Friday, March 6, 2009

Confusing Relationships

You know, for the past few days I've felt extremely frustrated with the route my life is going down.
I got a C+ on my History test, which stressed me out so much. I studied my ass off for that test, and it didn't even pay off.
Then I've been sick, and I'm still fighting it. Someone asked me today if I was sick. I didn't even realize you could hear it in my voice anymore.
And I have a giant planet-sized pimple on my forehead. It's so painful that it's infuriating. My skin was finally starting to even out, and then this horrible thing popped up.

But the thing that's really starting to wear me down is relationships. Some of the guys involved read this blog, but sadly I need to get it all off of my chest.
I have a number of guys interested in me right now. A number that is higher than 3.
Each of these guys tells me I'm beautiful. Each of them tells me that they love my personality, and that I'm cute and quirky.
But my problem is... what do I do in a situation where a number of GOOD guys like me? Each one of them has their good and bad qualities, but each of them is sweet and caring and have shown a real interest in me, not just a material interest.
I sound like a whiny brat, complaining about all the boys that like me. But they're all really sweet.
Even with all of these guys, tonight when Drew told me he asked someone out (that turned him down), I still got sort of hurt. Feeling as if I was being replaced. It crushed me.
What crushed me worse was when I told him it hurt me, he called me a "self-centered selfish bitch".
I can't win. I constantly get cut down and called names. No wonder my self-esteem is so low.
But I've got guys constantly texting me, calling me, IMing me. All of them say they miss me, want to talk to me. I love the attention, I hate the situation it puts me in.
Like Daniel. He's sweet, but I couldn't date him because he's 22.
Then there's Nathan. I'd like to get to know him better. I'd even like to date him. He's 21. So that's probably a no.
Then there's Haney (Andrew). I really like Haney. I need to get to know him better, but I really like him. But he lives in Ohio. But I'm not counting him out. Why? He's 19. Bingo age.
Every guy that likes me is over 20. To be honest, I'd even pursue it if the over 20 guys really showed an interest.
They haven't showed a major interest yet. Daniel is still too old, though.
He came over today. We played Left 4 Dead, and then we walked to Subway.
I saw a tree and took a picture with it because the tree was pretty, and I felt that I should share my beauty with it.So my day was pretty okay in general. Not amazing.
I need to work on my sociology project, and then I need to comment all of your blogs.
So, hopefully I find a solution to my problem soon.
And fix my webcam, which has decided to become pixely for no reason.What the frick. The picture is tiny.


Anonymous said...

Your life is so exciting. I'm jealous.

Wendyburd1 said...

Wow you have major guy attention. Remember though, even if they are cool and sweet, you have to be attracted to them!! Otherwise it is just friends you want to be with them.

And that Drew is a jackass!! You were just expressing your feelings, not telling him what to do!! Agghhh! I dislike him just from your posts!!

Yaya said...

You need to get the negative energy our of your life. Ppl calling you names and degrading you, big no no. Even if you don't believe what they say, after awhile it will eat away at you and you will start to believe it.

And I know how you feel...whenever I'm physically sick it seems to wear me down on all aspects of life.

Sheri said...

That Drew guy sounds like a real tool. I'd def. try with one of the other guys that is not an ass. Anyone who says such things to you doesn't deserve your friendship even, honestly. Would you accept a best friend that is a girl calling you such names? I hope not! Don't accept it from this subpar manchild either.

That is a very pretty tree and fun pic you posted!

So said...

Sorry about the guy trouble. I hope it gets better. I love the picture of you with the tree.

Kitten said...

I'm with Yaya...the sooner you get the negativity out of your life the better off you'll be.

Liz said...

I hope you start feeling better. I can't get anything right when I am sick.

I also hope you get all of guy problems straightened out. I really think you should really think about this friendship with Drew. Some people are like poison. It's hard but you have to do what's best for you.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Ahh fuck Drew. Tell him I said he's a douche bag.

As for the other gentlemen... just pursue what YOU want. If it feels right, it probably is.

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