
70! And that did practically bublicott.
I comment back on everyone that I follow. And I follow most people that follow me.
I am determined to get more readers, and more people to share my great wisdom with. To prove my genius, here is a more accurate depiction of my brain:So let me get to the point. I won't bore you with how smart I am.
I want more people, and I'm hoping that you guys could help me. Help me any way you can. And I'll love you for it. I still have some people I need to subscribe to, but I'm slowly getting on it.
If you help me get more readers I'll go from this:To this:
So the next time you feel as if your heart is spilling over with joy, use some of that joy to help me get people.
Cuz I deserve it.
Wasn't that a loreal phrase?
No wait, that's "Because I'm worth it."
Brain lapse my bad.
One day I want to be like Kristina. Because she's my idol.

Oh, and before I forget, the offer is still open for free layouts from me. I get bored and like to design.
Also, if you want me to subscribe to your blog and you frequent mine, let me know. I tend to lose track. Gah!


Kristina P. said...

Hey, I was at Kohls too! I love that store. I can always find a cute top or something I want, and everything is always on sale. In fact, there's this cute Vera Wang jacket I want, but I want to wait until I get a coupon.

And you will get there with readers! It does take some time. Keep up the commenting.

Wendyburd1 said...

Lee I know what you mean, I comment on loads of blogs daily, but they don't comment on mine or follow me, which bums me a bit I gotta say. I KNOW your pain girl!

Erin said...

I follow you, and I put you on my blogroll. Hopefully that helps!

Kelsey said...

They JUST opened up a Kohls near us and I have yet to go, but %75 off sounds like heaven. Maybe I'll get to go..eventually.

I do "follow" you, I just have you on my blog roll because it's easier for me that way.

I've bee blogging since June and I just now got 27 followers so it does take a while, but your writing is so funny, you'll get there!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job on your finds at Kohls. I hope your Mom enjoys everything you got her.

I believe that if someone takes the time to comment on my blog then the least I could do is comment back on their's. If their blog is interesting or family oriented then I usually follow. I hope you get more followers. I think it just takes time and finding the right people.

Anonymous said...

Does it count if you are on my google reader? I am faithful.

You look kind-of like an Austin Powers character meets Sarah Palin in that first picture. It is awesome.

Your mom is going to love the ice skate thingie!

So said...

That is a way cute skew! I bet your mom will love it....and maybe make points towards that Xbox.

Angela said...

Canada does not have Kohls...but I have shopped there while visiting the neighboring USA.

You know I follow your blog. I'm the one who gave you the advice to comment on other blogs to get more readers/followers. I see it has worked. Now if I could only be as dedicated. :P

Your mom will love the watch...and ice skating rink. It's adorable!

Grand Pooba said...

Hey! It's nice to meet such a young blogger. One who ISN'T a mom like me! Go us!

Anyway have you heard of "Secret's in the Sauce"? It's a great blog recognition site. You need to join, they could use some more people like you over there! Or maybe you already are a member and choose not to display the button...who knows.

Anyway, so come on over and enter my contest I'm hosting (Another great way to get readers!) I'd love for you to win!

Knottymoose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Boob Nazi said...

Just because people don't follow you doesn't mean they're not subscribed to you on google reader or something. Remember that!

amanda said...

if i'm one of the seventy you commented on...thanks for stopping by! i too like you LOVE the followers and the comments. :0) i don't just get back to everyone right away...something about having four kids to take care of.

Stesha said...

great gifts your mom will love them. Since you lured me in with the puppies I will follow. If you lose the pups, you lose

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