Thursday, December 25, 2008

Okay, now for a REAL post.

Yeah yeah, two posts in a day. I don't care.
My past two posts have been kind of half-arsed.
Anyway, my Christmas was great. I showed you my new Xbox and my beautiful Ipod.

I love this dang thing. I've been playing with it all day. I can't play Xbox until I get my Fable II cd replaced.
I downloaded some applications after I plugged it into the internet and had fun all day.
First there's a scribble pad that works like an etch-a-sketch.
Then there's a virtual zippo lighter.

Now I know that this Ipod is awesome, but let me show you the best present I got out of all of them.My pink aviator shades.
Sure, you could say "those are just some rockin' as hell sunglasses." But they're much more than that.
They are AWESOME. They make me look hot. Yeah, you know you want a piece when you look at that picture. Those glasses make me exude a new sexiness.
Plus they're pink. Who else has pink aviators?
No one, that's who.
So I have a pink phone with a pink wallpaper and pink sunglasses.

Oh god I'm barbie.
Whatever, everyone loves barbie.

I blame my mom. She bought everything pink. Now I'm going into my pink phase. This worries me.
Please, someone save me. I can't turn into a barbie...

How was your Christmas? What did you get/get your kids?

My mom did something nice. She went back to best buy when she heard she could get a free ipod shuffle and gave it to a kid that wasn't getting anything for christmas. Probably made his year.
It's always better to give than to receive.
Except when you receive an Ipod.
Because that just rocks.


Anonymous said...

Pink is the ONLY color out there isn't it? LOL! I love pink! My iPhone has a pink case on it. My iPod touch doesn't because it just sits in it's Bose sound dock in the kitchen. But if I carried it around you can bet it'd be in a pink case. I think you should totally put the pink skin on your Xbox. :o)

My Christmas was mediocre at best. I'll post later about it. It wasn't at all what I was expecting this year. Oh well!

Sheri said...

Pink is totally the best color. There are so many cool shades of it. I've been in a pink phase for a very long time. Surprisingly though, I have very deep purple walls in my bedroom. I also have an iPod case in metallic pink. :) Love my iPod too! Congrats on getting the Xbox360! I knew you'd get it :P Really cool skin ya found there too, you should get it! Where did you find that one at btw? Well, I am glad you had a great Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

Lol! You crack me up!

How on earth did you leave a comment from your Ipod???

I never liked pink growing up but lately I'm falling in love with it! The 2-yr-old I nanny for has a shirt that says "Pink is the new black". I make her wear it a few times a week because I love it so much!

Kristina P. said...

I really want some pink aviators now. I'll have to look for them today.

Angela said...

I love the shades!! I went thru an anti-pink stage for quite a few years...but now I love pink! My iPod has a pink case. Glad you are having a blast with all your gifts :)

Stesha said...

I like pink also. Check out this website lee because they will actually paint your iphone and other things pink. My friend sent them her blackberry and it looks great. Also glad that you got the xbox.

Kelsey said...

Pink is amazing. I love pink.

I'm also loving your aviators! Girl looks sexxxxy. (Yeah, you know you needed some "ghetto talk" in this comment.)

Wendyburd1 said...

I HAD a pink phase, it is long gone, but those sunglasses look cute on you! Your Mom was so sweet to give an Ipod Nano away to a lil kid!! Awww! Hey how did your Mom like the gifts you got from Kohls?!!

ukyankoz said...

Pink IS the new black! It's not a girlie color anymore, it's a kick-A take-over-the-world girl power color!

Grand Pooba said...

For real? A pink xbox? Why didn't anybody tell me this!

Mary said...

Ok, don't hate me...but I loathe pink. I think it goes back to my younger years of being a tomboy (and I still kinda am) and my favorite color has always been blue.

But, I have added about 4 shirts to my wardrobe over the past 3 years that have pink in them. I just can't go all out with pink. I do have a flippin' sweet hard case for my phone that is blue hawaiian print...oh yea, I do like your shades!!!

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