Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is It Christmas Yet...? IT'S ONLY SUNDAY!? SON OF A...

Yeah, that's what I said when I woke up this morning.
The whole year always seems to fly by in a whirlwind of less important holidays (pffffft, fourth of july. instead of fireworks, give me presents). Then when that time of year finally comes around, the time of year when my stockings are filled with things I won't eat (hahaha fruit), it takes FOREVER to finally be the day.
How many days until Christmas now?
*counts on fingers*
Son of a frick, I don't think I'm counting right.
Last time I counted it was 5 days.
Now it's still 5 days.
Am I stuck in some sort of time paradox, where no matter what day it is it's 5 days until Christmas?
That'd be like my own personal hell, with Kohls being my heaven.
When I was a kid it was more like torture than it is now. Waiting and waiting with no true sense of time, wondering WHEN CAN I OPEN THOSE BOXES UNDER THE TREE?
My mom used to let me open one random gift before Christmas Eve, and for whatever reason my built in gift GPS tracker would break, and I'd pick up the worst gift under the tree.
A plastic bracelet? Really? I'm 10.
And then of course I'd find out that right next to it was a gameboy or something.

This year I have no plans to open anything early. I have a keen feeling that I won't have the piles of presents that I used to when I was a kid, and taking away from what I do have would truly be spoiling my gifts.
When it comes to Christmas, I'm truly superficial. I'd rather have a huge pile of mediocre gifts than a small pile of awesome gifts.
Except this year. I'd give back a huge pile of mediocre gifts for my one Xbox.
I had a terrifying dream last night in regards to my Xbox plight.
It was Christmas day, and I opened the box, and I had an Xbox.
Not an Xbox 360, an Xbox.
Xbox 360:
I'm betting you can guess which one is pure crap.
It's the one that looks like a cheap piece of plastic.
AKA the plain old Xbox.
You can't play the same games on it, if I recall you can't go online on it.
So pretty much it's just like the Playstation I'm trying to get rid of.
What's worse is when I turned it on, everything was pixelated and just all around crappy.
I truly hope that dream was just a nightmare and not a look into the future.
I'm supposed to be cleaning right now, but I have cramps and a bad temper. I'll clean eventually.
I should probably start by taking off my sleep mask.
Nah, that's a crazy idea. I look great with my sleep mask on.

Anyway, I leave you now with a video I found on a website I frequent.
You Twilighters will enjoy it.


Kristina P. said...

I guess Christmas is only technically 4 days away. Maybe you can even open presents at midnight.

Good luck with getting an XBox!

Anonymous said...

Have patience, this too shall pass. On another note, the original xbox did go online, but yea the games are different.

Anonymous said...

Only 4 more days until Christmas. I bet you will get that xBox.

kel said...

girlie.. I hope you get that xbox!!

Motherboard said...

If you don't count Christmas Day, then you only have 3 days left...

You can come over to my house... I have the xbox, xbox360 AND the Wii. Yeah. We're the celestial kingdom of gaming!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think the eye mask is a good fashion statement.

Loved that video!

Dude, how pissed will you be if you don't get an xbox?? nevermind, we can't think that way! Think positive!

Anonymous said...

That does sound like a horrible nightmare. My equivalent would be not getting Uggs....

So said...

Ack! Not the plain old Xbox! That was a nightmare.

Erin said...

I hope you get your xbox. The cool one, not the stupid one.

And I love your sleep mask!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

and then you become and adult and have children and recieve wool socks as presents. or if you're lucky... a heated blanket from the dollar general. woo!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

and then you become and adult and have children and recieve wool socks as presents. or if you're lucky... a heated blanket from the dollar general. woo!

Wendyburd1 said...

hey!! 4th of july is my birthday!!!

Kelsey said...

Santa better leave you that XBOX 360!! I have never seen anyone so determined to get one before!!!

Oh and I'm so much like you. I want lots of mediocre gifts and like 2 really nice ones. Actually I just like unwrapping presents, seriously you could get me a box and wrap it and I'd be happy.

Sheri said...

XBOX360 totally trumps XBOX. Hopefully you get the 360 for Xmas. :) I tagged you for The Honest Scrap Award, check it out from my blog post today. :)

Nickie. said...

Hey! I tagged you for the Honest Scrap Award! It's in my blog, take a look! =)

Walter said...

I hope you specified the black XBOX 360, otherwise you might be getting the Arcade version... *shudders*

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