Saturday, December 27, 2008

Too Much Xbox

Okay, so I spent all day playing Fable II on my xbox.
But I'm kind of peeved right now.
My friend Sandy came over this morning to ask if I wanted to hang out tonight.
And it's tonight... but where is she?
Who even knows at this point? I've sort of taken my hope from that escapade and added it to my venture for tomorrow.
An old guy friend of mine asked me if I wanted to hang out tomorrow, and I said yes. I haven't seen him in like a year. But he's always been extremely flaky, so I'm adding my hope from tonight into my hope for tomorrow pile.
And then if that plan gets screwed, I'll get to see my other friends on Monday.
And if that gets messed up I'll curl up in the fetal position and cry a lot.

Not really. I'll probably just add that hope to the "see drew in January" pile.

It feels like my plans always get messed up, and it's starting to get on my nerves. No matter how hard I try to plan things and get them done in a fashionable manner, other people screw it up.
But whatever. Hopefully Joe doesn't blow me off tomorrow. I wouldn't cry about it if he did though.

I played a lot of Xbox today. But only Fable II. I married a guy, had a baby named Gregory.
Then married another guy.
Then married a chick.
I dunno. I felt like it. But then they all discovered each other and got mad at me.

I'll start playing Left 4 Dead tomorrow. But I'm scared of it. Zombies freak me out. Don't even ask why I got the game. It was mostly peer pressure I guess. But I'll play it. Even though it'll make me cry.
I mean look at this.That's the reason I'm not playing it tonight. Because that guy would make me pee myself. And I really don't want to pee myself.
I'm lucky I can play Fable at all actually. It kept freezing when I tried to play, and so we took the Xbox back.
Bestbuy happily replaced it. No fight or anything. Made me really happy.

And now it's working just fine.
So anyway, I'm really tired and my head hurts. It's been like that all night.
My posts have been short lately, but that'll change when I have more to talk about.

I miss you guys, and I love you and yadayadayada!


Angela said...

that zombie would freak me out. good idea not to play that game before bed.

I hope your friend plans work out. I hate being disappointed!

Wendyburd1 said...

What exactly IS Fable? And yes Eagle Eye rocked, Shia was SO good in it!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry your plans got all messed up.

I am glad that you are having fun with your Xbox.

Kristina P. said...

And this is why I don't play videogames! Too freaky!

Sheri said...

I also absolutely hate it when my plans are changed! Why can't people just do what they say they will? Geesh, it isn't that hard to do ya know? Well, I'm glad your XBox is working properly now. Best Buy is usually quite good with returns and stuff, plus I am sure it was still under warranty. :) Yay!

Mary said...

I am definitely not into the freaky zombie stuff either...I don't think video games should scare you!!

Flaky people drive me CRAZY. Don't constantly agree to things if you have no intention of following through. Maybe they just weren't raised right, who knows?!?

I had to take a break from Guitar Hero b/c my hand was cramping...but it freakin rocks!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

i never have plans. i just go with it. i think it's better that way because then you have no expectations. except one time i got a fortune cookie that said "failing to plan is planning to fail", but i also got one that said "eating more chinese food makes for a healthy lifestyle" so that pretty much told me how truthful those things are.

i'm now finished with my stupid comment.

QM said...

so lucky u have a X box.

LOL, d zombie is kinda hilarious(;

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