Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wow, what a piece of sh*t.

Drew is getting on my nerves.
I've had a horrible week, as you guys are aware.
And he just told me he wants a "break" from talking to me because all I do is "complain constantly. CONSTANTLY."
Well, if I do recall, a few days ago he was so upset and needed someone to talk to that I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning comforting him.
But when I need someone, suddenly he's not available.
Which is hilarious, because TWICE when I've needed him to be there for me, he was too busy on the phone with another girl who was probably crying about how she broke a nail.
How shitty a "best friend" do you have to be that you ditch someone that's had a bad week because they complain too much?

I'm so sick of it to be honest. He does it all the time. Yesterday I was having some problems and I needed him to talk to. He didn't talk to me, and then told me it's because all I do is bitch.
Um, thanks best friend. So I wasn't even bitching, I needed a friend, and he decided to say a big f*ck you and just leave me there upset.
So I tried calling him a minute ago, and he just hung up on me.
And then he answered the second time, and when I tried to talk he kept interrupting me. Then when I got frustrated, he hung up like I did something wrong.

I'm so sick of people like this. I really am. The people that think that because I have a bad week and need to vent, all I ever do is complain.
When in fact, they complain just as much as I do, but because they disguise it as just "being upset", I can't say anything about it.

I just started crying on the phone and he went "*sniff sniff sniff* alligator tears. I don't give a shit anymore."
Yeah, obviously he's not a good person if he's going to make fun of me when I'm crying.
I want to kill him, I really do. And he's acting like it's my fault. He tells me I need to "shape up". I tell him I'm not the only one. He laughs and says that no, I am the only one.
Really? Because I'm not the one making fun of people when they're crying and then just HANGING UP ON THEM AGAIN.
He says I have to "earn his trust back". What does that even MEAN? I didn't break any promises or lie to him. So I couldn't have lost "trust".

Since when have guys gotten to be such girls? I remember when a girl would sit here and do this sort of thing to a guy to get back at them. Now he's treating me like I'm dirt. Probably just to make himself feel better.
I hope he gets another girlfriend. And I hope he treats that girlfriend the same way he treats me, and I hope that she teaches him a lesson, since apparently my "alligator tears" don't do anything.

Or I hope that he gets hurt SO BAD by a girl that he completely changes his ways.
Or that he turns into a lump on the floor that doesn't want to get up for anything.
Which is what he turned me into after he dumped me. I just laid on the floor and cried and cried.
He's still trying to blame me for everything. "I'm in a bad mood now. Because of YOU."

I'm sitting here saying, you're right, I complain too much. But you need to work on your problems too. And he just goes "Yeah, whatever." or "Sorry."
How am I supposed to actually get ANYWHERE in a conversation like this?

I don't really care if he reads this post. I'm frustrated and he deserves it.
Anyway, off of Drew.

I have 45 followers now. No idea where those other 4 came from overnight.
But I appreciate it.
Even though I have so many followers, I still get a handful of comments. Frustrating!

Btw, usually these posts about Drew become irrelevant in the next few hours. So Drew, if you read this and we're not fighting, I'm sorry for needing to vent.

I watched "Just Like Heaven" last night. That movie was...
It was just like any other romantic comedy.
But I also watched "Death Race". That movie is cool. Mostly guys would like it, though. Or teenagers. I just like the race sequences. So gritty.
Plus Jason Statham is yumeriffic.
I'd Jason his Statham any day.

Drew is apparently in love with Repo! The Genetic Opera.
I think it looks stupid. He keeps insisting I watch it. I'll have to grit my teeth and bear it I suppose.
Maybe I'll be surprised and actually like it.
The power of photo-editing:Every spot of green mask is a pimple.
Oh the humanity.


Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry things with Drew are stressful. I hope they blow over!

Kitten said...

Guys are a waste of time. That's why I'm still single. I can't handle the stress.

Angela said...

I liked the movie DEATH RACE ... was pretty cool!

LaurieJ said...

Oh, he was sexy in Italian Job.

Vent away! That is why you have a blog that is all your own :-)

That.Girl said...

Wish I could offer you some advice, but...
I have a man who treats me like shit, too. And yet, somehow, I keep crawling back. I'm the pathetic one. :(

But, I hope you get to feeling better and hope things blow over and all that.

Go get some fancy coffee, a manicure and some new heels! :) That solved anything.

Sheri said...

I'm sorry Drew is being such a jerk. >< I suggest just tossing him out of your life, but I know that is hard to do. :(

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need to reconsider whether Drew is a good friend or not. Friends are suppose to be uplifting not poison. I hope things get better for you.

Nickie. said...

I totally understand what your going thru. My ex and I tried to stay friends, that lasted about a week. He said I was "too needy." It's a hard thing to decide whether or not to let em go.

Hope you and Drew made up!!!! =)

k8lynr said...

well, no one's perfect. everyone's shitty at some point. i know i've been extremely shitty, but i come around. and he probably will too. if he doesn't, and keeps being a little bitch, i'd just screw it. there's already enough negative energy suffocating us on this world as it is, you shouldn't have to deal with any more. that's just my opinion though.

and crank is such a fun movie. i thought it was just going to be one of those cliche action movies, but it pleasantly surprised me. so now i'm excited for crank 2.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are not getting equal reciprocation in your relationships. I feel like that with a lot of my friends too.

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