Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'll Be Honest Here

I have no idea what the hell to talk about.
Usually I've at least got something on my mind, but today there is absolutely nada.
I actually got around to working on a layout for someone.
I think some of the people I was working with just gave up on me.
I have about 3 layouts that aren't completely finished, and no one to account for them.

You know, that's really frustrating. You're working on something, expecting continual feedback, and then they just disappear.
I used to get my layouts done within the hour, I know. But that was before I started school.
School takes a lot out of me and makes it harder for me to get layouts done as quickly.

Plus some people get so picky that I just give up eventually.
This one woman made me change a full layout 17 times.
Finally had someone else tell her to back off, and thank god for that.
I mean, I can understand wanting it perfect, but don't tell me to do something, have me do it, and then say oh nevermind do it this way.
Because I will murder you.
Without regrets.

Ever since Drew telling me I complain too much, I've tried to cut back on it.
If he does something that bothers me, I ask him nicely to stop and then leave it at that.
Yesterday, he kept leaving our conversation on MSN for 10 to 20 minutes at a time without saying BRB or anything.
It's infuriating when you're talking to someone and they stop talking for no reason for 20 minutes.
He did this 5 times. Each time I asked nicely for him to quit.
The 6th time I gave him hell for it, and said he better not say I'm complaining because I asked nicely 5 other times and got 5 "I promise I won't do it again"s.
The 7th time I just ignored it. Said you're a jackass and you're not going to change and just left it at that.
Seriously, people that do those things piss me off. I do it to one of my friends for the soul reason that when I say I want to be left alone, he doesn't want to leave me alone.
That's just as bad. "I'm not in the mood to talk right now." "Oh, okay." 10 minutes later. "So... I thought I'd try to get you to talk." "No." "Okay!" 10 minutes later. "So my day has been crappy." "Seriously." "Just thought if I vented you'd want to vent." "I'm going to kill you if you don't leave me alone."
Sometimes you don't want to talk to someone. It's how everyone is. Sometimes they want to talk and just let someone listen to them complain, other times they just want to sort out their problems alone.

I've still been keeping up with your blogs, go me.
Although weekend blogging is easy. You guys are busy having lives, so I only have like 10 blogs to comment.
Off to comment blogs now! Hopefully I hit 50 followers at some point. That would rock.

I'll leave you with my modified personal ad:
Soltera chica es busca un chico.
Me gusta bailar, cantar, y trabajar.
No me gusta matemáticas y deportes.
Mi Novio ideal es activo, amable, guapo y fiel
pero no homosexuales.
No hombres gordos.

Unmarried girl is looking for a boy.
I love to dance, sing, and work.
I do not like math and sports.
My ideal boyfriend is active, friendly, handsome and faithful
but not gay.
No fat men.

My friend made me put that last bit in.
Makes me laugh regardless.


Jillene said...

I love your new ad. hehe!! It made me laugh!!

Anonymous said...

What the heck? Wouldn't it be fun to see what prospects you'd get if you really published that ad?

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure the layouts are hard work! That's got to be frustrating.

Anonymous said...

No fat men. Lol.

Drew sounds typical....spaced out men...what's with them??

Was that crazy lady w/ the layout me?!?! ;)

Grand Pooba said...

Complain too much? Is that really possible? Isn't that what a blog is for anyway?

Anonymous said...

Your new ad is too funny! No fat men, huh? LOL!

Bobby G said...

If its my layout, DONT WORRY girl, its not like im paying for it!

Sheri said...

lol like the new ad! I alos LOVE the Twilight shirt. :P I have the one with all of the cullen kids and bella in it... lol

Daphine said...

You're a trip. LOL! You sure found a lot to talk about after all, huh? I love it.

Lovin' the ad! And I must also say...you are VERY honest.

Enjoy your night!

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